Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1686


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The Great Plane of Eras, this is an infinite flat continent. It is on the top of this vast plane throughout time. I don’t know how many races have survived, which together created the Supreme prosperity of this great plane. attitude.

Any kind of life and form you can see in this big plane can exist in the vast death ruins.

The eastern part of the big plane, Storm Wind City, belongs to the center of the Kedeo Commercial Federation and the center of a commercial federation formed by multiple races. The main body is the creatures on the magic side, mysterious side, soul side, and card side. Race is the style, whether it is the architectural style or the various characteristics of the alliance, they are all based on these four sides.

But there is also no shortage of cultivation side and technology side creations here. Walking on the street of Storm Wind City, you can see Lord Fa with a staff and a super-light particle cannon on his back. You can also see a crystal ball in his hand. , But the strong Swordsman with the magic weapon on his back will also see the soul side life with obvious cultivation side dress but waving a lot of cards.

Don’t be surprised at everything. The Eras plane is completely normal, and the Cadeo Commercial Federation is still a relatively peaceful area. If it is placed in other areas, it will be full of chaos and barbarism.

Storm Wind City, with a radius of about six 10,000 li, is a super city, but it is a city on the magic side, with various forms of life, and a variety of races, but it is talking about Eras. The lingua franca of the face is full of different kinds of prosperity and noise.

Gu Huang turned into a very ordinary Human Race youth, based in the central city of Storm Wind City, the whole person is a bunny, full of novelty to everything.

At this time, a snow-white skeleton wearing a cloak and covered in crystals like jade, with a large cigar thicker than a carrot in its snow-white bone claws, swallowing two mouthfuls from time to time, causing the entire skull to smoke. The key skull is backed by a heavy-duty sniper rifle on the side of technology, and the whole image is unparalleled.

“Human Race, what are you looking at!”

Skull’s two slender, snow-white bone fingers sandwiched the cigar and absorbed it deeply. The entire skull was emitting a strong smoke, only the blue soul fire in the eye sockets was spinning from time to time, and even more emitted. Very dull voice.


Gu Huang moved towards and responded gently, moved towards the other hand, cup one fist in the other hand, and realized his impoliteness. After all, the big plane of Eras is more open and inclusive than Nine Provinces, Heaven and Earth. It’s diversified, and even the undead can openly circulate in the city. Heaven and Earth on the side of cultivation is unimaginable. If it were in Thirty Three Heavens, it would have been demolished long ago, but it’s uncommon here, because Is it too commonplace, besides this skeleton, is there a Bone Dragon hovering in the sky?

“Since there is nothing, then what do you think!”

“Human Race, are you racist?”

The big skeleton in the cloak made a sound, full of fierce aura, the blue soul fire violently spins, even the sound is many times louder, just so shouting loudly, it has aroused the prying of many creatures. Especially in an instant, there were six or seven creatures from the Nether system, three skeletons, two souls, and a death Knight.

All the 15th-level professionals are from the same team, because at least 5% of them use technology weapons.

“It’s a pity, this Human Race friend provokes who is not good, but he provokes these rogues.”

“The evil forces of Storm Wind City provoked them, but some suffered.”

“The members of the rogue gang do this kind of thing every day, all kinds of extortion, touching porcelain, and collecting protection fees.”

“Shut up! Who makes their boss the City Lord of Storm Wind City, or one of the eight speakers of the alliance.”

all around creatures from different sides, each and everyone are full of regrets, because when I saw this Human Race it was the first time I came to the plane of Eras, but it was a pity that I met this group of rogue gang members, I’m afraid today To be blackmailed to the point of vomiting blood, 60% of the members of the rogue gang are from the dark camp, and it is rumored to be related to some big shots in the chaotic camp.

The rogue help tyrannize, absolutely unrestrained, the entire Storm Wind City and their don’t dare provoke power, and only the Legion of the order camp invited by the business alliance, and the glorious Divine Hall.

It can be said that the rogue gang is the Storm Wind City 3rd power group. I don’t know that the racial discrimination alone has caused many creatures to be swallowed up by their flesh, bones, and souls.

Even Legion of the order camp, Divine Hall can only acquiesce to its existence, and Gein has various complicated and unmatched relationships behind it, and even the rogue gang can summon the end…

“Is it racial discrimination?”

“You are not worthy, you are just such filthy undead.”

“I probably killed tens of trillions. I have to say that although it is dirty enough, the soul fire is a good thing.”

“Swallowing refining and expanding Divine Soul, the taste is really wonderful.”

Gu Huang’s expression is very peaceful, full of serene color, his words are full of unparalleled disdain, and he reveals deep arrogance from in the bones.

It’s been a long time since I moved my muscles and bones. It seems I can have fun today.

A fantasy version of the gangster?

Really familiar taste, original recipe, original routine ah!

