Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1738


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“Dragon Old Jun, no, absolutely no, this technique is extremely dangerous and mysterious.”

“You may be the only full-professional Arcanist in the world, and you are destined to be able to set foot on the top of truth, and even become more diverse as Arcanist and set foot on Supreme Supreme.”

“I can’t hurt you because of the little old man, and we have been waiting for endless years of Shinto. It is not too late. Although I am about to die, I can still hold on for some time.”

“If you want to see this technique, please wait for you to reach the top of the eighteenth-order Arcanist. A little old man may agree to let you give it a try, but it is definitely not possible now.”

Ning Yuan waved his hand hurriedly, not even think, but declined it, simply did not give Gu Huang a chance, because no one can guarantee what the result will be.

In case of death, for all living things, the order camp is no less than cut off his own arm, and if the biggest consequence is assimilated by that technique, who can guarantee the consequences.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, absolutely impossible.

“Old Brother Ning, my little brother didn’t think well, he is indeed a bit reckless.”

“This matter has been revealed for the time being. There is still one thing. I don’t know Old Brother Ning’s team battle against Two Great Empires.”

“Which side do you think will win more?”

Seeing that Ning Yuan refused, Gu Huang was naturally unwilling to stick to it. Instead, he switched the topic to the team battle. He wanted to get involved in the team battle, but he should witness the divine way behind the orderly camp. Inheritance, as well as the power behind the chaos camp, the two original Life Powers of order and chaos, just analyzing part of the order has allowed him to be promoted to a true spirit, and it is faintly touching a brand new road.

“If there are no variables, Great Qin will lose!”

“The power of the first Great Qin Empire is limited to Thirty Three Heavens and 99 lands, only the years of the Three Eternal Era, and there is no inheritance civilization weapon of its own.”

“The 2nd Great Ecuador Empire is composed of seven civilizations. It has the holy grail smelted by seven pieces of civilization, and the commander of the Great Ecuador Empire is one of the Twelve Supremes. It is equivalent to saying that the Twelve Supremes secretly support the Great Ecuador Empire. .”

“The members of the 3rd team battles, the little old man also secretly noticed that the Little Brat on the Great Qin Empire side could not match the members of the Great Qin Empire in terms of equipment, cultivation technique, occupation, and heroism. Than.”

“Combining the above three points, Great Qin Empire’s defeat is determined. Unless someone secretly disrupts the game, otherwise the team battle area has been blocked by the lady on the strange side, unless there is a powerhouse at the level of civilization all Sovereigns and above.”

“If Great Qin loses, you can imagine the fate of all living things in Death Ruins. The first one will be Human Race, and there will be black hands in the dark. Old man can’t think of any trump card in Great Qin Empire that can come back.” /p>

“Under the current situation, unless the one who can return, maybe he can change this dilemma.”

Ning Yuan sighed deeply and shook his head helplessly. As the ultimate power core behind the order camp, although he also hoped that Great Qin Empire would win, he was already overwhelmed.

“Old Ning, what if the three of us join the Great Qin party?”

“What do you think is the winning percentage?”

Mu Shubai took a step forward and made a calm and indifferent voice. It is true that Great Qin Empire has reached a moment of incomparable crisis, but the real killing move has not yet come out?

fiend in human form, come here, and ask who can stop it.


“Dare to ask Feng Old Jun, you are serious about this.”

“If the three of you join in, then it is not a matter of geometric winning rate, but if any one of you takes a shot, you can sling the Little Brat of the Great Ecuador Empire.”

“But the little old man really can’t figure it out. Shouldn’t the three people focus on fighting evil things? Why bother to get involved in the dispute between the Two Great Empires? Could it be that the three are old acquaintances with the Great Qin Empire. “

“Three, please allow the little old man to ask one more question. What you just said is serious, not trifling.”

Ning Yuan looked suspiciously at the Gu Huang trio. He couldn’t think of and couldn’t find any reason. You should know how much cause and effect are involved and how much benefit is involved in the Great Qin team fight?

But if they are not talking about trifling matter, then it needs to be carefully considered.

Sanjun came off in person, and the Great Evil Empire also played a fart, so he surrendered early and went home.

It’s just that the three of them man made it. Why do they do this?

“Old Brother Ning, when it comes to this, the little girl will not hide it from you.”

“Just looking at the great empire’s unpleasantness, of course we also want Great Qin to be a full-time official.”

“The Great Qin Empire implements a military merit system. In addition to being unable to grant Royalty, you can be promoted all the way to Duke Position with meritorious service.”

“After all, the times are different, and we are not the one. We can shake the entire diversity by the strength of oneself, and forcibly continue the seven volumes of ancient history. All we can do is to keep a group of people warm.”

“In addition, according to our understanding of evil things, if it has penetrated into this large plane, the team battle trial area is the best place, so we decided to try one’s luck.”

Lan Yanran, who had never said anything, chuckled, directly expressing her position and purpose, saying that it is not useful, just to go to the Great Qin and get a part-time official.

When Mu Shubai and Gu Huang were hearing this, both moved towards Lan Yanran and cast admiring eyes. Sure enough, when it comes to assists, Lan Yanran is the first, because there is nothing more suitable for this reason.

“Sister Huojun, it’s a quick talk, and the little old man represents Heavenly God and is willing to help.”

“I don’t know what the three need, my Heavenly God will do my best to satisfy them.”

“The little old man does not hide the truth from the three. Now my Shinto inheritance is in a difficult situation. It is also selfish to help today. The little old man also hopes to be able to retreat.”

“After the team battle, Great Qin and the Two Great Empires will surely go to war. It is true that the Great Ecuador Empire is very strong, but if anyone can bring hope to all living things in the environment where evil things are about to invade.”

“Without exception, it must be the Great Qin Empire, because only the Great Qin Empire will fight to the end. Every inch of the land will fight until the last soldier is killed.”

Ning Yuan was not hypocritical, so he poured out all the expectations in his heart. Any one of the three of them would kill all the team members of the Great Ecuador Empire, let alone all three.

Investment, must invest!

Heavenly God can’t tell anyone, but he can pay.

From the age of immortals to the present era, the wealth accumulated by Heavenly God Road can no longer be measured by numbers.

The war is not only fighting people, but also massive resources.

The powerhouse is not enough, the resources come together, and countless resources are used to push the past.

If Sanjun is not worth investing, who else is worth investing?

“Old Brother Ning, you have to think about it. Once we are really tied to the same war chariot, there is no room for retreat.”

“We help Great Qin Empire, in fact, we help ourselves.”

“Regardless of internal battles or external expansion, we must first ensure that the basic disk is stable, and this basic disk is Great Qin Empire.”

“If you really think about Old Brother Ning, the younger brother will speak brazenly. In addition to the massive resources I need, I also need you to be the seal of the core order of Heavenly God.”

After saying that, Gu Huang pupil light looked towards Ning Yuan, and the whole person’s expression was dignified to the extreme. After all, resources are okay, but the seal of the core of order, but the foundation of Shinto inheritance, would be easily given to others.