Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1804


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“Who are you anyway?”

Great Sage dishevelled hair, trying to roar, looks like a madman, watching the Star Explosion in the sky explode, the whole person is full of a deep sense of powerlessness, it is a kind of double despair originating from the heart and soul.

Ancestral Land!

Breaking with bare hands, hundreds of millions of clansman died, leaving only one lone person in the world.

Who is he?

Why is it so cruel and how overbearing it is!

“Heavenly Dao is a reincarnation!”

“Good and evil will be rewarded!”

“Don’t believe me, look up!”

“Who has God spared!”

“He who commits my crimes heavenly might, no matter how far away you are you will certainly be punished!”

“Those who are my children in summer will be saved even if they are far away!”

“Heaven and Earth Myriad Races, let’s fight if you don’t agree!”

Vast, mysterious, iron-blooded, Tyrant is full of endless terrifying voices that stir Heaven and Earth. In the depths of the endless sky, an infinite and giant Dharma image pervades out, vast, through time, and far-reaching, like the ruler of Immortal, Wandao divine light reflects the void and reveals thousands of atmospheres. It can be seen that a circle of light wheels like the sun of the sun emerge behind the dharma of the infinite giant. Each circle covers the universe of All Heavens, full of unrivalled unrivalled pressure.


Heaven and Earth roared, the void exploded, thousands of thunder swept across the top of the heavens, a touch of extreme throughout time, as if from infinite years ago, like the end of all origins, and the majestic aura that mastered the infinite mystery was intertwined.

I saw the manifesting nine mountains and nine waters reflected by the heavens, giving people a kind of incomparable stalwart and depth, like the power of the Supreme personality in the dark, staggered at the end of thousands of years.

“Nine-Nine Paragon…”

“Human Sovereign!”

“The Paragon, the most expensive Human Sovereign that governs the Four Seas of the world!”

“Zhuxia Human Sovereign……You are Zhuxia Human Sovereign……”

“How is it possible…Human Sovereign of Zhuxia has already fallen…”

Star Great Sage stared into the void, his face was full of deep horror, and he couldn’t believe his eyes. How could he not understand who was in front of him with his level and insight?

Even if the personality can be stolen, this splendid merit and destiny cannot be disguised.

Paragon is the most precious, dominates the Four Seas, the emperor above heaven under earth.

Nine-nine Paragon, Supreme personality!

Heaven, Earth and Human, the three in one, the three in one, the supreme emperor.

Chu Huang!

Or can be respected as the first emperor!

Zhuxia Human Sovereign, he is Zhuxia Human Sovereign, but who is it?

The Three Emperors, the Five Emperors, Chi You, or the Tenth Emperor Xu Hao.

No, no, not the ancestors of the summers above, but the emperor who did not know how many epochs earlier than them.

Is it…Is he from that legendary dynasty!

The source of the Human Race of Zhu Xia, once ruled the world, the Dayu Dynasty of Four Seas, is that not a legend?

“Human Sovereign……Master turned out to be Human Sovereign……”

“Master is Human Sovereign…”

Ji Qingshan and Ji Qingyi looked at the void in horror. They couldn’t believe their eyes. This Master turned out to be a legendary Human Sovereign, which was many times higher than the Young Emperor’s personality.

Have you been so scared to see Great Sage?

Master is actually the emperor of Zhuxia Human Race!

That Young Emperor is a fart, as long as the Master is willing, a word can destroy him.




In the Central Region of Xiacheng, a tripod, a sword, and a piano have broken through numerous restrictions, turned into a stream of incomparable mystery, and instantly descended into the void, surrounding Gu Huang’s face.

The bronze giant cauldron trembled violently!

gold Divine Sword Screaming Void!

The quaint long piano sonata Heaven and Earth!

The Emperor Qin!

Earth Sovereign!

Human Sovereign sword!

Zhu Xia throughout time The soldiers of the Three Emperors, which belong to the symbol of Zhu Xia inheritance, also represent the continuation of the civilization of Zhu Xia, but the soldiers of the Three Emperors are too broken, and their own civilization brand is even the fire of civilization Will also go out.


