2828. Chapter 2826, Ye Yuan’s request!

Chapter 2826, Ye Yuan’s request!

Not only Ye Yuan, all the emperors in the presence, the chest is undulating, his face is ecstatic!

The poison of the blood of Yang Qing has completely disappeared.

Everyone knows what it means!

For thousands of years, the expert who died under the poison of blood has countless!

Even if these emperors are around, many people die from the poison of blood.

However, even if they have the ability to pass the sky, there is nothing they can do about it. They can only watch their relatives and friends die.

The feeling of powerlessness makes people crazy.

But now, they finally see hope!

Ye Yuan solves the poison of blood, absolutely has the meaning of the times!

This means that they no longer have to fear the poison of blood!

This means that thousands of absolutely Tianyi expert can regain a new life!

This also means that more experts will be born!

Meaning, too big!

Everyone in Tianyi has a lot of Talent, who could have entered the emperor.

But because of the poison of blood, they fell.

Now, with the means of Ye Yuan, Talent, who is poisoned by blood, can grow up.

“Too great! It’s amazing! With this method, I am afraid of a blood bird!”

“Hahaha… For thousands of years, how many days pharmacists have gone on and on, and they have not been able to overcome the difficulties, and they have been conquered!”

“Bulky! Niubi! After the war with the blood family, no longer have to be tied!”

“It’s done! Really! Hahaha…”

Wei Liang laughed excitedly, smiled and smiled, and the eyes were moist.

“Wei Yun, if you are still alive, how wonderful! How good…” Wei Yun whispered.

The imperial court expert, actually cried, crying like a child.

Zuo Chen came to him and patted him on his shoulder and persuaded: “Wei Yunquan knows and will be happy!”

Wei Liang nodded slightly, still could not help but burst into tears.

Ye Yuan knew that Wei Liang had a bad impression on himself, but he did not expect his reaction to be so intense.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s doubts, he explained: “Wei Liang and Wei Yun’s brothers were the arrogant arrogance of the extreme medicinal sects. The two have very much feelings. Especially Wei Yun, known as the most promising stepping into Talent’s Talent! Unfortunately, when they were still in Realm, Wei Yun was in a war, accidentally poisoned and eventually fell. This matter is still Weiliang’s knot. “”

In fact, not only Wei Liang, the presence of the emperor expert, all eyes are a little wet.

The imperial expert at the scene also came from the weak.

For thousands of years of fierce fighting, who is not close to a few friends and relatives?

Nowadays, we have found a way to solve the poison of blood, but their relatives and friends can’t come back.

How can they not feel a lot?

“Ye Yuan, you find a way to solve the poison of blood pollution, you can’t do anything!”

Ye Yuan is shaking his head: “Found, but this method can not be widely used. In order to refine the blood of this basin, it has consumed one-third of the blood essence of the blood. Blood, at most, can only treat the poison of a thousand people. Even if the blood essence of Saint Sovereign is stronger, it can only treat 5,000 people if it is dead. After that, it is useless. Blood essence of the blood family, too Hard to get.”

Today, the biggest problem is still bloodline blood essence.

This blood of Yan Jing is Ye Yuan’s own invention. The most important drug primer is the blood essence of blood.

This time, although I got some quality blood essence, it is still too little and not enough.

And such an opportunity, the blood family will not give yourself any more.

In other words, the next time someone is poisoned, he can’t cure it.

Right now, there is only one and a half months left in the three-month period.

The blood family is still increasing its troops. At present, the number of the army has broken through 25,000.

On the Human Race side, there are only about 40,000 left.

These 40,000 people are already the limit of the number of people in the Tianyi Alliance.

After the Spatial channel was exposed, on the other side of the barrier, the blood group launched a fierce offensive.

For that, it is not to let the southern line split.

If the barrier is broken, the Spatial channel will not be destroyed, and the significance will be small.

Therefore, at present, only the last battle is at the end of the war on the Northern Front!

If you don’t succeed, you will be married!

“The last war, nearly 10,000 people killed, a large part of them are poisoned by blood. In the current army, the poison of blood, but only four or five thousand people. Just right, you can make the last one There is a big battle. Not to mention the significance of the blood of Yan Jing, it is against this battle, you also made a great achievement! You have entered the league but more than a month, but have already set up four wonderful achievements, said What reward do you need?”

Having said that, I have to sigh.

In just over a month, Ye Yuan broke through the bloodline defense line and provoked the punishment of the day. Then he made the arrow to reverse the battle, then killed Saint Sovereign and many thousands of captains. Finally, he created Yan Jingzhi. blood.

These four great achievements, any one is almost impossible to complete the task, said that the four wonders can not be overemphasized.

However, these four miracles happened to Ye Yuan.

After years of fighting, I have made countless achievements.

However, compared with the four great achievements of Ye Yuan, it still eclipsed a lot.

And these, Ye Yuan is only completed in more than a month!

He has to admit that if there is no Ye Yuan, the Tianyi Alliance will probably never be able to hold it again.

The whole Tai Ming Yu is in the end, I am afraid it will fall!

Such merits are not a small leader and can be rewarded.

But what to reward for, I really can’t think of it.

So, he simply asked Ye Yuan himself.

Ye Yuan thought for a moment and said, “I want to go to the Pharmacy and read all the Pill Dao books from Sect!”

Hey, said: “Just this?”

He thought that Ye Yuan would open the lion, but he didn’t expect that he actually only had this request.

Of course, the Pill Dao classics of the medicinal herbs are not accessible to anyone.

In order to enter the group of books, you must have sufficient status.

But this is no easy for Tianyi Alliance.

And compared with the extraordinary achievements made by Ye Yuan, it is not worth mentioning.

Ye Yuan seriously nodded: “This is the case! Of course, I will not let the extreme medicines suffer. I also have a lot of precious Pill Dao books in my hand. I will copy one copy and belong to the extreme medicine.”

This sentence is to make everyone stunned.

The big guys present are not idiots. Ye Yuan can take out the smashing of the nine-leaf, how can there be no adventure?

But this kind of opportunity belongs to them, and they are not good at prying eyes.

Who can think of Ye Yuan, so atmospheric, to be taken out into the medicinal herbs!

(End of this chapter)

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