2830. Chapter 2828 is decisive and the day is desperate!

Chapter 2828 The decisive battle begins, and the heavens are desperate!

The volley is vain, and dozens of figures are dying.

The big battle, at the touch of a hair!

These dozens of figures are naturally the fifteen emperors of Tianyi.

“I said, let’s pin all our hopes on a little Saint Sovereign, is it a bit too much?” Lu Fengdao.

Lu Feng is the third person in the army of Tian, ​​and his status is second only to Yu and Zuo Chen.

“Ye Yuan has joined the league soon, but he has made great achievements and created too many impossible! Now, in this situation, we have nothing but gambling!”

“hē hē, Wei Liang, haven’t you dismissed Ye Yuan before? Why are you talking about him now?”

Wei Liang’s old face was red, said: “I feel that this brat has a spectrum!”

Lu Feng coldly said: “trifling a median Saint Sovereign day, how can it destroy the Spatial channel? Want to destroy the Spatial channel, at least 5,000 Saint Sovereign days to hit a full blow, it is possible to do it!”

I nodded. “Ye Yuan, there is no way, this seat does not hold any hope. Saint Sovereign, the day of the army, there is no hope, the most important thing is our side! At that time, I will drag Live two emperors and create opportunities for you. Once you have the chance, you will immediately leave the battlefield and destroy the Spatial channel!”

After listening to this, everyone was silent.

They know, this is the intention to exchange for a chance!

Suddenly, the figure flashed, and dozens of figures stopped the way.

The face was a sinking, cold voice: “Li Wo, this battle, never die!”

The first person, the blood leader, Li He!

“Hey, you and I are old acquaintances, but still do not know each other? Your strength, at best, is the same. But, you are dead, this seat will not die!” Li He easily laughed.

There are so many demos in the emperor, and Li He is also an old rival, knowing the bottom.

If the ordinary emperor expert is so threatening, it will inevitably have wariness.

But this threat is not a threat to the blood family.

Because, kill the opponent!

“Humph! Will not die, only know when you hit it!” 儋翡coldly shouted, it is necessary to start.

Li He is not in a hurry, smiled and said: “No hurry, no, you, your opponent, can not only one of this seat! This time, this seat has also found an opponent for you!”

During the speech, there was a tremor in the void, and another shadow appeared.

Seeing the arrival, the pupils swelled and took a cold breath: “Lianyi!”

The woman’s bloody robes give a cold and amazing feeling.

She looked at her, with a condescending tone, faintly said: “Hey, this seat, you have absolutely no chance to destroy the Spatial channel, die this heart! Now retreat, this seat can still leave you One life!”

His face was extremely ugly, Shen Sheng said: “You dream! It is death, this seat will not let you bloody!”

Lieyi didn’t care, and said faintly: “Forgot to tell you, Lord has entered the passage in May, and it can be reached at most one day!”

As soon as this statement comes out, all the days of an expert are all face-changing!

In May, one of the bloody emperors released ten days!

Saint Sovereign Day Realm, ranked top 100, named Saint Sovereign.

And the real release of Realm, also has a ranking, it is the emperor release ten days!

The emperor’s release ten days is the strongest ten of the Emperor’s release of Realm!

These ten people are the Lord’s things that can truly be named, and their strength is strong.

May, ranked tenth!

He is a famous bloody butcher, strong in strength, and an expert in his hands, countless!

The May channel entered the Spatial channel, indicating that the Spatial channel is already very stable.

The blood family sent him to come, which is to play the role of definite.

If he really comes over, there is nothing suspense in this battle!

“If you feel that you can take the passage from your seat in one day, you can come and try it.” The lotus coat is still faint.

In my heart, it is already full of anxiety!

His path is absolutely not expected.

The strength of the lotus dress, he is clear, even stronger than Li He!

The two giants have joined forces and there is absolutely no hope on their side.

So, can you only count on Saint Sovereign’s day?

However, with the stability of the current passage, 5,000 people may not be able to win!

Even if they can win, can they pass?

Is it really that God is dying?

In my heart, can’t help set off a desperate!

Suddenly, a figure flashed through his mind.

Ye Yuan !

He said that it can destroy the Spatial channel. Can it really be done?

No, impossible!

A little Saint Sovereign day, fundamentally impossible to destroy such a solid Spatial channel!

However, this brat has repeatedly created miracles.

Maybe this time, can you do that?

I don’t know why, there is a little hope in my heart.

Hope, this brat can really create a miracle!

Suddenly, his eyes were cold and he screamed: “Well, wait for me to kill the enemy! For the glory of Tianyi, there is no regrets!”

“Although there is no regrets!”

A group of expo exper in unison, killing the blood!


“Hahaha…, the slag of your blood group! Your grandfather Yang said, wait until the breakthrough is really imperial, you must kill you cry Father shouting mother! Weak! Too weak!”

Above the void, there is a melee.

A large army of the day and a large army of blood families joined forces, and the killing was extremely fierce.

In this battle, both sides are fighting against each other, there is no way out, and every sergeant is fighting!

Yang Qing’s long guns ran through Changhong, killing the three great emperors of the blood family.

So he screamed again.

The last time Ye Yuan applied, Yang Qing to profit from a disaster, finally smashed the last First Layer window paper, breaking through the real Emperor Realm.

After reaching the real emperor, Yang Qing’s combat power soared and was able to directly deal with the mediator’s expert.

Now, he is alone in the three major subordinates, but he is overwhelmed by his opponent.

Just as he was proud, a sound of dragons smashed through the sky and directly to one of the true emperors.


The next real Emperor, was directly smashed into a bloody fog!

“Ye Yuan is the leader of the mighty domineering!”

“Ye Yuan is the leader of Wushuang, who dominates the world!”

“killing and killing! The blood family is just a group of chickens and dogs, kill!”


After a fist, it brought a burst of crazy cheers, and the morale of the great army climbed to the top.

Now, Ye Yuan has become the spiritual pillar of the army.

His every move has touched the military.

Just now this fis, Ye Yuan kills the real emperor with Saint Sovereign, what a mighty domineering?

So, the momentum is rising!

“Ah! Ye Yuan, you grab the limelight of the Emperor, this venerable will not let you go!” Yang Qing screamed.

Just now Ye Yuan This fist is indeed domineering, but can kill a real a heaven, but because Yang Qing involves most of his opponent’s energy.

It’s just those sergeants who don’t care about it.

The people were killed by Ye Yuan, and they recognized Ye Yuan.

Yang Qing was originally forced to be cool, but Ye Yuan suddenly covered it, and can’t help depressed to the extreme.

(End of this chapter)

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