The descendants of the Dayu Dynasty originated from the Divine State above the heavens. However, endless years have passed and the cycle time and time again, the Zhuxia clan has long forgotten the past, forgotten their ancestors, and their own civilization.

A plate of loose sand, separate sides, split the destiny of Zhuxia Human Race. Since the chapter of Heaven and Earth ancient scroll, Zhuxia Human Race has never unified, whether it is the original, the ancient, the ancient, and the future.

Only the Great Qin Empire, unfortunately, was eventually annihilated in the long river of history.

Ji’s tribe, the pure Zhuxia Human Race, has almost been exterminated by the dead race. It represents that the soldiers of the Three Emperors are also in such a situation. It is conceivable how miserable it is, and it is almost impossible to ignite the mark of civilization. .

The soldiers of the Three Emperors were crying and screaming, complaining of the sufferings of the Human Race in the Eternal Era. However, it was suppressed by its Foreign Race, and its destiny was wiped out little by little.

Gu Huang peered into Xiacheng with a radius of 30 billion li through the law, and could not find a few real Zhuxia Human Races, all of them are native Human Races…Zhuxia is actually In name only.

Human Sovereign Nine Heads, what a cruel plot against ah!

Do you want to pass this method to completely wipe out my Zhuxia?

The place of origin!

Evil things!

One day, I will surely kill the others and keep them clean!

“Zhuxia Nine Heads, come and see me!”

Gu Huang’s vast and infinite voice filled the void, exploding with a vast terrifying power, the void Giant Dharma Manifestation endless destiny surged out, and the three Sovereign Weapons gathered in a flash. The artifacts of Heaven, Earth and Human 3 Sovereigns seemed to be destroyed Re-purification, renewed with great vitality, and Gu Huang directly included it in Heaven and Earth.

It is a surprise to get the Three Sovereign Weapon. Doesn’t it mean that Great Qin doesn’t have the weapon of civilization?

Then I forged a powerful weapon for a country in the original era.

Fuhuang, if you want to destroy my race, I will destroy you Heaven and Earth, then the war will begin.

“Zhu Xia Ji Ling, pay respects to Human Sovereign Your Majesty!”

“West Holy Spirit White Tiger, pay respects to Human Sovereign Your Majesty!”

Nine heads did not appear in Xiacheng. Instead, a White Tiger and a woman with a gold illusory shadow appeared. They were indeed the White Tiger, one of the sacrifice spirits of Zhu Xia and one of the all directions Saint Beast.

One tiger and one spirit were very nervous, and immediately moved towards Gu Huang and performed three kneeling and nine kowtows, not daring to make the slightest move, because this Human Sovereign Your Majesty who had never appeared before completely surpassed their expectations. Outside.

Nine-nine Paragon’s personality, Zhu Xia history has only one person, that is the traitor Luo Qingchen. Unfortunately, Luo Qingchen was not born as a son of man, but he smashed to the end with Zhu Xia, and eventually killed Zhu Xia’s core tribe. In desperation, the remaining races could only escape. I thought that the original era was a pure land, and there would be enough time for the Young Emperor to recover, and also to make the Clan of the Xia grow stronger, but a Paragon Human Sovereign emerged.

“Sacrifice to the spirit! Saint Beast……”

“It really is you two, where is Feng Qingning?”

When Gu Huang saw Ji Ling and White Tiger, he already knew that this lineage Zhu Xia clan came from. It was the descendant of Zhu Xia’s remnant that Luo Qingchen didn’t kill clean.

It should be said that it is not the remnants of Zhuxia, but the descendants of the Jiutou clan!

Zhuxia Human Race, there is no one in ten. Maybe the Ji clan is the last pure Zhuxia Human Race, but unfortunately it was cleaned up after all.

Come one step later, really come one step later, otherwise the potential of the Ji clan is enough to be his help in this era.

“Replying to his Majesty, the god Sir has been away for a long time, and she has gone back to the wilderness.”

“If Your Majesty wants to see God, I have an urgent way to summon!”

The spirit sacrifice restless, facing this supreme human Sovereign, I really didn’t dare to get lucky. He could grab the Divine Hall Ancestral Star with his bare hands. How terrifying is the power of this body, I’m afraid it’s not there. Dropped under Paragon.