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  Chapter 2068 The Eight Great Heretics, the Dark Evil Dragon, do you recognize this?

After beheading Yan Xu, Chu Kuangren looked at the still alive people of the Church of Light, his eyes were cold and the killing intent was awe-inspiring.

cut weeds and eliminate the roots!

But this time.

The ground of Qianyang City burst open suddenly.

I saw a huge crack appearing on the ground, and in the depths of the crack, there were billions of celestial splendor spewing out, and the radiant light rippled.

Many cultivators looked at it and immediately eyes shrank.

In the depths of the seam, there is actually a huge Golden-yellow Earth Palace, and inside, there is a large amount of precious light circulating.

Everyone can't help but shine like cats smelling the fishy smell.

"Is this the treasure left behind before the restart of Qianyang City?"

"It is possible that Qianyang City was also a good power before the restart of Hongmeng. Baoshan, the impossible emptied all of a sudden. These may be what they left behind and waited for the next day to come back and fetch them."

"Quickly, come in and see what treasures are there."

Just when everyone was preparing to take action, they saw a few silhouettes swept out of the Earth Palace, and everyone was wearing a black robe.

When the people in the church noticed their breath, their pupils shrank slightly, "This kind of breath...they are people of the dark race!!"

Chu Kuangren's eyes flashed lightly.

The Dark Clan...

Isn’t it a coincidence?

Just after these black robed man appeared, in the palace behind them, a deep darkness suddenly swept out.

The people who originally wanted to enter the Earth Palace to check, were swallowed by the deep darkness, and immediately heard screams.

"No, no, what is this?!"


"monster, monster!"

In the deep darkness, there were bursts of dull low roars, and everyone could not help but shudder, and was enveloped by an inexplicable fear.

It seems that there is a monster hidden in the darkness that cannot be figured out and cannot be looked directly at.

But this is not over yet.

Darkness is still spreading crazily, eroding all around.

When everyone saw it, they didn’t care about finding any treasure, and they fled with fear. But above Qianyang City, a black spot of light appeared at some point, and a black light curtain was like a waterfall. Hanging down.

Enveloping the entire Qianyang City.

"What's the matter?!"

"Damn, we are all blocked."

"This is a dark enchantment!"

The cultivator of the Church of Light saw the black light behind the curtain, startled.

For countless years, the Church of Light has always had a mortal enemy, that is, the dark clan of the Dark Lord. The two sides have fought endlessly for countless years.

In the last era of the Great Mengmeng, that is, before the restart of the Primordial Chaos Great World, Goddess of Light severely damaged the Dark Lord and caused the Dark Clan to fall into a decline. It has not been making waves for many years.

Now, Primordial Chaos Great World has restarted, and these people have come out again.

"Damn, the Dark Clan is really a hundred-legged insect. It is dead and not stiff. I immediately ask the nearest church for help and let them rush over."

"The Dark Clan must not be allowed to come."


"They must have some purpose in their activities here..."

When the church people sent out a call for help.

The entire Qianyang City has been completely shrouded in darkness.

And in the darkness, a burst of low roar came from all directions.

"Disgusting breath of light......"

A roar sounded.

Immediately afterwards, a church cultivator seemed to be dragged into the darkness by something, screaming, and then there was no movement.

"Everyone gathers together."

A cultivator in the church loudly said.

Everyone was hearing this, and they stood together back to back quickly, and the light and breath flowed around them, lighting up the darkness like big light bulbs.

Everyone also saw the existence in the dark.

This is a Black Dragon! The   thick body is covered with huge dragon scales, strands of Dark Aura circulate on it, the huge dragon head is like a mountain, and the brown and yellow pupils staring at the people in the bright church revealing a tyrannical meaning.

The extremely surging Dragon's Might swept out, covering this a side World.

The people in the church trembled when they saw this scene.

"It is one of the eight heresy dark evil dragon!!"

A church cultivator roar shouted, eyes full of horror.

"The records in the Light God Code are all true, the eight great heretics, really exist, the dark evil dragon, he is surrounded by dark flames, bringing disaster and destruction, when he was born , Will plunge Heaven and Earth into darkness..."

A church knelt on the ground with a thud, and kept muttering.

It is exactly what is recorded in the church's canon.


Black Dragon looked at the church crowd and let out a low roar.

While breathing, a dark flame poured out from his nostrils.

Several cultivators were immediately burned to ashes.

"After being sealed for so long, the people at Church of Light still exude this disgusting breath, that's all, although your meat smells bad, you can add some strength to me anyway. ..." Black Dragon said.

Then, he opened his mouth wide and burst into a huge suction.

One by one church cultivator was sucked into bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl without resistance, and there was a tingling chewing sound.

And the breath of Black Dragon is also rising steadily.


After eating, Black Dragon's eyes showed disgust and retched twice, "Goddess of Light, that bitch man, really gave her a look. It's full of sorrow."

Then, he scanned the darkness with a pair of dragon eyes, looking towards the other shiver coldly cultivators, "eat a few other people to gargle."

Hearing what he said, everyone only felt their scalp numb.

"Flee, escape."

Everyone suddenly turned into birds and beasts and dispersed, fleeing to all directions.

But in the dark, they couldn't tell the direction at all, they scurried around like headless flies, caught up by the Black Dragon and then eaten.


Suddenly, Black Dragon gave a soft sound and looked towards a certain direction, with excitement in his eyes, "This kind of thick blood... Great repair."

He looked towards Chu Kuangren's direction.

In this darkness, Chu Kuangren's blood fluctuates like a big light bulb. It is difficult for Black Dragon to not pay attention.

His silhouette flashed, moving towards Chu Kuangren.


He came to Chu Kuangren and walked around him twice, his eyes showed greed, "Very good, very good, this kind of strong and pure blood, you are simply A humanoid chaos medicine from Peak!"

Black Dragon was extremely excited.

He felt that if he swallowed Chu Kuangren, he would not recover to the heyday, but how could he recover 12%.

Not only that.

He also felt a strange breath from Chu Kuangren.

That kind of breath actually made his bloodline throb a little.

This makes him very curious.

Just when Black Dragon was watching Chu Kuangren, Chu Kuangren was also watching him, with curiosity in his eyes, "You belong to the dark race?"

"Oh, Are you afraid of me?"

Black Dragon said with interest.

"Why are you afraid?"

"Boy, although you are the ultimate fleshy body, you are comparable to Hunyuan. Although I have just recovered from the seal, I want to kill you. It's not a difficult task."

"You can't kill me."

Chu Kuangren stood with his hand, indifferently said.

"Funny, in this world, except for the Lord, there is no one I can't kill by the dark evil dragon." The dark evil dragon is coldly snorted.

"Then, do you recognize this thing?"

Chu Kuangren took out a token.

(End of this chapter)

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