Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1683


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The Great Plane of Ellas.

This is a very special piece of Heaven and Earth. If you look down from the outside, you can clearly see the depths of endless void. There is endless darkness on all sides. Only the great plane of Eras is the only one. The entire shape of the light source body does not look like a star or a continent, but it looks like a transparent egg.

It is divided into three layers. The outermost layer is a huge mask, and the inner layer is like a water curtain. The innermost layer presents an elliptical irregular flat continent, just suspended in the sky.

Irregular flat continents all around, there are densely packed, almost infinite numbers of small light sources of varying strength, just like stars floating on the plane, but that’s not each and everyone star , But one plane after another.

The endless star-like small planes, all of which are born on the big plane of Eras, are like the Thirty Three Heavens, 99 places, each complete Heaven and Earth, has 3000 big planes, representing 3000 Great World, under each Great World, there are 3000 medium-thousand Worlds, 100,000 small-thousand Worlds, hundreds of millions of Hengsha Micro Worlds, and countless sporadic worlds.

The large plane of Ellas is beyond the volume of Heaven and Earth. It can be said to form a large plane, and it is also a super-magic large plane, which is 100,000 times more difficult than the birth of a super-large Heaven and Earth. .

In the entire Thirty Three Heavens, only the Europa continent has been promoted to the super magic plane, but it is only a plane, at best it is at the Nine Heavens level, and it is the pure magic side of Heaven and Earth.

But the super magic planes are different. The birth rule of each super magic plane is compatibility. You must know that there is a vast dark void, anytime and anywhere there will be broken World, stars, Heaven and Earth, and come here. This different big side.

With the endless long years, all kinds of broken World, stars, Heaven and Earth’s instinctive attraction swallowed, and finally there will be a 1/10000th probability to give birth to a plane, and then it will evolve autonomously over the long years. How long will it take to evolve a super magic plane.

Compatible with all sides, all systems, all forces, all forms of life.

This is the meaning of the existence of the super magic plane, and it is more compatible than the Nine Provinces, and such a super magic plane itself has will.

The big plane of Ellas, in a very simple and popular language, confessed that this is a public area, and any big side, race, civilization, country, and creatures can set foot.

Whether you are a cultivation civilization, a magic civilization, or a technological civilization.

A sense of presence can be found here.

But the same supermagic plane is also a state of Primal Chaos disorder. Killing and being killed is really too common. Similarly, the big plane of Eras has its own threat, that is, it is almost a void monster. Playground.

Invade a wave from time to time, swallowing several planes for fun.

boundless void, weird and endless, mysterious and very mysterious, just this vast void, but there are thirteen lords, and each of the lords’ subordinates has different apostles. Old Demon was once the thirteenth under Void Lord An apostle, an apostle of the Lord of Calamity was born.

Void belongs to the land of strange and strange, and the side of Void is even the subordinate branch of strange side, Eras, this super magic plane is precisely the back garden of the lords of Void.

So, in this vast emptiness, the thirteen lords of the void are the heavens and the kings.

Because of the thirteen lord of the void, behind the big shots on the strange side, it can be said that except for the cultivation side and the mysterious side, it can be hard steel on the front side of the strange side, and the rest of the big side is only kneeling.

In other words, the Super Demon Plane of Ellas, in a sense, is the site of Qingsi’s House of the Sick Girl, where she has absolute dominance.

Countless Heaven and Earth, hundreds of millions of World layers, endless Primal Chaos and darkness shuttle, the old Demon finally descended beyond the large plane of Eras, looking at the flat continent like an irregular ellipse, in a spiritual state The next Gu Huang shuttled in silently.

Just walking through the outer shell, Gu Huang just felt the rules contained in the super-magic great plane. In addition to the remaining seven sides of Rule Power in the Death Ruins, he also felt miracles, souls and other different sides, and there are also Many branch sides naturally have the power rules on the card side that Old Demon hates most.

The light of the soul is like tentacles, carefully feeling the power of the great plane, and also wanting to find Annie, who has not been seen in the Three Eternal Era, but Gu Huang did not find any trace of Annie.

“It’s weird, is it dead? According to reason, it shouldn’t be ah!”

“This Young Master teleported the first extraordinary Arcanist from Annie’s magic side, and also left her with enough means to protect her life.”

“It’s even more imprinted on the realm of the mind. Even if you die, you should return to the realm of the mind.”

“Apart from me in this world, who can kill people to the point of spiritual destruction.”

“Strange, really strange!”

Gu Huang frowned and couldn’t figure out the joints at all. If Annie had not become the master of the big plane, then the next series of plans would be ruined.

The chess piece of Annie was laid just for today. If Annie gets cold, then this round will be lost.

Team battle is not just a competition between the two Great Empires.

It’s Huang Old Demon’s long-term layout plan. To gather the eyes of all forces here, there is one very important thing to do.

Annie, a big living person, is gone, and she can’t even find the light of the soul.

“My little brother, who are you looking for? I can help!”

“I am Innate Universe, Supreme is the ultimate.”

“Ancient, modern, future, time fate, there is nothing I can’t explore.”

Hong Ling’s voice resounded in Gu Huang’s consciousness, full of unparalleled self-confidence, after all, it was just looking for someone, it was really too simple.

“Oh! Sister Hong Ling, then you can try it! Don’t attract the attention of the plane will, nor the attention of the strange side.”

“Anne, a fallen monster spirit, belongs to the race of eternal abyss.”

“I have sent him to the Three Eternal Era before with the Long River of Time. She possesses the five Arcane seeds that I have handed down.”

Gu Huang is still frowns. I can say about Annie’s identity. Naturally, he has no hope. Although Hong Ling is the ultimate weapon, the water in the Dead Ruins is too deep. No one knows what will happen?

“hmph! Master little brother, you guys are all virtuous, you like women with slender waist, long legs, and big European style. When the team fight is over and return to Great Qin, I see how you and elder sister Sir Explain to Qijue elder sister.”

“I found it, but I’m afraid you will be disappointed little brother. Annie is no longer the one you sent.”

“She is already the container of the will of Eras’ big plane. In short, she was given body possession by the will.”

“But Annie’s soul seems to have escaped…”

Hong Ling’s voice was a little dissatisfied, but she also locked Anne, but unfortunately she was already in the body possession by the big plane, and it was really too miserable…

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