Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 1999


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At this time, Gu Huang took the sleeping Vanessa into the System Space, confined it in a void, and arrived at the Primal Chaos fortress in the deepest part of the space.

“Commander Sire!”

“The unknown Power of Darkness is being calculated, and it takes time to guess.”

“But the attribute of the unnamed dark power in the calculation has been calculated to have a comprehensive erosion, physique, soul, and energy for all living things, and carry out an unstoppable pollution.”

“Soul Seal, Life Source…”

“This is a twelve side of the universe higher than 3000, and all existing power systems.”

The holographic projection of Primal Chaos Goddess appeared next to Gu Huang. Even Gaia who used to be Earth, who pioneered the technology side, Eldest Young Lady of the Star Empire, has also changed in the face of this power outside the authority. It is unable to do anything, all that can be done is to do everything possible to calculate.

“Primal Chaos Goddess, take a look at this first.”

After that, Gu Huang waved his hand in the void and a picture was reflected, and what was revealed was the battle between the heroic soul of the expeditionary army and the dark giant dragon, directly using the unnamed dark power as a tonic.

“Commander Sire, could this Legion be the hero of the Great Qin Expeditionary Army in Nine Provinces Space-Time Secret Realm.”

“They are not afraid of the unnamed dark power, but they can turn it into their own use. It is an amazing discovery.”

“Commander, I request to study them immediately, maybe we can analyze them faster.”

Primal Chaos Goddess was shocked on the spot. You must know that the terrifying of the unnamed dark power involves a higher level duel. It comes from mysterious and unpredictable authority, and the expeditionary army is not afraid of this mysterious from authority. Strength, doesn’t it mean that the expeditionary army contains substances with higher authority than the dark virus?

“Primal Chaos Goddess, this is the reason why I am looking for you. I take a source from the soul of the heroic soul of the expeditionary army.”

“Do everything possible to analyze it, and find the spicy chicken system if you need it.”

“Even if the source of Immortal World is used, it must be resolved.”

“I think the existence of the unnamed dark power is likely to be related to the upcoming Tribulation of Eternal Darkness.”

Gu Huang knows that the Eternal Darkness Catastrophe is definitely not a nonsense spread by all living things. Even the Emperor of False Death is very afraid of it. Can you imagine what it will bring when it comes?

“Yes, Commander Sire, it’s time to talk about personal affairs after talking about official business.”

“I don’t know how far your mind-guidance, Commander, has reached. The Star Empire has been cultivation to the eighteenth order.”

“But the nineteenth-order gene lock can’t be opened anyhow, it seems that our way has been broken.”

Primal Chaos Goddess holographic projection sounded, and the beautiful and alluring face was full of seriousness. You must know that Psychic Guidance is the foundation of the Starlight Empire and the key to the 7th Fleet’s survival.

“Primal Chaos Goddess, you are building a data model based on me. I only broke through to the eighteenth level. You want to open the gene lock first. How can there be such a cheap thing.”

“It’s a pity that my main body has fallen asleep. When my main body recovers, maybe it’s time for you to turn it on.”

“I thought it would be on the magic side of Heaven and Earth, maybe I could reach the ultimate day, but I absolutely didn’t expect the hidden water of Heaven and Earth on the magic side to be deeper.”

“This is all the information I have so far…”

Gu Huang recounted all the recent events, especially related to the once super Magic Empire, a brilliant civilization, the disappearing Celtic Empire.

But there is always one thing I don’t understand. If Celtic Magic Empire is really that strong, it is known as the diversified One of the Overlords.

Why does the future Celtic Empire have no path to magical promotion?

“Commander Sire, if nothing happens, you have a 99.99% chance that you will be plotted against again.”

“The long seven-volume chapter of ancient history, Heaven and Earth on the magic side, has never entered a pluralistic empire, and there has never been a Celtic empire.”

“There is absolutely no hidden empire. The Heaven and Earth empire of the emperor, and my starry empire, were once the diversified One of the Overlords.”

“There has never been such a Magic Empire in our memory. If there is such an empire, even if it is completely destroyed, then there must be a record in the secret technique association.”

“And all that exists here are historical ghosts, Commander Sire, at the Heavenly Dao level, as long as he is willing to open up a big world, it is not difficult, let alone the trivial matter of creating historical ghosts.”

“If you want to unlock all the secrets, please Commander Sire must stare at one person, that is Evelyn.”

“I have met her in Heaven and Earth, and once she came on behalf of Sacred Domain.”

Primal Chaos Goddess holographic projection is extremely serious, because there has never been any recorded Magic Empire. Even more how is the Celtic Empire related to Gu Huang, it is clearly a scam.

“On behalf of Sacred Domain?”

“Primal Chaos Goddess, many thanks to understand, I already have a way to deal with her.”

“The non-existent Celtic Empire, what do you want to do Evelyn?”

“Being right again and again, again and again, do I really have no way to suppress you?”

Gu Huang’s eyes were filled with a cold killing intent, because from the beginning to the end, he never believed in Evelyn, nor did he believe in Xiu. From today, the naughty little girl took himself as a bait and ran away. It is enough to prove that she has other purposes.

“Commander Sire, there is one more thing I have to remind you, wherever you set foot, will follow your footsteps and solidify into real history.”

“Even if you return to the Europa continent now, this historical shadow will accompany you to merge into it and form a part of the Europa continent.”

“Perhaps Evelyn’s real purpose is to re-emerge, and you are the only one who can do it.”

“Because of the passage you built, I can descend from the real history, and the 2nd volume of ancient history chapter, the magic side Heaven and Earth has disappeared.”

“Perhaps as the commander you deduced the truth, this place will be reduced to a dark trial ground.”

“Even Evelyn still has bigger plans brewing. Anyway, there is absolutely nothing wrong with staring at her. She is simply a domestic slave with three surnames.”

Primal Chaos Goddess is full of serious analysis, but these are just speculations, and there is still no real enough evidence. Without these evidence, it is simply impossible to find the truth.

What is the truth?

is to exclude all impossible, often the most incredible, it is the truth.

“Guye, Primal Chaos Goddess, come quickly!”

“This system deduced the other end of Transmission Array, do you know where it leads to?”

“Low latitude…”

The sound of the spicy chicken system came over, and it was also full of horror…