Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1802


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“Guye, you are really an illiterate in this system. Ji Qingyi’s Human Sovereign blood is not weird, but mutated Human Sovereign blood. It’s just that this mutated Human Sovereign blood has never been seen before, and it’s not in a few wild Human Sovereign blood sequence and so on.”

“Spicy chicken system, you are ashamed to mock this Young Master for being illiterate, aren’t you called omnipotent? Co-authoring yourself is also a scum.”

“Guye, this system is omnipotent, only intelligence cannot.”

“Spicy chicken system, shut up! What can’t you do, talk the first place.”

Gu Huang’s daily quarrel with the system has become the norm. Anyway, they are always happy. As long as Old Demon stays away, the spicy chicken system is naturally left to him. After all, this is the original era and everything still needs to be developed. And explore.

In the original era, a unique system has not yet been formed, but there are many hidden Lao Yin ratios. According to the truth, Fazu should create an era belonging to Yuanlishi. Although Fazu does not belong to the death ruins, it is also from a cultivation civilization.

But from the method he created, Li Yang and Bao Ye each comprehend the power of the strongest, and they already understood how profound the foundation of the Fa ancestor is. The ultimate destruction of this era has left Fa ancestors in hiding. This era is enough to show how many old Yinbi messed up things later.

Lao Yin has been there every year, and this year is very much. Anyway, even the celestial ding has appeared, and it is not bad for a fiend in human form.

At this time, Gu Huang just walked all the way behind Ji Qingshan and Ji Qingyi, saying that it was a test for them, but how could he be truly relieved?

He must watch these two people, and nothing can happen. Just a Ji Qingyi is enough for Gu Huang to pay attention to, the future Martial Goddess ah!

Human Race is one of the few who dare to smash the evil things in the Space-Time island.

“Ji Qingshan, Ji Qingyi, don’t persist in your own wrong doings!”

“Obediently surrender, old man will protect you from death.”

“You are the last two of the Ji clan, do you really want this lineage to be cut off?”

There was a thunderous sound from the void, and I saw an old man silhouette wearing a blue star coat and holding a blue scepter volleying into the sky, giving people a very stalwart and deep aura, like The depth of the vast universe, especially the old man’s eyes, can almost penetrate the Eternal universe, clearly understood.

“ha ha ha!”

“Great Sage, what a Great Sage, you secretly planned the demise of my Race, and now you are a hypocritical person, you are really disgusting.”

“If you want to suppress us, then you may be disappointed. In the end, all you get is the body that’s all.”

“Tsing Yi younger sister, are you afraid?”

Ji Qingshan laughed absolutely unrestrained, and the whole person broke out with immense disgust and contempt. Although there was a feeling of powerlessness in his heart, he also knew that this old bastard is the number one Great Sage in the starry sky, the star of Divine Hall. Elder is also an extremely terrifying astrologer. He was already a Spiritual God-level powerhouse a long time ago.

“Big brother, if you die, what’s the fear!”

Ji Tsingyi is cold and unparalleled, and her heroic face is full of strength. Even if she knows that it may be a mortal result, she is not afraid of it. It is because of this old bastard that the Ji clan has collusion. The crime of the doomsday made its Race fall into ruin, although she and the big brother ran out…

“Stubborn! Really stubborn, you Race colluding with the doomsday, this is something everyone knows about the clansman of the northern clans.”

“Today, the old man actually came and wanted to spare your life, but unfortunately you didn’t appreciate it, then the old man had to suppress you and personally hand it over to the Dihong tribe.”

Is the Great Sage of this era really a weak chicken?

What did he rely on to survive? It seems that every age has him.

Don’t worry, there is time, you can torture slowly.

“brat, stop dressing up as God, playing the devil, who are you?”

Great Sage stared at Gu Huang, and couldn’t feel the slightest fluctuation in the source of his body, and the peace and security was really unsurprising, it was simply weird to the extreme.


He is hostile to old man, this person must know old man.

It seems that he was from the Zhuxia clan, but why don’t you know the old man?