Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1801


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Ji Qingshan revived the bloodline of the Witch clan, Zhang Yugao’s body, in a city where Yuanli was completely banned, was like an extremely terrifying giant beast, the silhouette rushed and pushed everything with brute force, almost no one could stop them.

Ji Qingyi stood on his shoulders, planning the shuttle route from time to time. When the bodies of the two siblings were about to cross the slum area, they saw a figure wearing gold armor suspended in front of them about a hundred zhang. About nine feet tall, a young man with a broad sword on his back, short gold hair that is as dazzling as the sun, and a pair of golden Divine Pupils seem to reflect the void in all directions and penetrate the endless fog.

“Ji Qingshan, Ji Qingyi, be obediently surrender!”

“You have no retreat!”

The gold armored youth slowly pulled out the giant sword behind him, and instantly inserted it into the ground, pressing his hands on the hilt, and the gold Divine Pupil was filled with unparalleled cold aura.

Two stupid guys have already run away, why are they coming back?

As a close friend, even if I want to let you go, I can’t be in full view of everyone…

I, Ezreal*an* is shining, and I believe in the shining divine residence. Light and order are my criteria, and justice and morality are my beliefs. Why do you come back!

“Izreal, sorry, I have something to do.”

“I don’t want to deal with you, please let me go!”

Ji Qingshan’s body is startled, looking at Ezreal who is blocking the way in front of him, bronze’s face is deeply embarrassed. He is a great Knight who believes in the glorious mansion, and he is also a foreign Human Race who upholds the Knight creed. But also a close friend.

I was able to run out of Xiacheng with the younger sister of Tsing Yi, and it was also a tip-off from Ezreal, but today…

Demi-God Your Majesty promised to accept us as dísciple, that is our only hope, and we must go to the restaurant anyway.

“Ji Qingshan, you have things to do, and I also have responsibilities that must be fulfilled.”

“Either I fall, or you fall!”

“Come on!”

Ezreal is full of helplessness, slowly pulling out the giant sword underground, and rushing at an extremely heavy pace. The Sword Technique and physique can be relied on in a city that is completely forbidden.

“Ann, we don’t want to be your enemy. I’m sorry in advance.”

“Big brother, I will assist you with Human Sovereign’s blood, so I just hit it out, don’t give Ann a chance to get caught.”

“He is the glorious Knight, physique is not under you, he uses the Secret Technique of Burning Blood.”

Ji Qingyi whispered, a layer of green gold radiated from her bare hands, and it penetrated into Ji Qingshan’s head instantly, and he saw that there seemed to be a divine light burst in Ji Qingshan’s eyes, and the whole person’s qi and blood skyrocketed again, and Zhang Yu’s body It skyrocketed directly to 30 feet, just like is a Antiquity giant, and the terrifying qi and blood are like huge waves in a river, forming a body protecting halo directly on the surface of the body.

“Izreal, sorry!”

“Burning blood!”

Ji Qingshan loudly shouted, like is a terrifying brutal beast, a terrifying body pierced through, the body protecting halo formed by the qi and blood all over the body, faintly glittering with green gold, the giant of Ezreal The sword has already slashed across with the momentum of the Wanjun. That extremely fierce and overbearing will is like the king from Immortal Heaven and Earth.

But the giant sword hasn’t gotten closer yet, the green gold qi and blood halo has exploded, forming a ripple covering a range of 1000 feet. There is no explosion of heaven shaking earth shattering, only silent annihilation.

Izreal’s body was the first to bear the brunt. He was directly hit by the bloody ripples 1,000 feet away. The buildings in all directions were instantly turned into ruins, and even the earth collapsed deeply and cracked in a large area.

“Ji Qingshan…what kind of technique is this…”

Izeril fell to the ground. He was heavily wounded and vomited blood. The muscles and bones in his chest were almost shattered. If he was not blocked by armor, this blow was enough to kill him, but he still supported his body and watched Ji Qingshan emerge. Sheng, this is definitely not a source technique, but a technique produced by the bloodline unique to the Ji clan.

really strong ah!

It is worthy of being the last innate talent of the Ji clan. What kind of bloodline is it that can make Human Race like a giant.

Ji Qingshan, Ji Qingyi, how many secrets do you hide?

“Witch! “

The silhouette of Ji Qingshan stepped out of several hundred zhang, looked back at Ezreal, and gently confided a word. Nowadays, there are still a few people in the major tribes of Zhuxia remember that they are within the body and possess mythical witches. The bloodline of the family is gone.

In the age of mythology, the witch monster competed for hegemony, Human Race was weak, and the witch monster withdrew from the competition for the hegemony of Heaven and Earth. In order to ensure the continuation of the witch clan, the remaining witch clan had already been married to Human Race.

The lineage in Ji’s ancestors means marriage with the witch clan, and has the bloodline of the witch clan’s most mysterious lineage.

All kinds of weird Secret Techniques, relying on their own qi and blood as the medium, I don’t know how many monster powerhouses have been killed by a living curse. Without the help of Human Sovereign from the younger sister of Tsing Yi, I would not dare to cast the curse easily.


Ezreal looked at the silhouette going away, and the pupil light of the whole person was full of thought. It seemed that he had heard the name before, but for a while, he wanted to do not raise.

Best friend ah!

Good luck, I don’t want to see you in the execution ground.

“Fuck! Ancient Lord, you found the treasure, you really found the treasure. Ji Qingshan’s brat possesses the curse witch bloodline, which is already extinct in Heaven and Earth, even if it is the ancient Nine Heavens ten places. The incantation witch that you can never find is the most mysterious and rarest lineage of the witch clan. When the witch monster was fighting for hegemony, the curse witch alone caused more than a hundred witches to harm the monster clan.”

“The spicy chicken system, the times are different. No matter how strong the curse is compared to the mysterious side and the strange side, it is not worth mentioning.”

“What the hell! Ancient Lord, it is true that you are illiterate. The mysterious side and the strange side are indeed extraordinary, but how much do you know about the curse. The curse uses its own qi and blood as the medium to perform it. Spells have absolute priority, and no creatures can be immune, even unknown and weird creatures, or even evil things, because what Spells are really good at is not frontal combat, but absolute field control, as long as qi and blood is not destroyed, you can fight indefinitely.”

“The spicy chicken system, I still don’t think there is anything powerful or peculiar. It’s nothing more than the field control ability that’s all. I can kill with a single punch.”

“Guye, this system sees you as a deadwood. Do you think there are a few people in Heaven and Earth who can master the twelve Supreme taboos like you, and use the powers of the sides, Taoism, authority, truth, mystery, There is nothing to hide in front of you.”

“Spicy chicken system, let’s not talk about the curse, don’t you think Ji Qingyi’s Human Sovereign blood is weird?”

Gu Huang followed the two invisibly, but he communicated with the system. Didn’t he think about the curse? But what really cares about is Ji Qingyi’s Human Sovereign blood, which is truly extraordinary.