Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1803


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“You dare to call me brat, blind your dog!”


“Trifling, an astrologer, dare to pretend to be Big Tailed Wolf in front of me.”


“Move my dísciple, frame its clansman, and cause the lineage to perish, who gives you the courage.”


“A Foreign Race, dare to intervene in my Human Race, courting death!”

Gu Huang silhouette shook, and it was already in front of Great Sage. The backhand was the big mouth drawn up, the Great Sage torn skin and gaping flesh with a straight fan, the facial bones collapsed, the seven orifices were bleeding, and it was directly thrown The ground.

At this moment, there is no sound from all directions and silence on all sides.

The two siblings of Ji Qingshan and Ji Qingyi were completely stunned. They didn’t know what they were talking about. You didn’t expect Your Majesty, who was elegant and gentle like a gentleman. It turned out to be so rude. He has a big mouth, and the object he draws is the Great Sage of the starry sky. Maybe the battle strength is not very strong, but his status is really high. All influence is to give some face.

When was Great Sage beaten like this before, and there was no way to fight back. How strong this mysterious Your Majesty is and what identity he has is simply indescribable.

Great Sage fell into his hands today, and it was truly a blood mold for eight lifetimes.

But it’s really fun, and it’s really fun. This is ten times more fun than slashing Great Sage.

Not very harmful, but very insulting!

Your Majesty is also a fierce person ah!


Xingkong Great Sage reluctantly stood up, fingered Gu Huang with trembling, completely frustrated, even if a face healed in an instant, it would be difficult to wipe out the humiliation in his heart.

He is a dignified Great Sage, not to mention in the original era, even in the future, he will be admired by all people.


What a humiliation to be slapped in public, it is simply extraordinary shame and humiliation.

If you don’t kill this child, what’s your face? How will you gain a foothold in Xiacheng in the future.

“ka cha!”

“Dare to finger me, are you humiliating me?”

Gu Huang silhouette stepped forward and directly broke the finger of Great Sage in the starry sky. The whole person was full of incomparable fierceness, and he was alive in the posture of a city hooligan. There was still a little bit of modest gentleman demeanor.

old bastard, it’s too cheap to kill you.

Don’t let you die from torture. I’m so sorry to let me go back to the original days.


“Old man is so painful!”

“The old man and your lacking hatred and enmity, why are you so humiliated, what do you want?”

Great Sage’s finger was broken, and he made a heart-piercing noise. Looking at Gu Huang, he was full of spiteful eyes. I wished it was broken into pieces. I have never seen such a barbaric and rude .

At least it is a Spiritual God level, but it’s like a gangster in the market. It’s really crude.

Extremely crude!

“old fellow, our hatred is gone, far away I won’t tell you anymore.”

“But just say this is near, kill me dísciple Race, how should this account be calculated?”

“I remember, you have clansman too!”

“Qingshan, where is this old bastard Race now hidden?”

Gu Huang’s palm folding fan slowly unfolded, gently waving, the whole person is completely elegant.

I have killed old bastard several times before, but he has never found his race.

This time, it happened to exterminate his dead race, completely making him disappear within all timelines.

Inside and outside of the Dead Ruins, apart from a few races, they are all enemies of Zhuxia Human Race.

“Your Majesty, Foreign Domain starry sky!”

“He also established the Divine Hall of the stars, but the Foreign Domain starry sky is the dojo of Paragon.”

Ji Qingshan didn’t dare to hide it, not even think, so he told everything about it. You have to know how strong the starry sky is through time Foreign Domain. Liluo Paragon is the king of the starry sky, although Divine Hall is the same as Liluo Paragon. It has nothing to do, but it belongs to Starry Sky Race after all. Once Your Majesty decides to take action against Starry Sky Race, Paragon will inevitably provoke.

“Foreign Domain starry sky? I will know it at a glance.”

“If Li Luo dare to stop, I will blow his head.”

“Found it! old bastard, do you know how desperate it is to die?”

“Tsing Yi, have you seen the fireworks blooming in the stars?”

After speaking, Gu Huang raised his head and stared into the void, and saw his arm plunge into the Vault of Heaven. The vast and infinite source power gathered and directly evolved a giant hand of terrifying gold with a length of 10,000 li. Shattered the layers of the void universe, pierced directly into the depths of Primal Chaos, and I did not know how many planes of gravity had been crossed, and landed on the incomparably distant Foreign Domain starry sky. The giant gold hand seemed infinite, and countless Great Stars were all in front of it. Like dust, only a super Great Star, half-green and half-yellow, was taken into the palm of the palm and dragged directly from the Foreign Domain into the void.

“No, no! Don’t ah!”

“Senior! I beg Senior be magnanimous, I did not destroy the Ji clan, but there is someone else in the secret mastermind.”

“The Dihong tribe, that is the sacrifice spirit of the Dihong tribe. It was she who secretly set up a bureau and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people from the Ji tribe, not only to revive the Young Emperor, but also to perform blood sacrifice techniques. Let a distant ancestor of Dihong tribe wake up.”

“Senior, I just follow the order, please let Senior let me Race, I am willing to atone for my sins.”

Great Sage saw the stars in the hands of its empty gold giant, and the whole person’s heart was cold, full of deep trepidation and anxiety. What Spiritual God Your Majesty is on the horse, clearly is a comparable to Paragon or Paragon, the supreme sage of Xiyan.

Far away in the endless void, grab the Great Star with bare hands…

He clearly believes that this era is a powerhouse that was born in Primal Chaos.

For such a monster that is almost invincible, how many people can suppress him in this primitive era, which is still in the desolate period.

Unless it is the Dharma ancestor who is bound by the sea of ​​source force.


“Oh! Old fellow, sorry, accidentally tried too hard.”

“Actually, I am doing it for your own good. It is so difficult to have a race. It’s better to grow old with unfailing eyes and ears alone, right?”

“Why? It’s heartache, desolate, and miserable? I can’t wait to dismantle me and smash me into pieces. When the clansman of my discipline was killed by you, did you think about today again.” p>

“The clansman of tens of thousands, there are only two people left. Now Heaven and Earth is big, but there is no place to live. He has to bear a blood debt for the rest of his life. I don’t know how desolate the rest of my life will be.

“People are doing it, the sky is watching, it’s not that they don’t report, the time has not come!”

“Justice and axioms may be late, but they will never be absent.”

“Qingshan, Tsing Yi, you remember what I said today, if people respect me one time, I will return him hundreds zhang, and if people deceive me, I will deceive him forever.”

“From today, I will officially accept you as disciples!”

Gu Huang stands with his hand in his hand, facing the void, dressed in a blue shirt, moving without wind. Although his words are calm, they are full of imposing manner of iron and blood.

Not surprisingly, in the future Human Race will have two more Martial Gods!

We are Zhuxia Human Race, not Zhuxia clan, some clans do not need to exist.

“disciple follows the Master’s teaching!”

Ji Qingshan and Ji Qingyi knelt and knock nine times, watching the brilliance created by the explosion of Star Explosion in the depths of Vault of Heaven, their hearts are full of worship for Gu Huang…