Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1800


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“must not be reveled!”

“Stand still, I will take you to Xiacheng!”

“Space Origin Technique!”

Gu Huang underwent a burst of transparent and colorless brilliance, and immediately disappeared with Ji Qingshan and Ji Qingyi, but only a few breaths away. When the three reappears were already before an incomparably majestic city, the radius was about a little bit 100,000 miles, facing the near-gloom forest to the south, Desert to the north, grassland to the east, and Sea Territory to the West Sea. The geographical environment can be described as blessed by heaven.

The entire city all around has a huge city wall with a height of about hundreds of feet and a thickness of 150 feet. There are many strange runes inscribed on the surface. Its characteristics obviously do not belong to this era, because this is an era of source power. All power comes from the era of the sea of ​​source force, and there is no effective system for it. If the sea of ​​source force dries up, it means that the spirit general of this era is exhausted and died.

Of course, all of this has nothing to do with Gu Huang. His arrival is only a forger, which can pull the place of origin of life into an infinite loop, and even drag the place of origin, only to make the place of origin unable to interfere. In order to free up to fight with everyone.

“Xiacheng, we are back again, but today’s Xiacheng, do we still have a foothold?”

“The Ji clan of several 100,000 people, now we are the only two of us siblings.”

“Your Majesty, please accept us as a disciple and teach us the source art.”

Ji Qingshan looked at the familiar and unfamiliar city, and his heart was full of emotions. The whole person was full of deep anxiety. The big tribe has been destroyed, but now there is nowhere to return. He is born to be a teacher to Gu Huang Of course, his heart is also extremely worried, after all, the other party is an extremely powerful Demi-God.

“Big brother, you are rude!”

“Your Majesty, please don’t blame the big brother, he just wants revenge.”

Ji Qingyi’s heart trembled, and he hurriedly saluted Gu Huang. The whole person was full of deep anxiety. This Your Majesty is probably much more than Demi-God simple, because he has displayed the Space Origin technique. Already belonged to the category of the divine residence, because the space source technique belongs to the exclusive power of the divine residence.

Ten Rank 1 Demi-God, ignite the fire of Genesis, and can communicate with the Sea of ​​Genesis for a short time.

12th Rank Spiritual God, the soul can break through the material world and go to the core of the sea of ​​power.

The existence of Spiritual God and above will not arbitrarily take action, especially the slaughter of creatures is forbidden, otherwise they will be wanted by all the gods of the law, even the descendants of the gods of Innate, they cannot violate the iron law.

Even the one who has opened Heaven and Earth from Primal Chaos, known as the god of the gods, the god of paragon, dare not easily punish all living things.

“If you want me to accept you as dísciple, it depends on whether you can pass my test.”

“I just felt that this city has 24 people of the 12th Rank Spiritual God level, and seven people of the 13th rank rule Heavenly God. This is probably the strongest power.”

“I will isolate you from the powerhouse above the tenth level, and you just want to escape the pursuit of the powerhouse in the city. I will wait for you at the restaurant on the 3rd thirteenth street in the inner city.”

“You are my dísciple if you survive. I have just sealed time, and now the time has been lifted. The nearest enemy is about 500 feet away from you.”

“Run away!”

After saying that, Gu Huang’s silhouette has disappeared, leaving only Ji Qingshan and Ji Qingyi who are extremely bewildered. They haven’t adapted for a while. After all, they have never seen such a strange test.

“Ji Qingshan, Ji Qingyi, you still dare to show up, it’s heaven helps me!”

“Take the remnants of the Ji clan and take it to the Dihong tribe to receive the reward.”

“Get rich, take them down!”

While the two siblings were still in a daze, dozens of silhouettes appeared in all directions, all of them were Geniuses from the 5th to Rank 7. Although the brakes were forbidden in the city, that was the prohibition of Genius and Physical Skills. But it is not in this category.

“Tsing Yi younger sister, you go first, I will cover you.”

“Big brother, don’t love to fight. It’s a straight line distance of one hundred and thirty li from 33rd Street. The forbidden source rune is suppressed in the city. As long as we are not besieged, we still have a chance to charge ahead.”

“Okay, big brother listen to you.”

“Big brother, I am offended. I ran into a hundred zhang and turned back to the slum area.”

Ji Qingyi’s silhouette jumped on Ji Qingshan’s shoulders, and he saw Ji Qingshan’s shouting loudly, within the body qi and blood, his body skyrocketed from eight feet to more than 10 feet, and his clothes were directly torn apart. Come, revealing bronze skin and fast-rising muscles, the whole person is like is a Iron Pagoda, stepping on the ground step by step and rushing out, directly across 30 feet, the ground shows one hole after another, extremely mobile The speed produced a strong sonic boom, which hit all the besieging silhouettes flying out.

“The elder brother of the Witch bloodline, Interesting and Martial Goddess is also out of the ordinary ah!”

“Hey! Old master, honestly explain, are you tempted by Martial Goddess? All the disciplines you do are just excuses that’s all. The system does not know you yet.”

“Spicy chicken system, you are a bit of a damn shit, is this Young Master that kind of person? After he was later named Martial Goddess, he is also a taboo existence, then this Young Master will test it What about the potential?”

“Guye, pretend, continue to install, how long this system has been with you, and I don’t know your sinister intentions. Your ancient master’s path is full of routines. Testing Martial Goddess is one aspect, but according to this As far as system knows about you, you probably want to turn this original era into the nest of the 4th natural disaster! Don’t take it as this system. Do you know what your idea is?”

“Spicy chicken system, sometimes people are too smart and easy to be wiped out, and the system is too smart but it will be rebuilt. If you guessed it today, you are really going to build the 4th Scourge Legion.”

“Guye, don’t say anything, follow the rules of the road, nine out and thirteen, two and one are added to five, the power of the sea of ​​power, we each person gets half, how about?”

“Spicy chicken system, what can’t you do? I will divide the loot first. I want to seek the core of the sea of ​​origin, as the basic plate of the 4th natural disaster, what do you want to do to seek the sea of ​​origin? At that time, when your last piece of core was merged, don’t even think about the matter of the Sea of ​​Power. Check this Young Master to see if there is any old Yinbi hidden in this era.”

“Gu Ye, I’ve already checked it. There is more than a hidden old yin. It’s simply too much horse riding. Liluo and Liyang in the 9th era are just small characters. Guess what this system found What is it?”

“Spicy chicken system, can you stop beeping? Or the reader will say that we have made up the word count.”

“Guye, don’t worry? You will definitely be interested in this product found by this system. Do you still remember the weapon Tianhuang Ding carried by Emperor Tianhuang during the Battle of Nine Provinces? This servant is hidden in the original Times…”


Gu Huang hearing this was really shocked. I was indeed full of curiosity about what Brother Tianhuang held in his hands. Even the Heavenly Soldiers cannot Form Transformation through time and become a unique lifeform, but they can. Evolve into adult…