Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1883


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“Sum, impossible!”

“If I fail, I will also be buried with the Death Ruins.”

Fuhuang suddenly raised his head, gold’s eyes were filled with infinite divine light, giving people a kind of terrifying will, like a immortal from the vast and ancient, full of biting cold infinite power.

“Your Majesty, confused, you are confused ah!”

“Today is different from the past. In the past, you and I joined forces to collapse the Heaven and Earth empire. Even though your long years have been laid out in each era of the Dead Market, don’t forget what is hidden in the deepest part of the Dead Market. ?”

“The Road to God, the last road to God in 3000 universe. If you dare to drag the death ruins to bury you, you will be crushed by countless creatures. The many sleeping existences of Heavenly Realm alone are far from what we can contend with.”

“Even when the time comes, even evil things will not join hands with us. After waiting for countless epochs and hundreds of millions of years, the road to the sky involves the interests of all the big races.”

“Since the Eternal era, the only person has been able to set foot in the deepest part of the Death Ruins.”

“For the sake of the people and this piece of Heaven and Earth, Your Majesty is not ashamed to go to seek peace.”

Huang Tian sighed deeply, because the matter had reached this point. When the light and dark realm disappeared, the Dead Ruins and the Lost Heaven and Earth were already connected. Originally, the Lost Heaven and Earth was part of the Dead Ruins.

It’s not shameful to lose to fiend in human form, a cruel stubble that has touched seven volumes of ancient history is really an old yin ratio.

This round is indeed defeated, but it is necessary to ensure that there is strength.

“Huang Tian, ​​I am fiend in human form, I value face in everything.”

“Once I go for peace, the lost Heaven and Earth will be liquidated. Others don’t know where I came from, don’t you know?”

“For so many years, you and I, Life and Death Together, have been here today.”

“Based on what I did to Zhuxia, do you think fiend in human form, emperor, Liyang, Liluo, Qijue, Empress, and Jinghong, who can really spare me.”

“If you go, you will die, but I am not afraid of death. What I am afraid of is that the creatures of Heaven and Earth will truly die.”

“They Zhu Xia can sacrifice everything for the sake of race and civilization, and I can also sacrifice for my own people, but the times are different…”

“At the end of the chapter, everything will come to an end.”

“Huang Tian, ​​follow the original plan!”

Fu Huang shook his head gently, and his facial features filled with deep helplessness, giving people a majestic and endless coercion, because this matter was really critical, and it was already indescribable.

Seven volumes of ancient history chapters, fiend in human form. What did Zhu Xia do? Does anyone know better than him?

Once upon a time?

He also made such sacrifices for his people, sacrificed, and rewarded everything, but there are really too many powerful enemies…

Too much, too much ah!

Too much I had to drag out an ignoble existence, and became the most annoying and despised existence in my life.

“Your Majesty, think twice! Once the plan is opened, there is really no turning back.”

“This move is not only to kill one’s own vitality, but also to Heaven and Earth All Living Things, all living things, the way to endless creatures!”

“By then, we will be the enemy of all living beings, even evil things will turn the gun.”

“Have you considered all of these?”

The old man of Huang Tian incarnation was stunned. It really didn’t expect that he was so vicious, and he really has reached this point. At all costs, is he going to ring the death knell?

As soon as the death knell rings, the era collapses and all souls are extinct!

The curtain of eternal darkness covers the world.

There will be unnamed creatures coming.

“Go! I will take care of everything, even if Heaven and Earth are really extinct, I will take Zhuxia to the funeral!”

Fuhuang golden eyes are filled with the extremely fierce aura, like the king at the end of the vast Eternal years, full of loneliness and sorrow, after all, things are really out of control.

It is impossible for Zhu Xia to return to his position.

The death knell, it’s time to ring.

The end of this ancient history chapter will be opened by myself.

fiend in human form, even heaven defying, and see how you fight against unnamed creatures in the depths of eternal darkness.

The final sacrifice!

Start with the civilization of your death ruins.

“hua la!”

“Fuhuang, can you give it a try?”

“Can Huang Tian get out of this great hall, or see if I can destroy your lost Heaven and Earth.”

In the empty, secluded golden palace, you can see Gu Huang’s silhouette spreading out, the palm of the folding fan is gently spread, waving slowly, quite has several points of cynical Second Generation posture.

Ma De, Fuhuang, this Yin Bi, really has a history, and even more success.

Just know that riding a horse is not that simple.

Human Sovereign is one of the first three ancestors of our clan. I dare to use this name. Today, this Young Master must dig out your ancestor eighteen generations.

“It’s you…”

“fiend in human form, how did you get in…”

Fuhuang and Huang Tian are both surprised, and then full of hostility, completely didn’t expect how Gu Huang got in, this is their core place…

“Fuhuang, I knew you were not that simple, but didn’t expect you to hide so deeply.”

“Human Sovereign Nine Heads, but one of the earliest three emperors of Divine State, you dare to use this name, I’m curious what your origin is?”

“Of course you don’t have to say, now this Young Master has nothing, but there is more time, we can slowly consume it.”

“And you Huangtian, I advise you, don’t think about running away, or telling who is coming, as long as you dare to leave the great hall one step, there will be a Star Explosion exploded immediately.”

Gu Huang’s folding fan in his palm closed gently, and there was a wicked smile on the whole person’s face. Now he has captured the bodies of Huang Tian and Fu Huang. As long as they dare to move, Suirenshi Old Ancestor Grandpa will talk to them well.

Of course there are Blue Sky, Blue Sky, Heaven and Swallowing Heaven Beast.

I believe it will tear Huang Tian from the inside out.

“Gu Huang, it’s useless. As an enemy, I despise your personality, but as the emperor, I admire your personality.”

“Seven scrolls of ancient history, you have dragged countless existences with one person, and returned the civilizations that have disappeared, but after all, they are still a group of solitary souls, unbound ghosts inferior to the ghosts.”

“The destruction of all summers is a foregone conclusion. The great civilization ceremony begins with the meeting of all summers.”

“In this era, but the last sacrifice, you have no chance. Even if you kill me, it will be useless.”

At this moment, Fu Huang was calm enough. Fiend in human form seemed to be his nemesis, but any encounter with him didn’t get much cheaper.

But what about this?

Before the general trend, personal power was too small, even the ultimate creature would eventually die.

The death knell will ring after all.

“No chance, just fart!”

“Fuhuang, you hide in this small corner, thinking that you can clearly understand the general trend of Heaven and Earth, and you really think that you are the only one who will make the layout.”

“The big festival began with my Zhuxia, I think you really did not wake up!”

“My Zhu Xia will also visit Supreme and set foot in the only real world.”

The folding fan in Gu Huang’s palm closed in an instant, and the whole body was filled with coldness and fierceness, but it seemed confident.