Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1881


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The twelve master rules, each master rule forms a rune of 1000 and 80. The eternal emperor fist formed is so terrifying, even though the eternal Young Emperor is from God.

For long years, endless epochs, I have fallen into eternal sleep.

The rules of the real world mastered are really not as many as the emperor has mastered.

The definition of powerhouse in the real world has never been a cultivation base, but a rule, rule, and source that depends on who masters each floor.

Thousands of Divine Ability, Martial Dao in all sorts of ways, in the end, it is still going to the point of different routes to the same destination.

The only real world, dominates 3000 universes and voids, billions of millions of Heaven and Earth.

If you don’t enter the real world, you will end up with ants.

The Sword of God!

Eternal Emperor Fist!

All are Supreme inheritance from God, but Supreme inheritance’s definition of power is to require power from the real world. Without the blessing of the power of the real world, it is ultimately just an emperor art.

But with the blessing of the rules of the real world, what will bloom will destroy the universe, collapse the void, and destroy the formidable power of Heaven and Earth.

For the emperor, Huang Old Demon has never been stingy. The Rule Power of 10,000 units of the real world not only allows the emperor to enter the quasi-ultimate, but also allows the emperor to master the power of the real world.

The only real world, Supreme is eternal.



The moment the fist seal collided with the sword light, a dazzling brilliance broke out. This light and dark realm almost collapsed, and the red silk appeared in a flash, the same two dark and dark chains Intertwined, if you look carefully, you will find that all are evolved from the power of the real world, forming the Divine Rule Chain.

At the moment when the pitch-black Divine Rule Chain entangled the eternal Young Emperor, a mysterious silver brilliance spilled out, intertwined with an incomparably bizarre vein, forming a giant horror web.

On the dividing line of black and white, the Big Black Brick turned into a huge incomplete monument, suppressed from outside the void of the universe throughout time, the power of that sky full of horrors, and the collapse of the light and dark realm They all seem to be forbidden.

“It’s you…”

“trifling defeated, dare to impudent in front of me.”

“In my name, summon eternal sky…”

The eternal Young Emperor looked terrified, apparently already recognizing the identities of the two objects in front of him, the next moment’s mouth was uttering extremely ancient syllables, like the sacrificial sound of Antiquity and the battle song of Immortal. , More like the funeral song of Heaven and Earth.


Big Black Brick evolves the Peak form eternal town monument, crushed with unparalleled horror, and forcibly exploded the body of the eternal Young Emperor, turning it into a sky full of blood mist, leaving only a fist sized Bright crystals.

Strongs of strange light refracted, the scattered blood mist and power gathered together, three immortal souls and seven mortal souls returned, and the True Spirit imprint reappeared. When the fleshy body gradually formed, the strange crystals would turn into a heart and return again. A moment of bit.

I saw the eternal Young Emperor stretched out a palm out of thin air, forcibly plundering the bright crystals, and instantly disappeared completely.

“no! ”

“Emperor…you despicable villain…”

“Dare to deceive…”

“The day when my body awakens… is the death date of Er Deng…”

“Father…why not respond to my summon…”

“I hate…hate ah!”

The source of the eternal Young Emperor’s power was plundered, and the regrouped body collapsed, the fleshy body collapsed again, and the three immortal souls and seven mortal souls were also annihilated, leaving only a spirit wandering.

But in the next instant, this spirit was taken away in an instant and disappeared directly into the universe.

The realm of light and dark collapsed, and the dividing line between black and white became extremely chaotic. Various powers, powers, authority, truth, and mysteries formed a terrifying void storm torn, and finally formed a terrifying black hole.

“The trend is over!”


Gu Huang’s voice is like ancient heavenly music, and it is instantly transmitted to everyone’s consciousness. The gold light and shadow man’s within the body emerges, waving all of them away, directly escaping into Gu Huang’s soul In the field, the body of Ji Ling and Feng Qingning and all the living things on the island were swallowed up by the black hole…

Since this battle, the light and dark realm has disappeared, and the loss of Heaven and Earth has also caused great turmoil. Of course, these are already something to be said. As for the original creator Huang Old Demon and his party, they have already escaped into the Wild Spirit. Ruins.

Before leaving, Emperor Suirenshi hadn’t forgotten to punch the black hole, and wiped all the traces of everything that happened in the light and dark realm. Of course, under this fist, the black hole was also completely wiped out.

Wild Spirit Ruins.

Suirenshi and Huang Old Demon came together with their silhouettes, both in a spiritualized state. When they looked at each other, they both gave out incomparable laughter.

“Brat, is there any wine? When drinking a hundred altars!”

“Call out those little fellows…”

The Emperor Suirenshi sat on the ground, feeling full of joy. Since the heavens collapsed and Divine State fell, he was alone on an expedition to a foreign land. The floating corpse did not know how many years, and it has been a long, long time since he had so much fun.

There are future generations like this, so why don’t you worry about revival, Divine State will surely regain its glory in the past.

Gu Huang rolled his sleeves, and straightly moved the emperor, Liyang, and Suiren out of Heaven and Earth, and appeared in front of Suirenshi. Liyang and Suirenshi didn’t even feel it. The emperor saw Suirenshi’s moment, his eyes changed from doubt, surprise, and finally excited.

“Liyang, plain eyebrows, hurry up and follow me to see Old Ancestor.”

“No, it should be Emperor Grandpa!”

“The ancestor of the Human Race of our summers, the earliest emperor, the first ancestor Suirenshi.”

The emperor immediately bowed and bowed, his expression was full of excitement. There is nothing more to be happy than seeing the emperor’s grandfather alive.

The earliest emperor, the first ancestor.


“Liyang (Xiyue) has seen Huangzuye!”

“Sumei pays homage to the emperor grandfather!”

Liyang and Sumei were equally respectful. After all, the emperor in front of me is too big. It can be said that he is the pioneer of civilization in Zhuxia. Without him, how could Zhuxia come from? civilization.

“No courtesy, little fellows from Kunlun!”

“Since God collapsed, Divine State has fallen, and it has become an endless market. Everything depends on you for support.”

“I must thank you!”

“Don’t be humble, don’t hide, what have you done? I can tell how much you sacrificed for your people at a glance.”

“The only thing I can’t see is Gu Huang brat. Okay, we won’t mention this today. This battle has been rewarding, but we can’t take it lightly. The eternal clan will return to the world for 3000. That will be a matter of time.” /p>

“Come on! Gu Huang brat, this is the origin of the Wild Spirit Ruins, and one of the five origins of Divine State. It will be handed to you today.”

“There are still many enemies. Divine State wants to recover. It is really too difficult and too difficult, but fortunately Zhuxia has you.”

“Follow your plan!”

“I will give you a seat in the Wild Spirit Ruins…”

Suirenshi, the ancestor of the emperor, took a photo with his bare hands, and saw a faint blue light projected from the depths of the Big Wild Spirit Ruins, which also formed a dazzling crystal, which fell straight in front of Gu Huang.