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  Chapter 2071 of Xiao Ai’s evolution is completed. Make a bet, how about when I mount

"The All-Knowing Spirit The evolution is complete, starting..."

A familiar voice sounded in Chu Kuangren's mind.

Immediately afterwards, a faintly discernible beam of golden light burst into his mind. In that golden light, a faintly discernible ball of light engraved with countless mysterious runes.

"It's little love!"

Chu Kuangren's eyes lit up.

Xiao Ai, the All-Knowing Spirit, has evolved successfully!

"Startup is complete."

"It is detected that the master is now in the origin of the heavens world, and the Tao does not fit the rules of this place. Do you want to adjust it?"

Xiao Ai said.


Chu Kuangren trusts Xiao Ai extremely, and as soon as he gave the order, he felt a peculiar power gushing out of his body.


His Dao Ze power, which was originally incompatible with the rules of Primordial Chaos Great World, is now adapting to the rules of this place at an extremely fast speed.

Above the sky.

When Priest Pegasus saw Chu Kuangren lost his senses, his eyebrows frowned, but the ultimate trick brewing in his hand was not to keep his hand, and the golden sword was immediately cut out.


The big sword is cut out, majestic and majestic.

It's like a golden torrent.

Seeing that this sword was about to slash Chu Kuangren's body, he saw his eyes open with anger, and an extremely surging breath exploded centered on him!   The powers of thousands of ways converge and strike the Quartet!   The golden sword collapsed inch by inch in front of this torrent of Taoism!   This movement made Black Dragon and Guangming Zuo Tianwang both unable to stop temporarily, revealing a look of uncertainty.

"How can this kind of Taoism come about?"

"With such a complex and powerful Taoism aura, how many Taoisms does he integrate?! Two hundred, three hundred , Five hundred? Or even more?!"

The expression of King Guangming Zuo Tianwang changed.

He has seen some anomalous numbers, and some can integrate dozens of channels.

But like Chu Kuangren, who has integrated hundreds of Taoisms, it was the first time he saw that this person in front of him was an unusual number with extremely high levels!   "This kind of character, who is associated with heresy, will definitely be an obstacle to Goddess in the future. We must not stay and kill him!!"

Guangming Zuotian King ordered to Pastor Pegasus.

The other party was nodded, "Because of Oracle."

Pastor Pegasus looked towards Chu Kuangren, his eyes full of killing intent.

At this time, Chu Kuangren was surrounded by a large amount of Dao Ze breath, and the sense of estrangement with Primordial Chaos Great World disappeared.

It's like the original him, acting with a mountain on his back.

Now, the mountain that weighed on him disappeared.

The whole person is very relaxed.

"Little Ai, long time no see."

Chu Kuangren lightly said with a smile to the little Ai in his body.

"Long time no see, didn't expect the master fell into this situation as soon as we met. It was really embarrassing." Xiao Ai teased.

Chu Kuangren was taken aback for a moment.

I feel that the other party’s emotions are more abundant.

"Well, I hope you have evolved more than just your mouth. Hurry up and help me see if there is a solution to the dilemma."

Chu Kuangren said.


Xiao Ai's tone was also very serious, and immediately began to analyze the status quo.

"Analyzing the current environment..."

sou!   A white lance moved towards Chu Kuangren lased.

Pastor Pegasus attacked again.

Chu Kuangren gently raised his hand, Azure Lotus Power of Destruction contains Tao Ze moved towards lance, click, just a random finger to smash lance.

He glanced at Pastor Pegasus.

The information about him suddenly rises in the mind.

Cultivation base Hunyuan Five Profound Realm……

Major in Light Dao……

Good at divine ability, spear of light, sword of judgment……


Chu Kuangren knows that this is what Xiao Ai did.

Just a glance gave him an insight into the cultivation base of Primordial Chaos Realm, the divine ability of cultivation, etc., which are really powerful.

