Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1684


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“The soul escaped…”

“Sister Hong Ling, don’t worry about Annie, I have already counted them.”

“Help my brother lock the Great Qin team battle site.”

Gu Huang hearing this showed a mysterious smile, and felt relieved for Annie. As long as she was not dead, everything was expected. The situation of the members of the Great Qin team battle that is currently the most worried about, after all, Qiran Magnolia Young Master, 9527 is already cold, no matter what happens in the middle? Great Qin reduced its staff by three seats.

Now there are only Fifth Senior Brother Yu, monster Young Master, Longyang Young Master, and the reincarnated body of Evil Heaven Emperor Wang Zeyu.

Then the three seats on the bench have not arrived, and even if they do, then the background, identity, details, and the existence of the heroes behind these three seats…

“Huang big brother, there are friends from far away…”

“no matter how far away you are you will certainly be punished!”

“How about the next wave of black hands.”

Hong Ling’s soft and glutinous girl voice has become extremely cold. If there is a chance for the next wave of black hands, why show mercy? As long as you set foot in the range of the great plane of Eras, you will be warned.

Gu Huang pupil light stared into the void, and as expected, I saw the outermost layer of the plane. Four rays of light and shadow descended far away. But when Huang Old Demon saw it, he was surprised to find that it was his disciple war priest, the nine majors. The female Tyrant Dragon in the main priest is coming with three silhouettes, two of them are male and one female. The cultivation base is at level 14, a Martial Artist on the cultivation side, a Faye class on the magic side, and another It seems that the card division.

“The Great Plane of Ellas, Supreme will be supreme.”

“The chief priest of my war, one of the team battle monitors of Two Great Empires, the Great Qin Empire now has an unknown reason, which leads to the reduction of the candidates for the trial, and is specially ordered by Sir, the original Lord of Dance on the strange side.”

“Specially select three substitute members from Great Qin Empire, and hope that the great will will give them access.”

Ji Yanqing, the chief priest of the war, wore gold armor and held a golden scepter. He was in the dark void beyond the outermost layer of the great plane. Moving towards the great plane was a deep gift.

In an instant!

A touch of terrifying and majestic aura erupted, and four mysterious radiances flickered from the center of the great plane, and they instantly fell on the bodies of the four war priests.

“Identity verification is correct, allow passage!”

The vast and magnificent voice resounded through the void, and the outermost mask of the void emerged from the entrance.

“many thanks!”

The chief priest of the war moved towards Void thanks, and even with three substitutes preparing to set foot in it, but in the blink of an eye, a huge to suffocating dark shadow creeping in the depths of the dark void, I saw it densely packed countless The tentacles of the horrible black clothes resembling an octopus permeated out, and even tore through layers of darkness and silence, the Vault of Heaven, one part moved towards the main priest of the war and three substitutes swept through, and part moved towards the entrance piercing of the light shield.

“Void monster, you courting death!”

The chief priest of the war loudly shouted, the vast, majestic, and coercive voice rushed out, seeming to penetrate Eternal Heaven and Earth, breaking into endless eternity, just under a roar, the endless void tentacles said. It burst and turned into bloody black clothes like plasma, moving towards all directions spreading away, forming one after another huge black clothes blood cocoons. If you look closely, each blood cocoon has countless tiny tentacles that squirm.

With less than 10 breaths, the blood in the Vault of Heaven black clothes exploded, forming tens of thousands of pitch-black tentacles out of thin air. Each one resembles the octopus tentacles, but is different from its solitude. The top layer opened up, revealing sharp and intertwined chrysanthemum-shaped teeth, intertwined with each other, like gears, making people feel cold at first sight.

Endless, densely packed, like countless poisonous snakes dancing in the void, and sprayed countless dark poison mist, almost crazy moved towards the entrance of the great plane.

“Sir, how do you do it?”

“Priest Sir, don’t care about the will of the big plane, let’s get inside first!”

“Priest Sir, let’s go!”

The team battle substitute trio made a sound, each and everyone looked terrified, and frantically discouraged them to flee. After all, they have never seen such a terrifying monster, and the void is really a dangerous place.

“Shut up!”

“As a citizen of Great Qin, I have nothing to do.”

“Stand not move!”

“Void monster, you should not provoke me!”


The golden scepter in the palm of the war chief floats in the void, and the infinite gold divine light diffuses out. Hundreds of millions of mysterious Dao Rhyme blessed it and guarded the three major bench members.

I saw his silhouette step out in one step, and a dark void was stagnant. The golden armor was vast and radiant, and countless mysterious Dao inscriptions were suspended, and the dark void was reflected like the day, a radiant and endless, shattered nine places , The coercion of the shattered ten places intertwined, especially those gold eyes, shining like All Heavens stars.

With a punch through the void, gold’s dazzling fist glow like an Immortal divine splendor cuts through the darkness, and the void within a radius of hundreds of millions of miles completely shines, like the explosion of the ancient sun Ancestral Star, producing extremely dazzling light.

The dark void collapsed, let alone how many layers shattered. Under the terrifying fist glow, an ugly monster was reflected, resembling a big octopus in the deep sea, but with hundreds of huge eyes, almost covered There are countless scales on the whole body, and each scale covers the mysterious lines.

The shocking fist glow broke out, hidden in the octopus-like monster in the sky. Hundreds of huge eyes burst into darkness almost at the same time, and it obliterated the fist glow of the war chief Ji Yanqing.

Hundreds of dark divine light in the eyes swept out more like a tide, and instantly locked Ji Yanqing’s body, endless, full of depression, deathly silence, just like the glory of the end.

“Void monster, really name is not in vain, it’s worth my 30% strength.”

“Want to try my details, you are far from qualified.”

“pupil technique — me too!”

“Extinguish the sky pupil!”

The war chief Ji Yanqing’s golden armor disappeared, and replaced by a pair of fists covered with a layer of gold mysterious light pattern glove, a black hair silk fluttering in the void, gold eyes staring into the void, and countless ancient symbols and The Taoist seals are intertwined, seem to be full of Immortal’s mysterious and stalwart, seem to be able to destroy the Supreme Great Dao, there are endless stars in a glance, the light of the mystery of the world, eternal supremacy, as if to represent death and reincarnation.

In an instant!

When Ji Yanqing’s eyes are staring at the dark void, the two paths contain infinite mysteries, Great Dao, the pupil of truth penetrates through, Heaven and Earth All Living Things, Immortal reincarnation, thousands of mysteries swept across the universe.


Darkness and emptiness, which are thousands of 10,000 li, roaring like a terrifying monster like a deep-sea octopus, the beam of light bursting out of hundreds of eyes in the whole body is annihilated one by one, one eye pupil burst open, sending out a shock Nine Heavens ten places , The vast worlds, howls of pain like natural disasters.

“Pain, howl, roar!”

“It’s a pity you shouldn’t provoke me!”

“Void Thirteen Lords, if you dare to provoke, this is the end!”

The voice fell, and the Void monster burst open in the endless miserable wailing. The war chief Ji Yanqing was in the void, the black hair fluttered and the feet were ten thousand zhang divine light, and the voice of the vast Immortal filled the dark void, just like is a Inviolable divine residence.

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