Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1685


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“Extinguish the sky pupil!”


“Oh roar! The big brother Huang, the little elder sister, the chief priest of the war, uses the Heavenly Dao technique. The little sister seems to have known each other before.”

“Let’s talk! What’s your relationship?”

“If you don’t say anything, the little sister will tell the elder sister Sir immediately.”

Hong Ling’s voice resounded in Gu Huang’s consciousness, and it was completely full of ridicule. The relationship must be related, but it must not be that relationship. After all, elder sister Sir and Qijue elder sister need to be understood, and they will take the owner Little Elder Brother gave it to ka cha.

“Sister Hong Ling, what about talk nonsense? That’s my discipline.”

“The discipline I collected in the past!”

“Heavenly Dao’s skills are good, at least half of the battle strength of the mythical Heavenly Dao realm. No wonder you can become the chief priest of the nine wars and fight against the eight chief priests alone.”

“The Lord of the Void met her, it was eight lifetime’s bloody bad luck, you know she is called the female Tyrant Dragon.”

“But these three substitute members can’t do it!”

Gu Huang, who was in a spiritual state, stood with his hands behind and looked at Ji Yanqing from a distance. He was naturally very satisfied with his performance. However, he denied the three major benches at all, because the foundation of these three people was too bad.

In a team fight, that’s for abuse.

Rather than being bombarded by the Ecuadorian side in a team battle, it’s not as good as…

“Huang big brother, do you think everyone is the same as you? But the foundation is indeed a little bit worse. The team battle members of the big Ecuador have formed a perfect whole from equipment, cultivation base, professionalism, and the heroic spirit.”

“These three people are destined to just be cold when they go. If they don’t die, then they are really hell.”

“So, my younger sister’s suggestion is to obliterate it.”

“Anyway, the big brother Huang, you are off the court yourself. The lack of a few seats is not a big problem at all.”

Hong Ling naturally knows what Gu Huang thinks. After all, team battles are about cooperation. With the ability of Huang’s big brother, one person can suppress the audience without cooperation, but he can’t identify that’s all .

Just cast a Supreme Destiny Skill to exist!

Everything was solved.

“No hurry. If you want to kill, you can’t kill here. Anyway, let’s take a look at it. If you can’t, you can replace it at any time.”

“Fate is not good, and there is still the power of miracles.”

“Although the foundation is close, isn’t there still a heroic spirit? The female emperor used 10% of the national fortune to communicate with the heroic hall, let’s look at their heroic spirits.”

“If it doesn’t work, it’s not too late to kill.”

“Let’s go!”

Gu Huang is also very clear about this. It is too easy to expose the target. No matter how you go to find Yu first, replace your identity first. If the team fight does not end in person, I am afraid that you will lose.

Evil Heaven Emperor Wang Zeyu, Longyang Young Master, monster Young Master, these three people are definitely not convinced by anyone.

The team fight is to cooperate. If you fight separately, prepare to die!

On the big Evil side, 99% of the naughty little girl who shines with Irene*Evelyn* will play a trumpet, and the hero of summon must be the oldest and most terrifying existence in the hall of heroes. I know that even Yi Ling can summon out Lucifer.

As the controller of the Holy Grail, is it a simple existence?

Even if the rules set by the sick lady, no one will really follow the rules, it is still too lack of information ah!

that’s all, temporarily hide it, let’s figure out the information.

This round looks like a team battle, but it is definitely not simple. You can see the clue if the Void Monster dares to kill the Great Qin Empire.

the thoughts got to this point, Gu Huang is not paying attention to Ji Yanqing’s deeds, but crossing the will of the great plane silently and directly moved towards the flat continent.

At the same time, the war chief Ji Yanqing and his party also moved towards the flat continent…

The vast, dead, and icy darkness deep in the void, a wave of slight fluctuations permeated, only two silhouettes slowly emerged, one gold Jiulong Emperor bubble, the silhouette stands in the dark void, full of divine and Immortal, seeming to dominate billions The king of Heaven and Earth.

A person wearing a blue and white long robe, a handsome and elegant face, a middle-aged silhouette with a tube on top of his head, filled with a scholarly flavor, faintly revealing a bit of detachment, like the aura of the ancient Sage.

“It’s finally started!”

“I have waited too long, really too long, too long, so long that I have forgotten who I am?”

“Fuhuang Young Master, the first layout of Eternal, Human Sovereign Nine Heads!”

“For today, I really lost too much, too much. I personally buried the Human Race for four revivals, and personally destroyed the Heaven and Earth empire, hiding in the lost Heaven and Earth alone.”

“Too many grievances, too many infamy, I have endured too long and too long, and finally endured to today.”

The silhouette of the Jiulong Emperor’s robe is not someone else, but it is the loss of Heaven, Earth and Human. The dark eyes are full of dead silence and coldness. Everything has finally begun, and it has finally reached the present day, and finally there is no need to continue. Forbeared.

“So Your Majesty, what are you going to do?”

“The fiend in human form is dead, but the Qijue Heavenly King of Great Qin has returned. This is an eternal destiny.”

“You have always regarded fiend in human form as your opponent. Unfortunately, with seven volumes of ancient history, you have never beaten fiend in human form in any of the chapters.”

“The final chapter, Fuhuang Your Majesty, don’t you admit defeat?”

“If the Great Qin Empire dies, will Supreme let go of your this lineage group?”

The scribes silhouette stood with their hands behind, looking at the Nine Heads in front of them, representing the Human Sovereign of the lost Heaven and Earth, and how much human Dao had done to the Death Ruins Human Race and the Great Qin this lineage group. The act.

Great Qin will not spare them unless Great Qin is defeated in this battle.

“I am not wrong!”

“I was the original Human Sovereign Paragon, 3000 Primal Chaos, billions of Heaven and Earth, the only lord of the entire Sir world.”

“They are a group of pigeons occupying the magpie’s nest, and their origin is unknown. This race group is the real native Human Race.”

“We are the protagonists of this Fang Huanyu. Whether it is Death Ruins, Life World, or even Supreme, they are all invaders, and they are all beings that should be killed.”

“Huang Tian, ​​I don’t believe that you are willing to be swallowed by Haotian, so what is your choice?”

Fuhuang’s pupil light looked towards the scribe in front of him, his expression is extremely calm, it is completely calm to the extreme, he is the only native Human Race in this world, everything is Outsider, intruder, they Damn it all.

For this day, I really lost too much.

But he does not regret it!

“Your Majesty of the nine heads, this is not something you can decide, nor is it something I can choose.”

“The myth comes back, ten thousand immortals return, Haotian return to position!”

“This is the general trend, no one couldn’t be changed, Supreme can’t do it either.”

“Your Majesty of the nine heads, I have been with you for many years, and now I advise you not to put up a desperate struggle.”

“Even if you have…”

“You can’t break away from this general trend, otherwise you think Mythological Era will collapse…”

The middle aged scholar silhouette is not someone else, but the yellow sky who lost Heaven and Earth, which is one of the six ancient heavens, and naturally one of the strongest heavens in mythology.

“If it is a female emperor, Qijue, Tianhuang, Haotian, Liluo, Liyang, Baoye, Martial Goddess…”

“What about all the fall?”

“If it is the Great Qin Empire, the Great Evil Empire, the world, the dead market…”

“All annihilation?”

“If eternity is supreme, Immortal Realm…”

“It’s all over!”

“If it is this universe, 3000 Primal Chaos, hundreds of millions of Heaven and Earth……”

“All back to their roots?”

Fu Huang is in the darkness and void, standing with his hands in his hands, the pupil light is filled with gold brilliance, giving people an endless and terrifying coercion…

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