Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1736


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Shocking secrets!

If it is spread out, it is enough to subvert the world view of all living things.

Following Ning Yuan’s recounting, while the three Gu Huang knew the big secret, there were also more unknowns and questions.

Human Sovereign Nine Heads!


Through the memory of sporadic recovery and various events experienced, Fuhuang has always existed in the seven-volume ancient history chapter, either intentionally or unconsciously participating in the dispute of the seven-volume ancient history.

I used to know that Fuhuang was the Human Sovereign of the original civilization of this universe, but I don’t know that he still has such a big background. The civilization that was born in this universe was even before the inheritance of Shinto. It’s another prehistoric era.

Fuhuang masters the strength of Chaos, which is comparable to the Twelve Taboo Supreme, which is one of the core mysteries of this universe. According to Ning Yuan’s guess, Fuhuang may have mastered some of the power of order.

In other words, Fuhuang is the real master of this vast universe, the king of this vast universe, and the only monarch of order and chaos.

No wonder, it’s no wonder that Fuhuang has destroyed Human Race Daxing four times, making Death Ruins Human Race almost consigned to eternal damnation. From the standpoint of Fuhuang, he is not at all wrong.

Because whether it is the inheritance of Shinto, or the ethnic group from Earth, as well as the death ruins and life world, the Supreme people of the multiple Supreme are all deadly enemies of Fuhuang.

In other words, the previous guess is correct. Among the big plane of Eras, Fuhuang will definitely come forward to make trouble, and Fuhuang is very good at layout. Nowadays, there are various forces in the big plane. The creatures of Heaven and Earth are tangled and complicated.

Now the Two Great Empires team battle trial, not only the death market has countless powerhouse attention, and there may even be people paying attention to the diverse Heaven and Earth. This will be an extremely rare opportunity.

Looking at the existence of the temple arithmetic, in short, it is a planning strategy. The planner who wins beyond a thousand li will not have a trace of error in his layout, and will never allow the slightest accident.

If you don’t take it easily, you will see blood when you take it.

The chaotic camp, the lost Heaven and Earth, the Great Evil Empire, the Soul River, the Hall of Valor, and the Heaven and Earth Divine Mansion, both tangibly and intangibly have combined into an extremely powerful alliance.

Great Qin Empire, Thirty Three Heavens, 99 lands, the overwhelming Celestial Court, and the six shattered ways. The only ally is the witch monsters of the ten lands of the ancient Nine Heavens.

The female emperor is really far away in the ancient times, Liluo, Baoye, Martial Goddess, the Great Emperor Pitianhuang, has been completely dragged down, and it is flawless to handle anything.

In the center of the empire, another female emperor sits in Xianyang. It is fundamentally impossible to move even a little bit. Before feigning her death, Chen Bing, the commander of the Great Ecuador Empire, the Seven Sword Lords, and the Four Generals have all visited the Great Wall.

Old shameless returned to his place under the 99th floor, and would not be able to return at all for a while. Now the Great Qin Empire is empty. Except for the female emperor, the only one who can sit in the town is the Seven Demon Lords who have not yet been born. Only the chaotic Demon Lord for seven years, killing Demon Lord faint.

If I am in the wilderness, and I take advantage of the countless sights of the Death Ruins to pay attention to the large plane of Eras, the Great Qin Empire is empty and there is no civilization to suppress, I will use the thunderbolt as a springboard to clear Canggu Continent, all the way pointed out by Bingfeng, went straight to the Great Qin Empire where the Great Qin Empire was located, broke into the city of Xianyang, and suppressed it with the original Human Dao civilization.

But the plan can’t keep up with the changes. Now that the Great Qin Empire is born, Liyang has already occupied the Dao Master’s Position, and there is also Chen’s Old Demon’s Dao body, the rebel’s dharma body, and his past. Device.

If you don’t go there, Fuhuang will let him lose your troops, return in low spirits after failing.

Great Qin Empire, don’t worry about it for the time being, but you don’t need to think about it. The most critical question right now is whether Fuhuang really masters the core mystery of order and chaos, and whether there is anything behind Fuhuang besides the Hongmeng Forbidden Area. Unknown forces, such as evil things.

Fuhuang ah! Fuhuang, what kind of overall situation you have set up, the seven-volume ancient history chapter has been forbearing until this final chapter wants to fight Heaven and Earth.

There is still too little intelligence, really too little, and we can only infer some clues one-sidedly. Fuhuang definitely has a back hand, and it’s okay if this back hand is not born. Once born, it will be earth shattering. perish together.

The next thing to do is to try not to show the limelight, and first spy on Fuhuang’s true target, and the only person to spy on the target is naturally the incarnation of Elena*Evelyn* the glorious little girl, who was once a pioneer. Shui Jun, one of the four kings of the world.

As for how to spy on intelligence, I naturally went to sell Yunxi.

“Old Brother Ning, dare to ask, you god…should say that your Heavenly God way treats this Human Sovereign nine heads, what is your attitude?”

“Alternatively, the stronger your Shinto inheritance cultivation base, the shorter the lifespan, is it also related to this Human Sovereign?”

“In the past years, my little brother and that one expeditioned to the Space-Time island. After I returned, the Heaven and Earth empire had disappeared. At that time, I was exhausted and had to fall into eternal sleep.”

“The emperor of my Heaven and Earth empire is a bastard, but it can show my attitude. As long as there is a little chance, I will let Fuhuang die Land of Burial.”

“Old Brother Ning, you don’t need to test it anymore. Today, I simply don’t want to mince words. I’m 70% sure that I can help you change the shortage of lifespan. I was 18 in the Heaven and Earth Empire. If it weren’t for the Grand Arcanist of the first-level Peak who was going to expedition to the Space-Time island, he might have already opened the door of truth and become the eternal person of the first truth in history.”

“Everyone knows that I am the Bright Dragon Lord and belong to the highest Bright Grand Arcanist, but even my book Brother Bai and Blue Big Sister don’t know, I am not just a Bright Grand Arcanist.”

“It’s a…full-professional Grand Arcanist…”

After saying this, Gu Huang’s body burst out with 9 Arcane inscriptions aura, representing the nine top Arcanes spreading in darkness, light, wind, fire, water, thunder, earth, life, and death.

But the time, space, stars, dreams…etc. Arcane that I realized and created on my own didn’t show it. After all, it was too shocking. After all, Arcanist is already known as the number one extraordinary profession on the magic side.

The magic side ranks among the twelve sides. After countless years, there are only seven sides in the Death Ruins, but the magic side has always been strong. Since the birth of the magic side, no one has opened the door of truth.

From this final chapter, I will personally push open the door of truth…

“All…all professions…Grand Arcanist…”

“Unexpectedly… there really is a full-professional Grand Arcanist…”

“Could Dragon Old Jun, you are the legendary ancestor of Arcane… the founder of Arcanist profession…”

“Your identity is enough to be equal to my Sect Founder. The little old man dares to call you a brother.”

“The little old man uses his head to assure you that my Heavenly God Dao and Fuhuang are irreconcilable, even if they fight to the last person, they will never have sex with Fuhuang. My entire divine Dao has fallen to this day, and it is a ruin. Thanks.”

When Ning Yuan saw the nine Arcane inscriptions displayed by Gu Huang, his expression was shocked to the extreme, thinking of the ancestor of legendary Arcane…