Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1681


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“Sire, take this seriously!”

Huang Old Demon made some uncertain sounds, the whole person was full of calmness, but his heart was already alive. Perhaps this device is really big, but it is fooling himself, but it should not be mentioned to God. Four words above.

If you don’t mention it, you might trust him a little bit, but since you mention it, it proves this stuff…

Dove occupy the magpie’s nest!

The artifact may be real, but the spirit that represents the artifact at this moment may not be the real Artifact Spirit.

“Little Brat, take it seriously, I owe you Sir, how can it be a joke.”

The darkness of light and shadows, and the unnamed utensils are making sounds, seemingly affirmative, full of solemnly vowed gestures.

“I want the invincible 3000 universe, let my race dominate the universe forever, dominate the Supreme universe, and I want to become the lord of the universe, Supreme Supreme, omniscient and omnipotent, eternal Immortal, and the king of Myriad Tribulations Inextinguishable.”

“Little Brat, this is a bit difficult and it’s even more impractical. You can change it.”

“Sire, that my ten thousand immortals return to their place, the myth reappears, Heaven, Earth and Human are all in my hands, and become the Supreme fairy king, the lord of Immortal mythology, Heaven and Earth Yin-Yang, Eternal Heaven and Earth, one Speak alone.”

“Cough! Little Brat, the past is unchangeable, and the era that has ended, is just like the past, even if you come back, it is not the era you hoped for, you still have to be pragmatic.”

“Sire, this doesn’t work either, then tell me how to break the 23rd tier and walk out a way to advance to Supreme.”

“Little Brat, you are only at level 18, what do you think about at level 23, you know that on Heavenly Dao, Rank 1 1 Heavenly Layer, how can it be so sloppy? You should take steps one step at a time and lay a solid foundation. I told you to be pragmatic.”

“Sire, then I have nothing to ask for.”

“ah! What? There is no requirement, how can you not ask, you should have the requirement ah! I promise you three conditions, you should put forward, such as unparalleled wealth, status, power, you are A person ah! How could a person not ask for it? If there is no requirement, then it is not a person. Even a fairy has a need!”

The darkness of light and shadow, the unknown tool is completely dumbfounded. The requirements of Gu Huang are all unrealistic and absurd. It is basically impossible to do. If it weren’t for this brat to take oneself out of the cemetery, old man How can you be so low-pitched, how terrifying this cemetery is, don’t you brat?

I asked you to make requests, but I didn’t let you mention them!

Are you just playing with me?

If it weren’t for this cemetery, the old man would have walked so early, and he would still chat with you.

“Sire, you also said that I have eighteenth order, placed in Mythological Era, I can be Heavenly Dao, the truth, the creation spirit, can blast Primal Chaos with bare hands, rebuild Earth Fire Fengshui, Heaven and Earth has evolved.”

“Wealth, status, and power, as long as I want to, are at your fingertips. You have seen that God still pursues these things, don’t you feel that you are down?”

“If I weren’t for the ethnic group, now the Twelve Supreme would have a place.”

“So, what I want, you can’t give it again, so these three conditions should be treated as never before!”

“You are always pleased! Brat has important matters, so I won’t be with you.”

Gu Huang seemed boring to the extreme, waved his hand to tear open a crack in Heaven and Earth, and wanted to invite this unknown device to go out. 99% sure, this product is indeed dove occupying the nest , I don’t know what it is, but no matter what it is, I guess there is something that makes him covet, whether it is the device itself or the death ruins.

We must know that Yunxi twentieth Heavenly Venerate, the last miracle lord, was dragged to the edge of the death market by the rebels. He would rather fall to the realm and surrender half of the power of miracles than set foot in the death market.

Obviously, the Death Ruins have inexplicable fears for Supreme’s creatures, so I simply try this dove occupying the magpie’s nest. If you are not afraid of the death ruins, then think of ways to concoct it.

“Little Brat, hurry…close the entrance soon…my aura can’t leak…”

The dark light and shadow of the Unknown Weapon rang out, and it kept shaking, as if the crack was full of panic for him.

“Sire, what is going on?”

“Isn’t it the Trifling Death Ruins? It’s just a cemetery where all living things and civilizations are buried. You can Innate the world, the supreme existence beyond the ultimate, what is there to fear you outside.”

“It’s not a problem for you to stay with me. Heaven and Earth in me is very fragile. You can ruin my inner Heaven and Earth with just a little bit of aura. It’s not that I don’t leave you, it’s really impossible. Stay ah!”

“Sire, please go ahead!”

After saying that, Gu Huang looked innocent, but waved his hand to expand the crack ten times, directly forming an unhindered interlaced, huge crack stretching several thousands li, and the edge of the crack is full of eerie and terrifying power. Unknown existence revived.

Is it true?

The stronger the existence, the less dare to set foot in the death market.

Yunxi is like this, and so is this ultimate weapon. As expected, the depth of the death ruins is very deep.

It’s no wonder Supreme has been gnashing teeth at the Death Ruins, but he dare not come here, so he can only support some other forces.

I am afraid that the dead market is not a cemetery, but a shelter for some weak and defeated civilizations.

Otherwise, relying on Supreme’s style of acting, these weak civilizations would have been swallowed up long ago.

“No…no…Little Brat…close the crack soon…we will discuss everything…”

“Take…the detachment method you want after the end of the 23rd step, this is from above the heavens…not too precious…but for all living things in the heavens…it is completely may come by with luck, but not by searching for it .”

“Little Brat, the things you need have been given to you…The remaining conditions you send me out of the dead market…old man is helping you complete…”

“I am not your enemy, and I don’t want to get involved in your fight. The old man is just here to find something!”

“Little Brat, everyone came out and mixed, you can’t commit such a deadly hand!”

“Not good, close the exit soon, otherwise it will be too late, and the will of Death Ruins will be revived…”

The darkness of light and shadow, the unknown weapon directly threw something, and the aura at the edge of the crack became more and more cold and terrifying, a touch of desolation and ancient, like the unknown will that has sealed hundreds of millions of eras, slowly recovered.

Unknown, invisible, invisible, but able to truly feel the will of existence, seems to have an invisible giant hand slapped at the light and shadow of the unknown weapon, only to see a gray shadow of the soul was dragged out. There was a stern and tragic howl in front of Gu Huang.

“ka cha!”

Unknown, invisible, invisible, and unfeeling existence, but chewed the gray soul shadow every inch, making a sharp and crisp sound like Old Ox chewing bean sprouts.

Gu Huang couldn’t move his body, couldn’t speak, and even his thinking was stiff. Although he couldn’t see it, he could clearly feel that there was an unknown existence in front of him that had eaten the soul that occupies the ultimate weapon, and from time to time Staring at him, Gu Huang’s soul trembled, and his hairs stood upside down.

“The taste is okay!”

“It’s been so many years…you finally came back…”

“Be careful…Don’t play with yourself…or else you won’t eat it later…”

“After all, this thing fell into your hands… It seems that we all lost… nothing… Then give it to you… Anyway, you are the only one of us who can…”

“The time has not come… I can’t tell you too much…”

“By the way…next time don’t just get your soul…too much firewood…get a fleshy body…that’s more chewy…”

“At least level 20 or above…Don’t fool around with those tatters…”

“Remember to call Dadong brother next time!”

The unknown, invisible, and invisible existence disappeared, only a handwriting left by Heaven and Earth in the sky, and Huang Old Demon sat in the void, looking at the handwriting in the sky, but revealed a touch Smile… (The role of the book friend Dadong, the world’s No. 1 Gourmet, specializes in raw food, and will be on the stage for the time being, and will be online in the later stage)

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