Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1882


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“Old Ancestor, after this battle, the light and dark realm has disappeared, and the barrier between the dead ruins and the lost Heaven and Earth has disappeared.”

“The Lost Heaven and Earth will once again become a part of the Dead Market. Of course, it originally belonged to the Dead Market. I think there will be many forces involved in it. Thirty Three Heavens, ninety-nine places, don’t need to think about it for the time being. Ancient Nine Heavens Ten The land will not intervene.”

“This is the 7th chapter of ancient history and the end era. The core of my plan is already there, but the timeline of the Dead Ruins, the original, the ancient, the ancient, and the future, is fragile.”

“I know Fuhuang very well. He will inevitably at all costs destroy the timeline of the Dead Ruins. Although I have arranged some back-hands in advance, it is difficult to stop Fuhuang’s counterattack.”

“Old Ancestor, Emperor Brother, where did the Fuhuang come from?”

“I don’t believe he is just as simple as Human Sovereign Nine Heads?”

Gu Huang proposed a few jars of wine, also sitting on the ground. He is very aware of the urinary nature of the wasteland, the light and dark realm has disappeared, and the fusion of the dead ruins and the lost Heaven and Earth is a matter of time, when the river of life and death once again penetrates At that time, all living things in the dead market will definitely benefit from it, and it will never be a solitary soul, unbound ghost.

Fuhuang is by no means as simple as the Nine Heads of Human Sovereign, there must be some unknown identity?

“Ancient brothers, I really don’t know the origins of Fuhuang. When the First Volume chapter of ancient history, he had worshipped the Shinto civilization.”

“At the time of the 2nd scroll of ancient history, he was the king of the place of origin of the Zhuxia civilization, and he was the king of the country of the bear. It can be said that he was the creator of the civilization of the Zhuxia.”

“The 3rd volume of ancient history he had opposed my Heaven and Earth empire, and the subsequent scrolls of ancient history have appeared, and he has been active in all ages of the death market. Who on earth do you want to say?”

“Just like Brother Gu, you are always a mystery.”

“But one thing is certain, and that is the identity of the Human Sovereign Nine Heads. He was the same as the emperor’s grandfather. That was the earliest one of the Three Sovereigns in our Divine State.”

Di is extremely serious and looked at Gu Huang. In the long years, he has not found Fuhuang’s identity, but everything stopped at the Human Sovereign Nine Heads, and there was no other information. .

Fu Huang, like Gu Huang, is mysterious to the extreme.

“That’s right, Human Sovereign is indeed the original one of the Three Sovereigns of Divine State.”

“I have seen the origins of Fuhuang, but whether it is Space-Time, River of Destiny, or cause and effect, it always stops at the Human Sovereign Nine Heads, and it will not be found any further.”

“Brat, what are you doing to check his identity? Although he Fuhuang has the name of Human Sovereign Jiutou, he is not the Jiutou I know.”

The emperor Suirenshi looked at Gu Huang with curiosity, wondering why he wanted to ask Fuhuang’s origin? After all, with the power they have now, they are no longer afraid of any party.

“Emperor Grandpa, Emperor Brother, things are not as simple as you think.”

“The name of the Three Emperors of Divine State throughout time can be used by others if they want, just like my name of fiend in human form.”

“This represents taboo, and it also represents the great horror.”

“Fuhuang definitely still has an unknown identity. Without checking this identity, I cannot rest assured to refining the closed loop device.”

“Old Ancestor, I want to gather the Spirit Ruins of Huanghuang and temporarily integrate into Heaven and Earth. Regarding the identity of Fuhuang, I want to check it myself.”

“In this battle, each of you will have something to gain. For the time being, go ahead firmly.”

Gu Huang holds the origin of the Wild Spirit Ruins and directly gathers Heaven and Earth, which is no less than the dead ruins, and directly integrates into the depths of Heaven and Earth, regardless of whether everyone agrees to it or not. Disappeared.

If I don’t find out Fuhuang’s identity, I’m always having trouble sleeping and eating.

Now Fuhuang is no longer a concern, but Fuhuang is an old yin ratio, I don’t know how many rounds have been laid.

Once the dog jumps over the wall, it will cause an indelible blow to the death ruins.

the thoughts got to this point, Gu Huang directly descended on the purple superstar with teleportation, amidst a huge palace, and he sat on the top of the golden throne, and in front of him stood an old silhouette. There is a picture of the collapse of the light and dark realm.

“The light and dark realm disappeared…what happened?”

“Huang Tian, ​​at all costs, check it out for me.”

Fu Huang stood up in pain, and the infinite coldness filled his eyes, giving people a kind of terrifying aura, like a terrifying wolf, it was hard to suppress the inner rage.

fiend in human form, again this damn bastard, scum, shameless.

Every time!

Whenever I meet him, there is no good thing, every time I am deflated.

Simply his nemesis.

“Your Majesty, restraint, calm down!”

“Unable to find out, someone blocked everything in the light and dark realm.”

“It’s going to change.”

The old man of Huang Tian incarnation seems very calm, and his eyes are filled with mysterious brilliance, which is simply unpredictable.

fiend in human form, Your Majesty’s lifelong enemy.

Your Majesty ah! Your Majesty, you defeated the emperor, ruined the civilization of Zhu Xia, and ruined the foundation of Zhu Xia.

It deprived the Human Sovereign of the name of the nine heads.

Once your real body is exposed, everyone will be liquidated.

“Can’t find it?”

“Since it can’t be found, then the dead market will be ruined.”

“From the beginning to the future, the timeline of Death Ruins will be completely broken.”

“Zhuxia Human Race, leave no one.”

Fuhuang gold’s murderous aura eyes are exposed, full of incomparable hideousness, like a prehistoric giant beast, giving a majestic oppression.

“Your Majesty, you cannot make mistakes.”

“Absolutely era, endless years, although we have destroyed the civilizations of the summer, if we really launch a war of death and extermination against them.”

“Thirty Three Heavens, Ninety-Nine Land will never sit idly by.”

“And don’t forget, if we lose Heaven and Earth but dare to do so, what will be the end result?”

“Hongmeng Forbidden Zone, but wish we could go to war now?”

“We want to use evil things as knives, not the other way around, and fiend in human form. Emperor, Liyang, and Liluo are all in the original era. How much do we have to pay to be able to Behead all these people.”

“Once something happened at the beginning, will the Celestial Maiden and the Empress of the Seven Wonders of the future, will they sit idly by?”

“Although the Great Qin Empire of the 2nd Civilization Festival was defeated, All Heavens Myriad Races caused much turmoil. Many races and civilizations were destroyed by Great Qin.”

“Your Majesty, my suggestion to you is to find fiend in human form for a truce, otherwise, with the shameless temperament of fiend in human form, you will definitely chase the lost Heaven and Earth.”

“Let them go and pinch each other in the Hongmeng Forbidden Area. Anyway, they are all traitors of Zhu Xia. They used to be allies with the Lost Heaven and Earth, but this is not what it used to be. Don’t be merciless when you should sell.” /p>

“Your Majesty, go and seek peace!”

Huang Tian also has his own considerations. No one knows better than him how ruthless Zhuxia Human Race is. For a belief and goal, he can fierce and unafraid of death for endless years.

In case, if it was the ancestor of the Divine State’s ancestor, the emperor, and somebody did not die.

What turbulence will it cause?

You Fuhuang are willing to gamble, but I am not willing to gamble.