Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1885


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“Enough, Fuhuang, don’t talk about rhetoric here. You are also a dignified Human Sovereign Paragon. If you have the courage to do it, don’t you have the courage to recognize it?”

“I don’t count the accounts before this volume of ancient history with you, I only count the accounts in front of you. In the past, you and Xu Hao incarnation blocked my discipline in Nine Provinces, dare to say you didn’t kill anyone.”

“Fuhuang, this Young Master has seen shameless, and never seen you so shameless.”

Gu Huang folded his palm fan and pointed to Fuhuang in front of him. He spurted wildly on the spot. Anyone who has seen shameless has never seen such shameless. It is really shameless to the extreme.

At this moment, I dare to say that I have never slaughtered the people of Zhu Xia.

One pile, one old thing, really want to plot against it, it is enough to get rid of the wasteland.

“Whether you believe it or not, I have never done it before. Although I hate the Heaven and Earth empire, I also have my own bottom line.”

“You are fiend in human form for Zhuxia’s birth and death, and I am also fighting for the creatures of Heaven and Earth.”

“You and I are in different positions and act differently. You are not qualified to blame me.”

The depths of the golden eyes of Fuhuang are filled with fierce aura, just like the king of is a Immortal heaven, which makes people tremble and fear in the depth of one’s soul…

“Okay, this Young Master is too lazy to wrestle with you. In short, you owe my blood debt to Zhuxia Human Race.”

“Now you have two paths in front of you, either I summon the Great Qin Empire, and start a battle of the dead race against you lost Heaven and Earth.”

“Either you die alone!”

Gu Huang stared at the abundance in front of him, his eyes exuded infinite cold aura, like a master from the vast sky.

Fuhuang, must die once.

He has to die once anyway, he won’t die once, sorry Brother.

But after Fuhuang died, it had another great use.

It just depends on Fuhuang’s unwillingness to agree, and Huang Tian does the same.

“Gu Huang, let my people go, I leave it to you.”

Fuhuang did not hesitate at all, but chose to die by himself to protect the people who lost Heaven and Earth, because he had exhausted the cards in his hand, even if he went to fight back, but only one fiend in human form , You can sweep everything in front of you.

Lost Heaven and Earth can have today, it is countless years of recuperation, and can no longer withstand any toss.

Long epoch, endless years, the cycle of times until now, escape from one market after another, and finally got the situation today.

“Dying for the people is a bit of a responsibility.”

“Huang Tian, ​​and you!”

“I also owe my disciple a life, how do you plan to repay it.”

Gu Huang stepped foot in front of Huang Tian, ​​his expression full of oppressive aura, like Immortal Swallowing Heaven Beast of Great Desolate throughout time.

Huang Tian will die, and Fuhuang will die too.

I’m not dead, I’m sorry to any emperor in the past.

But as an old saying, they are still useful after death.

“fiend in human form, you promise not to harm this piece of lost people of Heaven and Earth, then I, like Your Majesty, leave it to your disposal.”

The old man of Huang Tian incarnation sighed slightly, moving towards Gu Huang is a cup one fist in the other hand. After all, this matter is really important. This lost Heaven and Earth has a great bearing on their survival. relationship.

Even if you are slain today, as long as the lost Heaven and Earth is still there, then one day, you will always be able to return.

But the lost Heaven and Earth are destroyed, they will never return.

Today they are impossible to die, because the cause and effect they owe Zhuxia Human Race is too great.

“tsk tsk! This Young Master is really curious, and abandoning life to protect the people, this is also the past.”

“But Huang Tian, ​​you can be so reckless, thinking that in the Heaven and Earth empire, you turned the emperor, no one is more diligent than you.”

“The world only lost Heaven and Earth as a part of the dead market. Back then, it was broken by the 3rd Paragon in the Hongmeng Forbidden Area, and the river of life and death was forcibly separated from the dead market, but I knew that the lost Heaven and Earth never belonged to me. Ruins.”

“If I guessed correctly, the lost Heaven and Earth also came from God! And you Huang Tian is so willing to die, I continue to guess that this universe is the birthplace of your Huang Tian, ​​or more accurately It is said that it is the birth domain of the six heavens.”

“God collapsed, Divine State fell, you are also transformed by a piece of debris that God fell, and you should have seen my human Sovereign ancestor in the wild, and it is his Senior who bestows you the name of Jiutou.”

“But you Fuhuang is full of resentment towards Divine State Zhuxia, so you have disturbed my Zhuxia revival time and time again, and you would rather become the knife of Myriad Races.”

“In other words, the lost Heaven and Earth is immortal, and you may return after all.”

“Am I right?”

Gu Huang closed the folding fan gently, watching the two people in front of them have a bit of coldness in their eyes, full of cold and ruthless will. Of course, these are just inferences, but the truth is also seven- eight out of ten.

The Emperor’s Ancestor returns!

In the battle of the light and dark realm, someone secretly shielded everything, who is that one?

That is to say, the ancestors of Divine State in the past, there are still people living in the ancestors.

“It’s worthy of being a fiend in human form. Although it’s not all right, it’s not far away.”

“Yes, the name of the Nine Heads is indeed given by the ancestor of Divine State Human Sovereign. Unfortunately, his Senior has died during meditation. I and Divine State Human Race, but I am also grateful to Human Sovereign.”

“Otherwise, since this long epoch, I have only been incarnation to the death market. Although I have disturbed Zhuxia Daxing, I don’t at all kill to the last one.”

“Heaven and Earth here comes from a fragment of God, but it is also transformed into a ruins. In order to survive, I have to merge with the ruins of the dead. Huang Tian has always been the sky we admire.

“This fragment is indeed the domain evolution of the six-day birth…”

Fuhuang sighed leisurely, telling the cause, effect and origin. If it weren’t for the reason of the ancestor of Human Sovereign, the Jiutou clan, Zhu Xia would have been obliterated.

I hate Zhuxia and I am grateful to Zhuxia!

“The last question, who are you in Fuhuang?”

Gu Huang stepped closer to him, looking at Fuhuang with a fierce expression. You must know that the cultivation base has reached this level. Whether Fuhuang is a lie or the truth, you can tell instantly.

“My real name, don’t tell me!”

“If one day, you can ascend to God.”

“That is when you know everything, now you can take my life away.”

Fu Huang once again sat paralyzed on the golden throne behind him, his expression unchanged, only to beg for death.

When things have changed at this step, there is no chance of a turnaround.


Just riding a horse is a joke, the countless emperors of Zhuxia Human Race, Paragon has returned.

Just one person, fiend in human form, can sweep.

Just die!

Protect all people.

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