Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1634


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“Respect, get ready, we should start!”

“This is a void card, which contains 10% of the reserve resources of No. 9 town. I hope it can be helpful to the car.”

Guide No. 9 walked in front of Gu Huang and handed a card to Gu Huang. His face full of wrinkles was extremely calm, and there was something deep in one’s heart that wanted to tell the truth. Impulsive, but tried his best to resist it.

“Old Mister, turn around and give this thing to Ms. Anne, it may help her.”

“Everything is done, it’s time to set off. The evil things are immortal, I can’t sleep well.”

“that’s all, let’s go!”

A heavy book appeared in the palm of Gu Huang, and the ancient Old Demon notes written in Celtic script came from the former Merlin Master.

“Please rest assured, I will hand it over in person.”

Guide No. 9 Sweeping the magic notebook lightly, there is not too much attention, it has already reached his realm, trifling a magic notebook, naturally I can’t hide it from him.

I saw the golden scepter in the palm waving the void, and a golden shining arc-shaped door appeared, and the two silhouettes escaped into it…

Star Sea is speeding, Heaven and Earth are reversed, Space-Time is disillusioned, infinite World light and shadow disappear rapidly, it seems to return to the extreme of Heaven and Earth, the end of eternal Immortal.

Infinite eternal darkness, dying, full of the top of the void, a broken, decayed, cracked Ancient Road emerged, at the end of which is a huge bronze gate, I don’t know how many years it has been in dust, full of A simple and reckless will.

“Respect, here is the Void Portal, you can retrograde time, destiny, cause and effect three loopholes under the Grand Law, the old man can only be sent here, the next road can only ask you to go alone .”

Guide No. 9 With a golden scepter in his hand, he looked at Gu Huang with unparalleled calmness. This is a road of no end and a road to death. The other end of the door will be…

“Old Mister, by the way, I almost forgot, this is the nine-turn nine-pole good fortune pill. It should be the last one in the world, which can help you get rid of the shackles.”

“Go here, see you indefinitely, see you for nothing, Old Mister, don’t you have anything to say to me?”

Gu Huang emerged from the palm of a medicine pill, and threw it directly into the palm of the skinny old man. Instead, he gently shook the folding fan, filled with a mysterious smile.

“Respect, I wish you a good journey, take care!”

“I hope to see you again at the next diversified meeting.”

The skinny old man moved towards Gu Huang, making a salute, seeming to be bidding farewell to Gu Huang, but it is already…

Respect, sorry, some things are beyond the control of the old man.

It’s not that the old man hides evil intentions and wants to kill you, but Everything is already ordained.

Who can you confuse the human world, let the entire Supreme kill you.

What can the old man do?

“Okay, Old Mister, I hope there is a chance to see you again, and you also take care.”

“The green hills will not change, the green water will flow long, goodbye!”

Gu Huang waved his big sleeves, the faint sound of wind and thunder converged, waving a folding fan and striding the meteors to set foot in it, and the whole person seemed incomparably misty and dusty, just like an immortal fairy.

Guide No. 9 Before standing on Ancient Road, watching Gu Huang’s silhouette all the way Before stepping on the bronze giant gate, when Gu Huang pushed open the giant gate with his own hands, the silhouette disappeared completely, and Guide No. 9 was long. Exhale one mouthful of impure air.


Behind the huge bronze gate, a long river of gold traverses it. I don’t know how wide, how huge, or how long, let alone its origin. The long river has waves of 1,000 feet from time to time, one of which is not flat. Another wave swept across, and it continued, seemingly endless.

Powerful, violent, turbulent, every wave goes down, there are countless phantoms annihilated, and its Space-Time node is destroyed, just in the never-ending huge wave, occasionally you will see ships of all sizes A black clothes sailing boat is up against the waves, seeming to want to go upstream, but unfortunately it was ruthlessly crushed by the huge waves. It is faintly visible that the black clothes sailing boat is loaded with heaven and earth, mid-level plane, and each and everyone World .

When the hull collapses, Heaven and Earth, planes, and World fall into the long river of gold, and from under the long river will emerge a number of huge silver flying fishes with double wings, the number of which is uncommon, these are lost Heaven and Earth, planes, and World are clean.

Gu Huang looked at everything in front of him in astonishment. This was an experience he had never had before, and his silhouette stood on the long river. The huge waves and flying fish completely ignored him, and even put on him. With a layer of gold brilliance, there seems to be a mysterious and unknown force pulling him in the dark. Gu Huang knows that this is the immunity and protection from the three Grand Laws.

Gold brilliance leads Gu Huang’s body, all the way up the current. I don’t know how long it has passed. Everything around all around suddenly becomes extremely calm. The surging waves, the silver flying fish on the top of the gold river , It seems that everything is in a forbidden state, only one after another gold ripple spreads under his feet, and finally a vortex faintly formed.

“fiend in human form, do you dare to come?”

A silhouette of a woman with long blue hair and shawl, her skin like snow, and her facial features like God’s creations emerged. She wore a pure white robe full of magical wind. Even the loose robe could hardly conceal her lithe and graceful figure. Especially the pair of oppa forcibly propped up the saint robes, full of swelling and explosion, especially the white touch on the chest, it was extremely dazzling.

The two long legs hidden under the loose saint robe are even more difficult to hide, especially the exposed pair of jade foot, which seems to be able to step through the light of the world and bully the first place.

Elegant, mysterious, noble, charming, glamorous, like a Spiritual God sitting on the top of the cloud, like a Queen who controls everything, and even more like a monster spirit full of charm, it is hard to imagine that a creature would gather like this So much temperament.

Especially the 12 Pairs silver wings behind it, filled with countless mysteries, authority, and principles, it seems that everything mysterious in Heaven and Earth is engraved on the twenty-four wings.

Elena*Evelyn* shines.

The Pisces commander of the Great Era Empire, the leader of the seven civilizations, comes from the incarnation above Supreme.

“Joke, this Young Master why not dare to come, I have to say that you naughty little girl, no matter how long it has passed, it is still so amazing.”

Gu Huang’s folding fan spread out gently, looking at the commander of the Great Ecuador Empire in front of him, from the incarnation above Supreme, this important figure in the big world is still talking about it.


Elena*Evelyn*’s brilliant and clear voice resounded like frost and snow. The 12 Pairs of gold wings pierced through the void, and the incomparable brilliance spread out, instantly crushing Gu Huang’s body, but there was only one Subtle light…

“Elena, long time no see, you saw this Young Master so cruelly, you really fell in love with this Young Master.”

“Fortunately, this Young Master was prepared. No matter how many times you kill me today, this Young Master will not fight back.”

“Come on! My love, what this Young Master owed you before, will give you back today.”

A flash of aura, another Gu Huang silhouette diffused out, spreading his arms even more, completely in a gesture of death.


The divine splendor is dazzling, the golden light is ten thousand ways, it seems to have 3000 mystery blessings, and the divine light like a torrent blows Gu Huang into fragments in the sky, Elena * Evelyn * shining like a creation of God The five senses reveal a layer of blue energy…

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