Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1637


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Dead Ruins, Thirty Three Heavens, Canggu Continent, 36 continents, clear sky of 10,000 li, a thunderbolt suddenly appeared, and then the sky filled with endless blood clouds, full of depression, death, and desolate aura, just like it is The harbinger of the doomsday is more one after another bloody thunderbolt intertwined from it.

“Xilihua la!”

Above the sky, a drop of heavy rain pours down. What is amazing is that all the rain is scarlet. The scarlet red is as delicate as blood, making people horrible to see.

The wind is roar, the cloud of blood is rolling, the roar of thunder, the rain of blood is like practice.

Not only Canggu Continent, but also high, middle and low twenty-seven Heavenly Layer, as well as 81 layers of ground, billions of World layers, vast planes, endless Star Sea, and even all the great Heavens in the entire Dead Ruins. and Earth.

Almost at the same time, at the same moment, the sky will rain blood.

Death, depression, coldness, and endless sadness, inexplicably depressing pain intertwined in all living things, regardless of race, life form, nor against our forces, let alone transcendent and secular.

Heaven and Earth all living things, lives with self-emotion, consciousness, and personality, are all falling into inexplicable sadness…

“The sky rains blood and all things weep together, what happened?”

36 Dazhou, Daqianzhou, Emperor Qianlong suddenly opened his eyes, looking at the rain of blood above the sky, the pupil light is full of deep silence, deep in one’s heart is also unstoppable pain and sorrow , It seems that the most important thing is missing.

“Brother Qianlong, this is heaven crying…ah!”

The silhouette of the old shameless also appeared. The yellow bottle gourd and dog legs in his hand fell to the ground. The face full of filth was no longer a trace of indignity. Instead, it was full of inexplicable depression, reminding him of a person who had been submerged in A scene in the long history…

“The emperor died…”

“Human Race is dead…!”

At this time, Master Merlin, Emperor Xiyue of Sword, Lord of Time Chami, Evelya, Qiran, Fat Tiger of Orange Cat, and the last person is a skinny old monk, I saw his palms together. He looked up at the Vault of Heaven, filled with a long and incomparable sigh.

The emperor died!

Heaven and Earth are in the same sorrow, all things weep together, the sky rains blood… This scene happened a long time ago…

The emperor of Human Race, and is a personal emperor.

There is also an emperor who has made unparalleled deeds to Human Race, to all living things, to countless World, Heaven and Earth, and even Death Market!

Throughout the history of Human Race, there are only so few emperors who can make Heaven and Earth the same sadness, and all things cry together.

“pu tong!”

“No…don’t…don’t ah!”

“Why? Why? What have we done?”

“Why do I allow Myriad Races, but not our Human Race…I am not willing to…I am not willing to ah!”

“Master big brother…who killed you?”

“I don’t believe…I don’t believe…If you don’t believe it, you just died…I don’t believe ah!”

In the cold, dead, and scarlet rain of blood, Qiran ran out like a madness, kneeling on the ground, the rain of blood soaked her clothes and hair, and drops of bloody rain mixed. Tears slid down from his cheeks, and a heart-piercing wailing sounded, like an ancient fierce demon.

Master big brother, badass, Great Demon, liar, I remember…disciple, I really remember…

previous life, we met at the intersection of diversity, and I also met the big brother.

Who, who actually killed you.

Not worth it, really not worth it! Master big brother, you have always advertised yourself as the Great Demon King, but you have been resisting…


Why are you doing this?

Who killed you again? Who killed you again ah!

“What? Qiran girl, who did you say is dead…”

The emperor Qianlong hearing this was shocked, and instantly rushed to Qiran’s face, grabbed her by the shoulder and shook it, making a sound of questioning like a thunderbolt.

“Uncle Emperor…Master big brother…He is dead…”

Blood rain is pouring, the wind is roar, Qiran kneels in the rain like rotten wood, looked towards the Qianlong in front of him with dementia…

“No, no, no, impossible, brat he…”

“How could he die, he is a Little Demon, a villain to scourge ah!”

“good person doesn’t live long, bad person lasts for a thousand years, how could he die…”

“This is not true…”

The emperor Qianlong hearing this startled, only felt that his brain was blank, and the silhouette of the whole person stepped back a few steps, and finally stumbled and sat down weakly, looking towards the sky with a silent look…

Little Demon King is dead…

Is this possible?

Up to Thirty Three Heavens, down to 99 lands, and mid to Endless World, just ask who can kill this Little Demon, and who dares to kill him…

Heaven and Earth are in the same sorrow, and all things weep together.

He was caught and what did we do?

“No… I never believe that fiend in human form is dead…”

“From now on, this seat will be the substitute of fiend in human form. One day Great Qin will not fail, and one day fiend in human form will not die.”

“Every one of us is fiend in human form, this seat swears to above heaven under earth, inside and outside the dead market, there will be no peace.”

“Brother Thousand Dragons, Withered Wood Master, Sword Emperor Xiyue, Lord of Time, Great Qin Empire is handed over to you, it is time for this seat to return…”

“There will be difficulties in the future, please come under the 99th floor and call out three times for Wang Lun.”

After that, the old shameless looked up at the Vault of Heaven, and disappeared into the rain curtain with tears, leaving only a lonely silhouette……

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