Unparalleled Villain System Chapter 2067


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45th floor, apartment No. 117, Star Empire branch.

Silently, the silhouette of Huang Old Demon appeared behind Alicia, while Alicia with silver hair and red eyes still played the role of customer service. Dozens of light screens were full of opinions from different customers. Complained, but Alicia still ignored it.

“Little girl, is it pretty leisurely?”

Gu Huang said abruptly, the whole person was full of smiles.

“pu tong!”


Alicia heard the sound, and fell to the ground with a chair in fright, looking at Gu Huang timidly, full of panic and anxiety.

“Little girl, don’t be nervous, I didn’t come to you to settle accounts.”

“Anyway, you are also quite free. Come out with me for a walk.”

Gu Huang stood with his hands in his hand, he tried his best to behave calmly and gracefully, trying to make himself look less afraid of others.

“Sir, it is my honor.”

Alicia’s red eyes were surprised at first, and then revealed extremely elegant etiquette. Naturally, this big shot’s request must be satisfied as much as possible.

I have already missed an opportunity, this time I will not miss it.


“Let’s go!”

After that, the silhouettes of the two have disappeared. When they reappear, Gu Huang has already taken Alicia to the already-destroyed 36th district of the Nuoers. Although the Nuoer civilization has been rebuilt, but The lost life will never come back.

Gu Huang stood in front of the ruins of the 36th district. It was a long silence, only sighing and smoking one after another.

“Sir, take the liberty to ask, do you have any concerns?”

Alicia spoke out cautiously. After all, such a super big shot is not easy to serve. If it offends him, it may happen.

“Yes, and no!”

“I’m just lamenting how fragile life is, and a civilization can’t even shelter its own people. Such a civilization is undoubtedly sad.”

“But compared to the destruction of being destroyed, the controlled and enslaved civilization is more pathetic, but the saddest thing is that these enslaved civilizations do not know at all.”

“All things come and die, the four seasons alternate, this is the natural rule of Heaven and Earth, but life and death are involuntary, there is no order, no rules, there will be disasters!”

“That’s all, what did I say to you, a little girl? Walk around with me! Take a look at this heavenly alliance, maybe it will not exist soon.”

Gu Huang pinched out the cigarette and sighed slightly. The whole person was filled with deep helplessness.

Little girl, are you just like Lilia? Only under certain conditions will the mark on you recover and another personality will awaken.

“Sir, I don’t know what you mean very much, but Sir, have you misunderstood something?”

“Rules and order have always been formulated by powerhouse. Only the weak will follow the order and rules, and the real powerhouse will never be trampled on.”

“The existence of enslavement, control, and even unawareness may seem sad to us, but it is also not a kind of happiness.”

“It is meaningless to resist, it is simply futile. After all, not everyone is like Sir you, nor is any civilization like Great Qin.”

“Both you and Great Qin can be called Legendary. There has never been a person, a race, an empire, or a civilization that can come to this day by itself.”

“Elapsed from the extreme brilliance, and returned from the endless ruin.”

“Sir, you and Great Qin are worthy of all our living things.”

At this moment, Alicia’s red eyes were filled with a strange brilliance, and there seemed to be infinite ancient symbols looming, which greatly changed her temperament and words and deeds. It was obvious that Alicia, who knew nothing, was already not in. , But the spokesperson of a high lord.

“You are not Alicia, who are you?”

“With that little girl, I can never say these things.”

Gu Huang’s eyes became more vigilant, did the personality under the mark revive? Sure enough, as Chen Old Demon said, a nine-leaf ultimate creature.

“Dear fiend in human form, please allow me to reintroduce it, I Alicia * Karashoshchenk * Saint Clare.”

“You can call me Alicia or Claire, you have already contacted Lilia, and you must know that we are who.”

“Mian, you asked me out alone, don’t you already know who I am?”

“So, what do you want to do?”

Lilia’s temperament and demeanor have changed a lot. If she was just an ignorant girl before, she is now a Paragon powerhouse.

fiend in human form, it’s not easy to deal with ah!

The slut of Xingyu has already contacted the Great Demon King in advance, and I don’t know what he promised.

It seems that the identity of our twelve spokespersons has been thoroughly exposed.

It’s just that even if the secret fiend in human form is understood, what changes can you make.

“Alicia, no one has ever dared to play me Gu Huang as a monkey, and no one has ever dared to slap me in the face in public.”

“And you have done it all.”

“Guess what I would do?”

Gu Huang stood with his hands in his hands, with an extremely peaceful smile on his face, and he seemed to be the king from throughout time Immortal.

“Men, you can’t do this, you can’t do it?”

“You are a wise man, but also a pioneer. If you really want to do this, it will bring disaster to your civilization.”

“Of course I don’t doubt your determination and will. If you want to kill someone in human form, there is a way? Even if I have supreme existence behind me.”

“But you will be watched by the existence behind me. This is the least cost-effective business.”

“In order to express my apologies and to express my sincerity, I am willing to tell you a secret to Mianxia.”

“I don’t know what do you think of it?”

Alicia is a little frightened. It is not that she is afraid of fiend in human form, but that her identity as spokesperson is immortal in nature, but facing others, but facing fiend in human form, who knows What means will there be.

“Alicia, I heard that you have twelve spokespersons. Do you think this thing can buy you a life.”

“How many times have you been marked, ten times, twenty times, thirty times, or a hundred times, the power of the bosses behind you is not endless!”

“You are resurrected once, and I can kill you once, until you are scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, you will never be overborn.”

“And I have many of these things.”

“Do you think I need to do it myself?”

A gold Spirit Crystal appeared in the palm of Gu Huang. This is a horrible thing that even a high-level existence must be moved. One is enough to buy a life until Alicia is completely dead.

“Life…Life Spirit Crystal…”

“Under the crown, I am not your enemy, please don’t kill me.”

“I am willing to give up the fight for the 4th 19th airspace, and I will satisfy you if you have any needs.”

“Just ask you to be crowned…”

When Alicia saw the Spirit Crystal of Life, she almost vomited blood on the spot. She had seen a murderer, but she had never seen such a arrogant or gangster.

A Spirit Crystal, you have to change your life.

As long as the reward is issued, the remaining eleven spokespersons will take turns to guard themselves.

Even the boss behind will give up the mark…

Such a rogue method is really unsolvable…