This time the start was pretty good. There was a large number of black and evil forces coming up. It seems that this Young Master is destined to establish a good character.

“Human Race, don’t you want to live anymore? Know who you are talking to.”

“Don’t ask about it. As for Storm Wind City, which is 30% of the acre, no one dares to provoke our rogues.”

“Look at your brat, you are also new here. Today, this Uncle doesn’t care about you. I will avoid being called our rogue strength to bully the weak, but your words and deeds have deeply hurt our noble personality. “

“Human Race, you have a major event…”

“Today, I can’t get up without the two hundred crystals of Siyuan!”

The tone barely fell of the blue soul flame skull, instantly fell on his back to the ground, and broke one of his thigh bones directly under all eyes.

Damn ah! This Human Race is not the same noobs in the past. Although it covered up well, it was definitely a master of playing the pig to eat the tiger. I was just like those brainless guys who were directly beaten to death.

The rogue gang must give full play to their true nature. Fighting and fighting are all trivial means, which is too much to lose.

Porcelain is an art, and it is a real art.

This is a teaching from the Fourth Master. In the words of the Fourth Master, this is called Taoist Rules.

“Hey! Is the level of business quite familiar? It’s two hundred Siyuanzhijing, you too despise me.”

“Whatever happened, it reached 200,000 Yuan of Origin!”

“It’s not that I gave you two 100,000 Origin Crystals, but you gave me two 100,000 Origin Crystals.”

“Within three hundred breaths, I can’t see the 2100,000 Origin Crystal.”

“You will die, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, never exceed the kind!”

Gu Huang stood with his hands behind his mouth, with an unmatched sneer smile on the corners of his mouth, like the smile of a purgatory devil, making people tremble…


Silence and darkness, in the depths of the endless emptiness, a piece of black clothes, broken bricks and a golden light and shadow floating, are impressively spicy chicken system and ancient Big Black Brick.

In the depths of the System Space, a gold light and shadow man slowly emerged, just standing quietly in the System Space and watching. I don’t know how long it has been before, and a long sigh fills the air.

“I’m back, finally each and everyone is back…”

“The passing years, the only remaining proof, everything that has been forgotten by the world…”

“Heaven and Earth are in reincarnation, time is restarting, the sky is buried, the ground is buried, and the existence of immortals is wiped out…”

“One epoch after another, the splendor dissipated and became a solitary soul, an unbound ghost inferior…”

“But we are back…”

“The myth is revived, the immortals will eventually reappear, and the glory will return, and it will surely end there!”

“Fallen Immortal Clan, Hongmeng Forbidden Zone!”

“Eternal Realm…He is back…”

“Sooner or later… we will get everything back… this day will not be too long…”

The voice of gold light and shadow is extremely low, and the light and shadow are slowly dissipating. Only in the depths of the silent and dark space, there are two drops of gold left behind, which finally turn into endless rain, reflecting one after another dust. Eternal’s screen.

There is endless Harmony, 3000 Demon God is coming…

There are horrible giants who carry an axe to open up the glory…

There is azure jade butterfly, born from the depths of Hongmeng…

There are living beings in harmony, self-named as…

There are endless Heaven and Earth, Eternal Hongmeng…

Billions of images, with the flash of light and rain, seem to be chasing the endless dusty past, which is destined to be a brilliant and glorious era, a dusty years that fade away, and an unknown past.

They used to have a common name!


It’s been too long, too long, it’s been completely eliminated after long…

Heaven and Earth reincarnation, all living things are forgotten, epoch after epoch…

The glory cannot be recalled, and the past cannot be reflected.

But after all, it’s back!

No matter how many years, no matter how many eras, no matter how many reincarnations…

“We will return eventually!”

“It will return eventually!”

“No matter how long!”

“The myth is revived, Heaven and Earth is reopened, and the era is restarted!”


In the depths of the quiet and gloomy System Space, the disappearing light and rain swept out, manifesting lines of gold writing, containing monstrous hatred, unwillingness, resentment…

When the myth is revived, Heaven and Earth will reopen!

When the era restarts, the return of the immortals!

Even if it is forgotten by everyone, even Heaven and Earth Endless Samsara, even if the origin has disappeared…

It will return eventually!

“Yes, they are all back!”

“The plan can be opened!”

“It’s a pity…it’s a pity…fiend in human form has fallen!”

“Without fiend in human form, what is the significance of our plan?”

In the depths of the silent space, Big Black Brick silver light circulates, and a silver handwriting emerges…

“Black Boss…not necessarily…”

“Maybe not at all, I really die…”

“This system believes he is not dead…”

“Because he is the Heaven and Earth Alliance Leader of Invincible World No 13.”

In the depths of the System Space, the gold light and shadow people silently speak, full of sonorous and powerful words…

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