Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1805


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“In front of me, who dares to be respected!”


Gu Huang stared at him, the terrifying brilliance converged into a gold flame, giving people a brilliance and inviolable coercion, instantly blending into the body of the sacrifice, and instantly like a pillar of fire.

Feng Qingning, the main body is really here, then 80-90% of the sleeping Young Emperor is that fuhuang child.


I used to be the legend, the king of all immortals. Shinto civilization also has a strategic withdrawal, dare to honor God in front of me.

“Your Majesty…I was wrong…Please Your Majesty for your life!”

The gold flame burned, and the sacrifice to the spirit seemed extremely painful. She herself was the gathering of the destiny of the Xia clans. She had never suffered such terrifying and terrifying torture. This fire is the fire of civilization, which can burn destiny up and down. Destroy civilization.

Who is this Human Sovereign?

Such a terrifying destiny represents a prosperous civilization, and even the three Sovereign Weapons have to kneel down.


Ah! The great calamity of the lineage of the Zhu Xia clan, based on this Your Majesty’s temper, will definitely not let the Young Emperor go. It is enough to show that the Young Emperor will definitely die.

“No, you are right!”

“It was me who was wrong, and it was too late for me to wake up!”

“Let you wait for the dove to occupy the magpie’s nest, slaughter my clansman, suppress the Sovereign Weapon of my clan, and cannibalize my destiny.”

“One of the eight lords who lost Heaven and Earth, a cronies of the Nine Heads, do you want me to continue talking?”

Gu Huang sounded like thunder, Heaven and Earth trembled, and there were thousands of Great Dao roars. Of course, the last sentence was sound transmission. After all, this matter really matters.

He does not intend to destroy the original Human Race, but also to fish out Fuhuang. Now he can almost know why Liluo died in battle and why Liyang became the patron of all living things, lonely and endless Epoch…

The Jiutou clan’s abundance, except for him, has no 2nd person anymore, which led to the destruction of the original era.

Unfortunately, it is destined to be impossible now, because I came fiend in human form.

“Your Majesty…”

Zhu Xia Ji Ling trembled, and his eyes were filled with deep horror. Its illusory shadow became more and more dimmed. Even the True Spirit was full of panic, and finally bowed down and knelt down. No amount of words.

He…has been understood!

After all, he was understood. Di Honghao has always been the body of Your Majesty.

Human Sovereign spent epoch after epoch, just to prevent the unification of all summers, reappears an existence comparable to the Heaven and Earth empire.

For a long time, when plot against Luo Qingchen fought with the Zhuxia clan, the Zhuxia clan almost died out. Today, the Zhuxia clan is already In name only.

The last pure-blooded Zhuxia tribe has been completely wiped out. The Zhuxia clan that survives today is already a Human Race from the lost Heaven and Earth.

I thought this secret would never be discovered, but it was revealed after all.

“Your Majesty, please forgive the spirit sacrifice!”

“The extinction of the Ji clan has another hidden story. It is not that we slaughtered clansman without saving it.”

“But we had to do this.”

White Tiger crawls on the ground, and Gold’s pupils are filled with infinite horror. As one of the all directions Saint Beast of the Xia clan, how can I not know the terrifying place of the fire of civilization.

The fire of civilization mastered by this Human Sovereign Your Majesty represents an extremely prosperous Human Dao era.

Heaven and Earth are respected together, Myriad Races acknowledge allegiance, a golden era belonging to Human Dao Yongchang.

The three ancestors, Sovereign Weapon, all kneel down, enough to imagine his origin and identity.

But to destroy the Ji’s tribe, we simply cannot be the master, because we are all forced.

“Good ah!”

“I’m going to come and listen, who actually forced you.”

“One of you is a spiritual sacrifice, a Saint Beast, enjoy my Human Dao destiny, and be enshrined by my people.”

“If you don’t protect the people of Human Race, that’s all, you actually killed the people.”

“It’s coming, and when it’s coming, give me a reason, do you think that the three emperors have died, and the five emperors have passed away, no one can suppress you.”

Gu Huang is so powerful, the mighty Supreme’s aura is crushed down, like is a Ruler from throughout time Immortal, who can set Heaven and Earth with every word and deed, and destroy Heaven and Earth.

In the original era of a disc of loose sand, all kinds of old yin ratios lurked, and it was him who should stir the situation.

Whether it is Liluo or Liyang, this era is still a weak chicken. It is time to attract some old Yinbi’s attention.

Because this is the best time and also the worst time.

“Your Majesty…we shall follow… the decree…”

“Exterminate the Ji clan!”

“The person who came to the decrees, we dare not say his name.”

In the end, the sacrifice of the spirit was unable to resist the burning of the fire of civilization. He knelt on the ground and shuddered to tell the truth, but even so, he still did not dare to say the name of the person who was decree. A big terrifying existence.

“Dare to say!”

“I see for myself!”

Before Gu Huang stepped into the silhouette of the sacrifice, the light of the soul emerged, instantly suppressing the spirit of the sacrifice, opening the memory in his soul like a cocoon.

The scenes are like movie scenes, one of which is a dead and gloomy void, like an abyss-like eternal darkness, only a giant black clothes big ball of light appears, countless unhindered, hundreds of billions of 10,000 li The tentacles extend, and there are chrysanthemum-shaped sharp teeth on each tentacles, unhindered staggered and swallowed countless Heaven and Earth, World, stars, all living things, and even Primal Chaos that is invisible to one party…

The picture disappeared at this point, but even if it was presented through the memory of the spirit sacrifice, Gu Huang felt extremely heart palpitations, because he had seen this big ball of light in black clothes.

Nine Provinces!

It is also the main body of the contaminated god, she unexpectedly appeared here.

Damn it, isn’t she dominating the downstream of time?

Lord of Infinite Heaven and Earth Space-Time, the god of all destiny.

The contaminated Lord God!

“Your Majesty…you have all…you saw…the existence…”

“Neither you… nor… he can resist… I am indeed unqualified as a spirit sacrifice…”

“The crime of cruelty to the people, I have no excuse…Your Majesty, no matter how to punish…I will bear it with all my strength…”

“I only hope that Your Majesty will not let the Young Emperor go alive…”

The sacrifice to the spirit is extremely timid, because he knows exactly what the thing in his memory is. He has already stealth into the dark void outside the original era, waiting for the day when the original era is destroyed.

Even if it is Human Sovereign Your Majesty, I dare not easily confront it!

This is also the biggest reason why the god Paragon Xiyan wants to open up Heaven and Earth.

This is an unstoppable enemy.

The Ji family is immortal, and it is these tens of millions of people who are destroyed.

In such an environment, what can we do?

“The strong word is unreasonable!”


The murderous aura biting cold in Gu Huang’s eyes, a divine light pierced through it, and the flame on the body of the sacrificial spirit soared hundreds of times. It was burned out on the spot, and even the spirit was obliterated.

The contaminated Lord God!

Interesting, maybe you can be an ally.

When I summon the 4th natural disaster, I will take your lord god sacrifice knife.