"What exactly happened to this person? Before obviously, he couldn't adapt to the rules of Primordial Chaos Great World. Why did he become so comfortable in a flash?" Pastor Pegasus looked at Chu Kuangren Can't help but frown.

He is not annoyed if he is defeated by one move.

More powerful divine ability is brewing.

"Sword of Judgment!" Priest Pegasus gathered the aura of Light Dao and turned it into a golden sword again. This blow was even stronger just now.

And Chu Kuangren also seems to have expected it early, the sword is condensed, and the power of Tao is accompanied by Azure Lotus Power of Destruction, turning into an azure sword qi.

"One Sword Splitting The Heavens!"

Boom!   Sword and sword, extremely strokes meet.

The energetic airflow set off hit the entire Guangming Mingwang Formation.

But seeing Chu Kuangren stand in the air, unscathed.

"hmph, a small co-worker, I don't believe you can be stronger!"

Coldly snorted, Pastor Pegasus is extremely urged.

"Light God holy light rain!"

one after another The light breath gathers, forming thousands of light rain sweeping out.

The coverage of this attack is extremely wide.

It is almost inevitable.

When Chu Kuangren saw this, his eyes drenched, an azure lotus slowly blooming around him, covering him completely.

Thousands of light rain fell on Azure Lotus and made waves of rumbling sound.

But he didn't hurt him at all.

At this point.

The Black Dragon not far away let out a scream.

I saw him flying out.

The battle with Guangming Zuotian Wang has already fallen into a disadvantage.

"Dark evil dragon, die for me, come on."

"Holy light Arrow of Ming!"

I saw Guangming Zuotian Wang stretch out his hand to draw a bow shape.

Countless points of light converge and transform into a huge golden longbow.

An arrow gathers in it.

In a blink of an eye.

The arrow shot towards the Black Dragon as if it was going to penetrate the void.

The power is so powerful that it makes the heart tremble.

This hit.

It's not just that Black Dragon is locked.

Once its formidable power erupts, even the entire Qianyang City will be destroyed.

The cultivators in Thousand Suns City are full of horror.

"Damn it, is Church of Light going to kill us together?"

"Damn, we are not heretics in their mouths."

"They Why kill us?"

Everyone was furious, but there was no way.

Seeing the arrow keep approaching.

Everyone only felt that a death crisis enveloped themselves and the others.

"Damn! I'm going to die here as soon as I broke the seal?"

Black Dragon yelled, very aggrieved.

But right now.

A white clothed silhouette stood in front of him.

It is Chu Kuangren.

"Boy, run away!!"

Black Dragon complexion changed and roared loudly.

In his opinion, Chu Kuangren simply couldn't stop this blow.

Why?   Why did you die to save him?

Black Dragon is a little puzzled.

But at this moment, I heard a chuckle.

Chu Kuangren looked at the approaching arrow, the power of Taoism on his body was urged crazily, turning into a torrent of water.

At the same time.

Two completely different Chaos Energy machines are circulating on him.

One is responsible for life, and the other is for death!   "Azure Lotus Secret Arts, create the world!"

Endless creation and endless destruction.

The power of Azure Lotus, accompanied by the power of hundreds of Taoism, turned into an azure torrent, with a press forward imposing manner, crashing into the arrow.

Under the extreme impact of two forces.

Heaven and Earth roared endlessly, and the entire Thousand Sun City fell into crazy turmoil.

Every cultivator was lifted off.


The two forces gradually dissipated.

Chu Kuangren, blocked the ultimate move of Guangming Zuotian Wang!   This makes the cultivators of Church of Light feel a little weird.

Even if their summon is just a projection of Guangming Zuo Tianwang, they still have the Hunyuan battle strength of the cream of the crop.

Being blocked by a Dao Integration Realm is really unimaginable.

And now.

Chu Kuangren's voice came from Xiao Ai.

"The analysis is complete..."

Chu Kuangren's mouth is slightly tilted, and then he indifferently said to the Black Dragon behind him without looking back: "Bet, if I can bring If you are out of danger, how about you being my mount?"

(End of this chapter)

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