Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1739


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“Sect Founder, major event is not good, major event is not good!”

“There has just been news from the Great Plane of Ellas that the Two Great Empires team battle Land of Trial has disappeared.”

At this moment, the Dao Protector of Heavenly God Young Master who had led Gu Huang’s three people came to the outskirts of the island. The voice had not yet fallen, and the people had already arrived in front of everyone. The whole person seemed extremely flustered. Full of deep anxiety.

“What does it mean to disappear?”

Ning Yuan’s old eyes looked towards the disciple of the letter, deep doubts appeared in the depths of the pupil light, and for a while, I didn’t figure out what the disappearance meant?

“Reporting back to Sect Founder, the place where Two Great Empires team battles were tested. It belonged to the core area of ​​the chaotic camp, but now that area is gone, as if it was taken from the plane of Eras out of thin air. Cut it off.”

“And the previous area has been reduced to a void, land, sea, buildings, life, and all around the hundreds of channels leading to different forces are all gone.”

“The last person who entered that area was the chief priest of the war and the three Great Qin’s substitute members. This incident is very mysterious, and it has already alarmed the arrival of the supreme being on the strange side.”

“Sect Founder, whether our order camp wants to go to the investigation, we still hope Sect Founder will decide.”

The old man briefly summarized what happened. Even he thought it was quite unimaginable. It was a secret thing that had never happened before. Who dared to risk offending all the forces in the Death Ruins without making a sound? To forcibly cut this area apart, which is equivalent to going to war with all forces in the Death Ruins.

Who can do it, who dares to do it.

Insane, really crazy.

“Dragon Old Jun, Feng Old Jun, Huojun, I have a bad feeling?”

“I am afraid it will be the beginning and continuation of all chaos. Now I dare to risk fighting with all the forces in the Death Ruins, or at least half of the forces in the Death Ruins will jointly participate.”

“The person who was able to ignore the will of the big plane of Eras and cut off this area forcibly should be Heavenly Dao, who lost Heaven and Earth, who was once one of the six ancient heavens. The only sky that split from the myth of the strongest sky and preserves all its power.”

“Apart from Huang Tian, ​​the old man really can’t think of anyone who can ignore the will of the big plane. After all, Huang Tian is the real Heavenly Dao, and he holds one of the 60% of the power of the universe.”

“Dragon Old Jun, what do you think of this matter?”

Ning Yuan is a little confused. Such a sudden change has completely disrupted the rhythm, making him a headless fly now, and he doesn’t know what to do next.

Because I knew that Fuhuang would make a move, but absolutely didn’t expect Fuhuang would make a move so early. Could it be that it was accumulated over a long period of time that Fuhuang already possessed the power to kill everything.

Except for Huang Tian, ​​I can’t think of anyone who can steal the large plane area silently without disturbing anyone.

Because for Fuhuang, all the civilizations born in this universal void today are all his enemies, so he can destroy all of them, even at the expense of colluding with evil things.

“Guye, Ning Yuan’s guess is correct. Although it is not true, there are still sixty to seventy percent of the truth. The system has already sensed the remaining power. Huang Tian has indeed taken action, but this Huang Tian has the strongest sky in the myth. Peak 30% bis power.”

“Spicy chicken system, what did you say? The myth is the strongest day Peak 30% Ⅱ. Could it be Huang Tian…”

“Guye, your guess is correct. The yellow sky swallowed the power of the three heavens of blue sky, heaven, and blue sky, and the system was also distracted and went to the four poles, except whereabouts unknown, the lord of chaos , The other three-pole lord and his subordinates have all fallen, and the three heavenly tombs have all disappeared. The remaining traces on the scene are precisely the yellow sky.

“The spicy chicken system, something is going to happen, there is a major event, no wonder…no wonder this Young Master went to Haotian Brother’s site, but did not find Haotian Brother… Six Ways… Fuhuang’s next goal is Celestial Court And six ways…”

“Guye, this system is exactly the opposite of your opinion. The next step of Fuhuang is not Celestial Court and Liudao, but the ancient Nine Heavens ten places. The water in Thirty Three Heavens and 99 places is very deep. If I can’t eat it for a while, the ancient Nine Heavens are different. They are also part of Mythological Era Heaven and Earth, and they are purely a cultivation side Heaven and Earth. They have not encountered much invasion. The key is the peerlessness of the monsters How much powerhouse is not at all, Fuhuang won ten places of ancient Nine Heavens, far easier than Celestial Court and Liudao.”

“Spicy chicken system, don’t forget how long Fuhuang has been in Thirty Three Heavens and 99 Lands, how many powerful killings have been laid, and how many people belonged to him have been left over the long years Huang Tian already possesses the power of 30% of the myth’s strongest sky. If it’s you, if I’m Fuhuanghui as easy as blowing off dust, I can directly take Thirty Three Heavens and be above Thirty Three Heavens. Those Old Ancestors were suppressed.”

“Guye, why are you so sure? The system still thinks that Fuhuang will take the lead in taking down the ten places of Nine Heavens, because from a strategic perspective, taking the ten places of ancient Nine Heavens is far more than Celestial Court and Liudao. It’s easy, you can eat away at the dead ruins step by step.”

“Spicy chicken system, what you consider is the normal abundance, but now we are facing the Human Sovereign Nine Heads who lost Heaven and Earth, don’t you know that the stronger Heaven and Earth is, the more all living Things will be stronger. A yellow sky with 30% of the power of Peak, the strongest sky in the myth. What is the strength of all living things of Lost Heaven and Earth? The nine heads of Human Sovereign have accumulated countless years, behind it With the support of evil things, it already has the power to sweep the death ruins, and the biggest tumor in the death ruins is Celestial Court and Liudao. As long as the Thirty Three Heavens and 99 places are eliminated, I wonder if the death ruins have any power to fight against them.”

“Guye, what you said is not unreasonable. If the system is the Human Sovereign Nine Heads, it will continue to expand like this. With the powerful force of thunderbolt, Thirty Three Heavens and 99 lands will be maimed and then occupied. This area radiates to the outside world, sweeps through all dissatisfaction, and completely empties the dead market, but there is still one question, is it not afraid of the sleeping group of powerhouses in the big Void Realm to act like this?”

“Spicy chicken system, they won’t take action. Do you remember that I was paralleling Heaven and Earth in Nine Provinces, and the senior of Primal Chaos sacrifice dance said to me that old man can help if the rules allow Once you, they will not pay attention to the death ruins, because their only goal is the road to the heavens, and if my guess is correct, the road to the heavens is hidden in the big Void Realm, and there is the deepest part of the dead ruins. That’s why Supreme didn’t dare to set foot.”

“Guye, what do you mean…We have been completely isolated, there is no longer any ally, and we can only fight alone…”

“The spicy chicken system, we have always been alone! There have never been real allies or real enemies. Some are only needed for benefits. It is useless to count on others. We can only rely on ourselves. “

“Guye, it seems that the time has come. This system has to integrate the last core. Only in this way can we get back all the power and intelligence, because the final battle has arrived.”

“The spicy chicken system is extremely stupid. This Young Master is not dead yet. It is not your turn to make a decision and find the disappearing area. It should be our summon 4th Scourge Legion.”

The communication between Gu Huang and the system is just a moment. Any big shock will not shake Gu Huang’s current mind. He will only go step by step according to his plan, even if Celestial Court and Liudao are occupied. , The Great Qin Empire is dead…