Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 2066


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The words of Primal Chaos Goddess made Gu Huang’s heart suddenly clear, but he did not approve of doing so. Knowledge and intelligence can indeed maximize the benefits.

At the same time, it will also plunge itself into crisis, whether it is life spiritual liquid or life Spirit Crystal, it is a non-renewable top resource.

High position exists!

To kill spokesperson once for a group of existences that are temporarily unable to contend is meaningless. The best way is to solve the drawbacks from the root cause.

One mark, equivalent to one life, Yunxi alone has 108 marks.

You can imagine how much the existence behind her will be.

High position is equal to detachment. Every spokesperson is equivalent to work for at least ten bosses at the same time. 3000 all living things in the world are all puppets.

The dark and unknown power of the Magical Era is a virus-like existence, and it has destroyed the entire magical side.

It seems that the unknown Power of Darkness is probably not a virus in the true sense.

Obviously, Heaven and Earth on the magic side was a real hardest hit area, and the only source of information about the unknown power of darkness was the Dark Ancestor, one of the five ancestors of Origin.

Maybe, it seems, the unknown Power of Darkness…

“Primal Chaos Goddess, do you remember the unknown Power of Darkness witnessed by historical ghosts on the magic side?”

Gu Huang’s inner mind was born with the idea that one that can kill the spokesperson without letting the spokesperson find his own way is nothing more terrifying than the power of the unknown.

“Boss, of course I remember!”

“My sub-system is still calculating the composition of unknown Power of Darkness.”

“Don’t you want to…”

Primal Chaos Goddess is so clever, it means comprehended Gu Huang in an instant, but even if she is also sucked in a cold breath, such a crazy idea, really only Boss dares to do it.

“Primal Chaos Goddess, don’t be so surprised. When I was in the shadow of history on the side of magic, I thought this Power of Darkness was a virus to all living things.”

“But since I know that all living things are marked, this kind of Power of Darkness is probably not just a virus, it is likely to be a cleansing of all living things, and even enough to be a revolution.”

“I got an information there. The source of this Power of Darkness comes from the Dark Ancestor, one of the five origin ancestors. Obviously, the place of origin is not nothing done, and I know the essence of many things.” [19459002 ]

“This Power of Darkness is indeed terrifying, full of corrosive, polluting, predatory, and even the main god has been polluted, but is it possible that the main god who is polluted is the real main god?” [ 19459002]

“If I parse out this Power of Darkness and use it to kill spokesperson…”

“What do you think?”

Gu Huang knows very well how vast the void of the 3000 universe is. In addition to the twelve major sides of the mainstream, there are also countless professionals with a variety of weird abilities, and the dark unknown power is enough to come out on one side.

Although I have mastered the principles and principles of the Supreme Multiverse, it comes from the original 33 sides, but how many subordinate branches are on each side. There are fairy, demons, gods, monsters, ghosts on the cultivation side alone. Wu, etc…

“Boss, that kind of unknown Power of Darkness terrifying is so terrifying that it can be resolved naturally by your means, but do you have that much time?”

“The situation of the Universe Alliance is imminent, the surface is peaceful, and secretly open strife and veiled struggle, although the core of the Star Empire has been withdrawn with Great Qin.”

“Boss, Great Qin Empire is impossible to hide forever. One day, I will come out. Even though the empire can wipe out 3000 universes, there is even more powerful existence on it.”

“Great Qin has a very strong overall strength and can fight any side, but we lack the top battle strength, Thirty Three Heavens, the ninety-nine land, the ancestors of the origin, are all true spirits above twenty-four leaves. Existence.”

“Ancestral Dragon Your Majesty double body is one, it is only twelve leaves True Spirit, the emperor and the three are one, it is also this level, even if it is our Emperor Chen and Emperor Yue, the limit is impossible to exceed the true spirit of eighteen leaves .”

“The eternal dark catastrophe is approaching, the forces of all parties are very restrained, but they will start soon, and there is also the river of life and death, Sacred Domain, Eternal Heaven country, who is wrong with Great Qin glare like a tiger watching his prey.” [ 19459002]

“Boss, we still need to keep going, we really can’t waver, after all, our background is not enough.”

“Unless you set foot in the third rank of the 20th and at least promote the twelve-leaf True Spirit, the Great Qin Empire can be born, so the inheritance crystal in the ancient tomb that Chen Vice Alliance Lord fought for is very important.” [ 19459002]

“Whatever the cost, it must be captured!”

“For Great Qin, for Earth, but you must never expose yourself to danger.”

Primal Chaos Goddess warned, he knew very well the madness of his own Boss, if he really forced out his fierceness, there would be no scum that would destroy the entire Universe Heavenly Kingdom Alliance.

“Don’t worry! I’m not that stupid. I don’t have to be in a hurry for promotion to the cultivation base. I will solve the current dilemma first.”

“Primal Chaos Goddess, are you here to support Chen Old Demon.”

“If so, as the supreme commander, I will order you to roll back.”

“We have to deal with the affairs of the magic of the universe. You have just been promoted to all Sovereigns, and you have only mastered the power of the cultivation side, the magic side, and the mind side.”

“Don’t move rashly. With me here, no one can make waves.”

“Leave the matters of the spokesperson to me, then you will help me stabilize the alliance situation, and I really need a trustworthy person to help me deal with these trivial matters.”

Gu Huang think about it or let Primal Chaos Goddess stay, after all, she is a super SmartBrain, it is easy to handle these things, after all, she has been in charge of an empire.

“Boss, I came here for this purpose, but I don’t know how far to do it.”

“With the authority of my 3rd Speaker, there are only part of things that can be in charge, but if you give me authorization, within three months, I will turn the Alliance of Heaven into a monolith.”

“You are here, I can rest assured!”

Primal Chaos Goddess also has the urge to do a big job, after all these things have reached this point, it is simply a mess. Before the Boss was not there, and I could not let go, but now the Boss is here…

“No, no, no, Primal Chaos Goddess, you only need to help me stabilize the situation without excessive interference.”

“Simply speaking, it is to stabilize the territory where the Star Empire branch is located.”

“Other speakers and civilized areas, you only need to maintain stability.”

“Everyone sweeps the snow on their own door, and don’t care about the frost on others!”

“Remember what I said, I went to meet the spokesperson Alicia, dare to use me as a monkey.”

After saying that, Gu Huang’s silhouette disappeared instantly, and she didn’t care about Primal Chaos Goddess anymore. After all, she had her suggestions, but whether to adopt them or not is another matter.