2829. Chapter 2827 I try!

Chapter 2827 I try!

“Hahaha… I was cured! I have no poison on my body!”

“I thought I was dead, I didn’t expect it to die!”

“Ye Yuan is leading the mighty! Ye Yuan is a great leader!”

“Ye Yuan’s great commander has always made great achievements, and it is really my great hero!”


As the poison of the blood was cured, the whole camp was boiled.

Before, even if the poison of blood was suppressed, the big camp was not so crazy.

All the Tianyi sergeants seem to be in the carnival.

No one had thought that the poisonous blood would actually be cured one day!

It’s like, a terminal illness is completely cured.

The feeling of desperation to new life is enough to make people crazy.

Thus, Ye Yuan found the prestige in the military camp and reached the peak in an instant.

The sergeants who are cured will almost always regard Ye Yuan as a god.

The difficulty that could not be overcome for thousands of years was overcome by Ye Yuan!

The terminal illness that has never been cured is cured by him!

Zhao Chen grabbed Qiao Yiping and excited: “Good brothers, we can fight side by side in the future! This time, let’s join forces and kill the bloody people!”

Qiao Yiping nodded excitedly: “The boss is assured, this time we are full of strength, we must give the bloody hybrids, an unforgettable lesson!”

“Thanks to Ye Daxun! Without him, we don’t have to fight this one.” Zhao Chen said.

“Ye Da Tong is really a god! The medicine has not been completed for thousands of years, he did it! Great! It’s amazing!”

Speaking of Ye Yuan, Qiao Yiping and the brothers beside them, they are all very respectable.

This kind of admiration is from the heart.

Once, twice, three times, four times!

Ye Yuan conquered everyone with miracles again and again!

After spending half a month, Ye Yuan led Xiao Shan and others to cure all the sergeants who had poisoned the blood in more than 4,000.

At this time, the distance from the Spatial channel is completely stable, and it is only a month away.

Moreover, the blood family is still transporting troops through the Spatial channel.

War, no time to delay!

After the initial excitement, Jinyun began to cover the top of the sky.

“Can’t drag on any more! Information has been sent from the south line. The war is very tight, and the casualties are extremely heavy! Not long ago, the wind and thunder dominated the bloody clan, and the injury was very heavy. The south line was drawn again. Ten thousand people have come, this is already the limit!” He calmed his face.

After listening to this, the presence of the Empire in the field has changed.

Even the master-level expert is subjected to a serious injury, which shows the fierce battle in the south.

This 10,000 people are still squeezed out of their teeth.

After all, once the Northern Line falls, the barriers of the sky will lose their meaning.

“This time, the blood family has three emperors expert, coming from the Spatial channel. This war, I am afraid it is even more difficult!” Zuo Chen also looked worried.

“If you have a hard time, you have to fight! Even if we have a big army in the northern line, we will destroy the Spatial channel! Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable!”

He understands that this battle will be even more fierce than the previous battle!

Because of this war, both sides have no retreat.

In particular, it is the Tianyi Alliance.

Therefore, even if it is the commander of this command, I am ready to fight the battlefield.

Zuo Chen nodded and said: “Play, naturally, you have to fight, and no one is afraid of death. But now the most critical issue, how can we destroy the Spatial channel! According to the situation of the last fight, these people are fundamentally I can’t get close to the Spatial channel. This time, I hope more.”

As soon as this statement came out, Lien Chan was silent.

In the last war, fifteen people had an advantage for the ten bloody emperors, and they still did not have the upper hand.

Now, the other party has increased three people, naturally more impressive.

Even the Spatial channel is not accessible, let alone destroyed.

“Ming also, the 50,000-strong army is 30,000, do you have a certain degree of certainty?”

He is the supreme commander of the army of Saint Sovereign and is also qualified to participate in this conference.

In addition to him, there are six major leaders, including Ye Yuan.

Although the Saint Sovereign army is a cannon fodder, if the army wins here, the emperor expert will be dragged by it, which can also destroy the Spatial channel.

Ming also has some expressions and swears: “Really, there are not even three percent! These 30,000-strong army are all elites in the elite, and they have strong fighting power! Although we have solved the poison of blood, we still have difficulty killing them! The grasp of this 30% is still because Ye Yuan killed the Yuanxiao three and nearly half a thousand long. Otherwise, we have no grasp of it.”

Said, he looked at Ye Yuan, full of gratitude.

Ye Yuan killing the Lantern and the three captains is not only as simple as deflation, but also very strategic.

These people have no need to say more about their combat effectiveness, and they are also playing the role of a sea god in the Saint Sovereign Day Army.

Ye Yuan killed them, which is equivalent to destroying the bloody flag of the blood family, the meaning is extraordinary!

The previous battles suffered heavy losses, on the one hand because of the outbreak of blood poisoning.

On the other hand, it is because the blood race is extremely strong!

In the face of Ye Yuan and Yang Qing, these people are naturally vulnerable.

For ordinary sergeants, the blood group’s combat power is stronger.

On the other side of the Tianyi League, most of them are temporarily drawn, but the combat power is much worse.

However, because of Ye Yuan’s sake, the Condensation force of the entire army is now at its peak.

After listening to Ming’s words, my face was even more ugly.

Is it really a hope that there is no more?

Everyone is silent.

“Not as good as… I try?” Suddenly, a voice broke the silence of death.

A group of emperors expert heard the words, they all looked at each other.

The person who speaks is Ye Yuan.

“You? What kind of role can you play alone in this big battle?” He shook his head.

He knows that Ye Yuan is extremely powerful and can fight tens of thousands of Saint Sovereign days. It really means that the Great Perfection will be smashed.

Trifling a Ye Yuan, what is the use?

“Ye Yuan, for the teacher to know that you are kind. However, the miraculous impulses are repeated again and again. But this time, you should not participate! Now, only you can win the blood essence, leaving it useful. It’s just right to save some companions.” Zuo Diandao.

Ye Yuan is baby now, he can’t die.

At that time, once it is eye-catching by the Emperor, it is very dangerous.

The method of refining the blood of Yan Jing and the new method of needle, Ye Yuan have been passed to Xiao Shan and others.

Without Ye Yuan, it is impossible to suppress the blood essence of the blood family, and naturally it is impossible to make the blood of Yan Jing.

Ye Yuan smiled and said: “I mean, I have a way to destroy the Spatial channel, but only if I can reach the Spatial channel! So, I need everyone to help me drag the blood of the expert!”

(End of this chapter)

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