Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1633


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On the top of the silent void, Huang Old Demon stood with his hand in his hand, and he couldn’t help but sighed, “Since the encounter in Nine Provinces and the encounter in the spiritual realm, it is also the Eternal era. You have never shown your identity, I I have never asked you about the future, let’s talk about it in the future!”

“A person can have a few lives and deaths in this life, to never leave each other. If it is not necessary, I really don’t want you to go. You know one of the Ashes plan, but you don’t know the other. I only tell you the possibility It will succeed, but I did not tell you that this is simply a Road of No Return.”

“ten deaths without life, really ten deaths without life ah! Black Boss, don’t hide it, you have recovered three-fifths, Divine Ability and power are stronger, but don’t forget Now, your True Spirit I repaired ah!”

“Leave the Avatar in the System Space and hide the body in the realm of war of the rebels, can I not perceive it?”

“Okay, come out!”

As the words of Huang Old Demon fell, a strange silver pattern faintly emerged from the realm of war, and a black brick that was completely black and still had broken lines appeared.

“Dirty Brat, if you want to die, why bother, wouldn’t it be better for me to give you a ride.” Big Black Brick floats in the void, a ray of brilliance fills the void, manifesting a line of writing.

“Black Boss, if what I expected is good, we have known each other for a long, long time, and you know who I am? And what have I done before?”

“I don’t want to mention everything in the past. Since you have kept one hand, then I want to ask you one thing.”

“I want to hand over the spicy chicken system to you. The original ancestral land has been established, and I have cut off contact with the original Taoist body. Even if I die, the original Taoist body will be fine, and the Immortal World can still be rebuilt in the future. .”

“Black Boss, brothers, please!”

Gu Huang took out the folding fan and waved it gently, pretending to be a relaxed and unrestrained posture, but he was explaining the funeral. The things that should be returned and the things that should be done have been done. The Great Qin Empire is also like the sun at high noon.

This Young Master Ta Ma is clearly a Villain, but he has done too much justice intentionally or unintentionally.

It’s also time to think about myself…

“Please shit! If I don’t keep an eye on it, you will be fooled by you. I will also participate in your plan. Without my help, you will definitely die.”

“Black Boss, this…”

“This fart! Dirty Brat, you really think that I don’t talk so much, so I just don’t pay attention to you Dirty Brat? Just relying on your 98 trumpets, believing or not in front of the Holy Grail, give you seconds every minute Up.”

“Black Boss, how do you… know what I am going to do?”

“Dirty Brat, don’t guess, naturally someone asked me to take good care of you. I don’t bother to care about your mess. No one in this world knows the Holy Grail better than I do. It’s not the same thing that I played against. Seven I have smashed it three times since the ancient history, and I have been crushed by it three times. I still lack two cores to reorganize the ontology. One of them fell in the era of the early establishment of the Great Ecuadorian Empire. Because of the obstruction of the Holy Grail, I have been unable to make it through.”

“Damn! Black Boss, what on earth are you from? You are so fierce that you can even smash the Holy Grail…”

“Dirty Brat, it’s okay to tell you now, my origin is not this world, death ruins, life world, including 3000 Primal Chaos, collectively referred to as a large world void, and I come from a world that has been annihilated Void, its level existence is no weaker than your universe. My name is the Eternal Heaven Suppressing Tablet. It was the foundation of the universe that annihilated the universe. If you can understand it, it is the Supreme Ultimate…”

“I’ll go! Black Boss, since you are such a bunker, how did you fall into this field? Who broke you up, don’t tell me, just rely on a holy grail.”

“Dirty Brat, naturally it is not trifling the trash holy grail that can break me, but…that’s all, those existences can’t be mentioned, nor are you able to touch the level. I have known it a long time ago. You brat, it can be said that after I was broken, that part of the core was saved by you, so in a certain sense, you brat is my half master. Now you, Dirty Brat, are whimsical and want to jump out of the loop, except for my accident. No one can help you.”

“Black Boss, Brother Hei, the big black brother, dare you to ask, what is the probability of success for my brother’s move? With your help, can I break free?”

“Dirty Brat, if you dare to jump out, you will immediately be slapped into a slap, so don’t have any illusions, even if I Peak, the prosperous age of the body, can destroy all the creatures in the universe in one blow, but I was still beaten by others and wanted to break free. It was almost a delusion, but I have a way to make you disappear, at least to escape the attention of those existences, even if you stand in front of them, you can’t perceive you.”

“Damn! Black Boss, you are not a Barbarians, but also an old lady!”

“get lost! Dirty Brat, my heart is not as dirty as yours. That place is very special, and there is only the Early Stage from the Great Era Empire. That is the only blank period, so in order to avoid accidents, I can only choose There was no chance of smuggling in the past, but you brat and Primal Chaos Goddess contacted. When Primal Chaos Goddess conducts a dimensionality reduction attack, there will be a short-term rule reversal. Use your 99 trumpets to drag the corpses to open the way and block the Dae. The naughty little girl of the empire, you and I seized the opportunity to sneak in.”

“Black Boss, where exactly is it?”

“Dirty Brat, of course, is the Kunlun Qiuxu that evolved from the Kunlun Mountains, the site of the Tianzhu Buzhou Mountain, and the original location of the last Divine State continent that you have given up for shelter, the Death Ruins It is the great Primal Chaos of Kunlun Mountains, Buzhou Mountain, and Divine State. Heaven and Earth are buried here, and countless civilizations are sealed in dust. If you want to truly escape and fight against those existences, you can find Divine The origin of the State mainland.”

“Black Boss, where is the Divine State? What happened?”

“Dirty Brat, that’s another story. Find the origin of Divine State, and you will know everything. Until now, I have never given up fighting and all the reasons for giving up. I can only tell you now that Divine State is the one of all civilizations. Origin, it is the vast world of today, countless races, nations, civilizations, and even the Place of Origin. The former Divine State is only half a step away and can become…”

“Black Boss, I have another question. The mythical fairy that was born on Earth, is it an illusion or a real one?”

“Dirty Brat, some have existed, and some are illusory. Those on Thirty Three Heavens have actually existed, but their situation is very difficult. It’s really difficult, okay, The old brat is here, and the problem ends here. Replace the body with a trumpet, and the real body will become spiritual…”

“Black Boss, you are an old woman.”


Big Black Brick bizarre rays of light flickered, instantly erasing all traces of existence, while Gu Huang’s body silhouette was in a spiritualized state, only an aura emerged, and the same old Demon was transformed into the same old Demon, while guiding No . 9 silhouette Set foot…

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