Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1680


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The vastness, the dead, the dark void, the spiritual state of Gu Huang travels through the void, in this dark Primal Chaos void, there stands a silhouette of a white-robed youth, which is the Taoist body of Chen Old Demon, but it is currently the old Demon’s trumpet.

Gu Huang in the state of spiritualization and Dao Shen Chen Old Demon came into contact with each other in an instant, and memories emerged in an instant. This battle to save Yu and the ancient invincible was a dangerous situation, but it was successfully saved.

The ancient invincible has been sent back to the Supreme Void Heavenly Realm, and Yu also quietly became a substitute for fiend in human form and entered the big plane. The ancient invincible and Yu went to Earth and successfully brought back three pieces. The weapon of civilization.

In Heaven and Earth of Chen Old Demon’s body, there are nine cracked, rusty bronze giant cauldrons suspended in suspension. One side is dark and simple, densely covered with countless ancient prints, but also full of cracked imperial seals.

The last is a humanoid Mecha about 30 metres high, full of pitch black, full of hard science fiction, but I don’t know who created it. The surface of Mecha is unhindered with interlaced cracks, and the two mechanical arms are almost cut off. To the point where it is beyond words.

Rappened, decayed, desolate, and dead, there is no sign of life, but invisible grief and desolate will spread.

Divine State, there are Kumahara, Earth.

Different eras, different eras, different names for Earth, three major civilization tools, representing three times of recovery, dominating an era, and also witnessing the glory of all summers.

Absolutely Era, the three great civilization sacrifices, Earth all fights against All Heavens Myriad Races and Supreme Supreme by the strength of oneself.

Zhuxia Jiuding, Seal of the First Emperor, Primal Chaos Mecha.

Cultivation Peak, the crystallization of science and technology, represents the Supreme of civilization, but in the end it was defeated. The three major civilization tools also carried the entire process of the humble and weak Earth, the rise of the race for hegemony, and the destruction of Heaven and Earth.

Huang Old Demon’s true body set foot in Heaven and Earth. When he first appeared, the nine diners of the summer, the seal of the first emperor, and Primal Chaos Mecha trembled at the same time, a touch of unverifiable civilization light and fire flickering, and it seemed to be There is still a trace of spirituality that has not been wiped out.

Perhaps it is instinct, or spirituality is not extinguished, or it is the gathering of the last civilization light. The nine tripods of the summer, the seal of the first emperor, Primal Chaos Mecha each invested a little rays of light, and the three converged in the void in Heaven and Earth .

A dust-covered scroll of unknown eras slowly unfolds. The light and shadow change, and the picture is not coherent. What you have is only the reflection of time, and the recurrence of fate.

Zhu Xia Jiuding, the Seal of the First Emperor, Primal Chaos Mecha, the artifact of the three major civilizations, turned out to be forged from the fragments of an ancient artifact, and that artifact is of unknown shape.

It can’t even be called a weapon, it’s just a blank tire of a heavy weapon. It hasn’t formed at all, but was shattered by unknown forces in the process of gestation.

Beyond the universe and void, destroy the Supreme ultimate.

Innate Universe’s Supreme Ultimate Device is truly born before Universe in the void, and birth is the ultimate beyond Supreme.

Unknown forces interfered, this Fang Huanyu ultimate weapon has been destroyed, and part of it was acquired by the Divine State Human Race, and now three major civilization weapons have evolved.

According to the circulation of the picture, another part fell into the void, which evolved into a weapon for a strong existence in the void, and another part fell into the place of origin, forming the spear of origin.

When the picture arrives here, it disappears, and the blade of nothingness and the spear of origin in the Soul Seal of Huang Old Demon flew out of control, and they revolved in the void, one black one white, representing the origin The two Supreme strength of Taboo and the void are involved in the Jiuding of the Summer, the Seal of the First Emperor, and the Primal Chaos Mecha.

The two Supreme Weapons and the Three Civilization Weapons draw each other, absorb each other, and even smelt each other. In the end, they gradually dissipated from Jiuding, Emperor Yin, and Mecha, just like going back in time, directly returning to the original Fragmented form.

The spear of origin, the blade of nothingness, naturally also formed the original state, five pieces of different sizes, completely different fragments, are connected autonomously in the void.

For an instant, it was like an absolutely era. In short, it was unmatchedly long, and it seemed that everything had fallen into eternity.

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