Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1884

“Huang Tian, ​​you are not a fool, you might as well perceive it carefully.”

“Let’s see if that thing still exists.”

The folding fan in Gu Huang’s palm slowly closed, and a cigar emerged from the palm of his palm, slowly lit it, and gently exposing a puff of smoke ring, giving a very mysterious posture.

Fuhuang ah! Fuhuang, I’m going to fix your head today.

With the three-inch tongue of this Young Master, I can say you die once, and naturally it can be 2nd times.

“It disappeared… how could it be possible?”

“Fiend in human form, what exactly happened? Or what did you do?”

The old man of Huang Tian incarnation closed his eyes, but opened it again in a short time. Unmatched terrifying coercion broke out, and he moved towards Gu Huang questioning.

Weird! It’s weird.

The arm is gone, and it disappears cleanly.

How is this possible?

Damn it, really hell.

That thing has been entrenched for many years. Since the collapse of God, Divine State has been entrenched, how could it disappear for no reason.

On the top of this world, who can kill that thing silently, the place of origin, Thirty Three Heavens, or the ninety-nine place.

Impossible, all impossible, these regions have their own crises, and the ancestors and the thing everyone minds their own business, only the Divine State summers are irreconcilable with that thing.

Is it killed by…

“Huang Tian, ​​dare I say, do you dare to listen?”

“Fuhuang, the same is true for you.”

“If you dare to listen, I don’t mind telling you.”

Gu Huang took a deep breath of cigarette, half-squinted his eyes, gently shook the beautiful woman in his hand and let out a fan, with a cold smile on the corner of his mouth.

With the two of them, I’m afraid I don’t have the guts to listen.


“What a fiend in human form, what a fiend in human form ah! Regardless of the law and of natural morality, absolutely unrestrained.”

“World has nothing you dare not do, and no people you dare not kill.”

“Your Majesty, we lost!”

Huang Tian sighed helplessly. He felt horrified about fiend in human form involuntarily. He was really a madman regardless of the law and of natural morality. There was no need to pursue this matter anymore.

It is his fiend in human form dominance, except that he doesn’t have the courage of 2nd person.

Just what the origin of this fiend in human form is.

“Did you lose…?”

“Gu Huang, really didn’t expect you to come to this step, I admit that I caught a glimpse of you.”

“But it is still useless. Although you killed that thing, there is still more terrifying existence.”

“Even if I don’t ring the death knell, the death knell will sound at the end. It will be the end of all living beings. No one in the world can live.”

“The matter of the world, everything rotates, this is an eternal fixed number.”

Fu Huang stepped back a few steps and slumped on the golden throne, seeming to be a discouraged ball. Although he was extremely reluctant to admit his failure, he failed in the end.

Although I don’t want to admit it, I have to admit that Zhu Xia is no longer the one before.

“Set the number, shit! Who dares to set the number of my fate.”

“I am not dead, who dares to destroy Zhuxia, who dares to move my people.”

“Fuhuang, your layout and calculation ability is unparalleled in the world. My great emperors, Paragon, and Human Sovereign have all been defeated by you. Unfortunately, you have no courage.”

“I, Zhu Xia, have always believed that man will conquer the sky, not the sun!”

“A good man, dignified 70 feet body, he is in a corner. He dared not shine his sword on Myriad Races, but he made a devastating blow to Zhu Xia who is also Human Race lineage.”

“This lost piece of Heaven and Earth, are all your descendants!”

“Back then, you used the bloody destiny to destroy the Heaven and Earth empire. Today I can also follow your actions, but I don’t know if your loss of Heaven and Earth can stop my anger?”

Gu Huang gently squeezed out the cigar, his eyes sharpened suddenly, like a king of the eternal Immortal, the recovery from the end of the endless blood, with destruction and killing.

“Shut up, Gu Huang, I admit that I have destroyed Zhuxia Daxing and separated from the emperors of the past, but I have never performed a devastating blow on you Zhuxia.”

“Perhaps I am a shameless villain in your eyes, but I was also the king of the bear country, one of the creators of the civilizations of the summer, the Human Sovereign Jiutou.”

“I may be biased, but I have never really killed any vulgar and innocent descendants of the summer.”

Fuhuang suddenly stood up. He could endure his own failure and his own demise, but he would never admit that he had killed the people of Zhu Xia, because the nature of the two was fundamentally different.

The conquest among the cultivationists will never involve the mundane world. This is an unwritten rule.