2831. Chapter 2829 Brothers Rest assured!

Chapter 2829 Brothers Rest assured!

“All the real emperors lead, at all costs, kill the brat!”

The blood spirit is also aware of the danger of Ye Yuan. At the first moment of Ye Yuan’s outbreak, he ordered the killing of Ye Yuan.

But Ye Yuan is surrounded by a lot of real emperor experts.

Those commanders, commanders, and Mingda, all of them seem to have given up their command and gathered around Ye Yuan.

“Brother Ye, this life, this venerable is back to you! Hope, you don’t let this venerable disappoint!”

“Song, are you crazy?”

“hē hē, my life is not my own! As long as you can stop your blood family, what a commandment can be!”

Song Yu directly escaped from the battle circle and was killed together with a bloody family who is similar in strength.

The two killed and fell apart, and the flesh and blood met.

At this time, Song Hao did not have a trace of hand-to-hand, completely a fight.

Not only Song Yi, Ming has already been smothered with bloody masters.

Two of the Half-Step Empires, killing them.

Blood Spirit wants to break through, and kills Ye Yuan, the “culp”, but it is also played by Ming Ming, and he is born in the same place.

The blood family does not fear death, does not mean that they let others kill.

If Ming also has such an expert, as long as he gives him the opportunity, he will completely destroy the blood.

The strength of the blood spirit is stronger than the Ming.

However, Ming does not care about injuries at all, and does not care about the poison of blood. It is a deadly fight.

The bloody heart is terrified, are these guys crazy?

It’s not easy to fix it to Realm Realm.

These guys are so dead!

In the twinkling of an eye, Ming also has bruises on his body.

The blood spirit, however, was almost blasted by him several times.

“Lao Zhang, I am locking this guy, don’t worry about me, just blow us two!”

A heavenly expert of the superior Saint Sovereign Day, with all the power, locked a bloody upper-class Saint Sovereign day, so that it could not move.

The old Zhang had tears in his eyes, but he did not hesitate to blow up a fist.

The blood family plus the day of Saint Sovereign, directly turned into nothingness.

Killing like this is happening everywhere.

The battlefield is like a meat grinder.

The mighty Saint Sovereign days, under this meat grinder, are simply vulnerable.

Tianyi’s expert does not care about death at all.

Even if it is dead, let the blood family have a serious injury.

Although the bloody army is an elite expert, it can’t stand the sky and the army is so crazy.

The number of people in a large army is reduced by the speed visible to the naked eye.

However, they don’t care at all!

Especially the army around Ye Yuan, if they die, they will be topped by another person.

They were like a sharp knife, slamming into the bloody army, and quickly tore a hole in the blood army.


A true emperor expert, directly by the blood family Obliterate!

Ye Yuan’s muscles trembled, but the hands were not slow, a fist a bloody Saint Sovereign day.

In the bloody army, as long as he does not encounter the real emperor, it is simply a tiger into the flock.

However, the real emperor around him is reduced in one by one.

Ye Yuan can’t help but sigh, how can he and his life make these people live and death!

For one sentence, Tianyi will use their own lives to kill a bloody road!

Yes, such a crazy Slaughter is to kill a hole in the bloody army and let him rush.

Ming Yi, Song Yi, Zhao Chen, Qiao Yiping, and even Xiao Shan and Dao Chen are all guarding themselves.

The 50,000-strong army, don’t want to live, just paving a way for yourself!

Ye Yuan’s heart is bleeding!

“Hahaha… Ye Datong, Joe Yiping, this life is what you gave, and I will give it to you now! You must destroy the Spatial channel and raise my Heavenly Might!”

Qiao Yiping had already died hurtingly. At this time, Divine Yuan bloomed and Tiny World crashed and directly blasted the opposite blood family into pieces.

The blood family still wants to re-condensation, but it was killed by Zhao Chenyi, and it was completely wiped out.

The one who was rescued by Ye Yuan, this time, was really degraded!

Zhao Chen has tears in his eyes, but his eyes are extremely firm.

Obviously, he has long been used to this kind of Life and Death.

On the battlefield, they are not a sacred expert at all, just a cannon fodder.

If the cannon fodder is dead, it can make a little sense, that is not bad!

They are not unable to face Life and Death, but are reluctant to die on the sickbed.

Ye Yuan is close to the teeth, Shen Sheng said: “Good brother, Ye Yuan will not let you down!”

Over there, the blood spirit has returned to taste!

His face changed and he said: “Don’t care about other people! Everyone, at all costs, stop Ye Yuan!”

With one order, Ye Yuan has a lot of bloodline experts around.

However, he does not care.

Those real emperors, all dragged!

As long as the Emperor does not interfere with him, he can rush over!

Ye Yuan’s momentum has skyrocketed, and a fist is playing hard, like a thunder!

The bloody Saint Sovereign days, in pieces, died.

Strong as a bloody family, those sergeants have not had such a painful experience.

For a time, I was scared by Ye Yuan!

“Who will die!”

Ye Yuan coldly shouted, the figure suddenly rushed forward, like Devil God!

The blood sergeant in front of him was can’t help to separate a road autonomously and let Ye Yuan rush over.

Blood spirit sees this scene, can’t help suffocating and screaming, “Are you all pigs? Kill him! Kill him!”

Although he also knows that even if Ye Yuan rushed over, it would hurt the damage to the Spatial channel, but he was not worried about Ye Yuan’s wariness.

But even if you don’t feel at ease, there is no way.

Because of the blood army, Ye Yuan has been afraid!

In these years, the battles of the blood races have always been crushed, and they have never experienced such a painful battle.

Therefore, the strength of Ye Yuan makes them fearful.

On the contrary, it is a large army on the side of the sky. The momentum is like a rainbow, and it is not afraid of death. It is actually a time to press the blood family.

The persimmons are softly pinched, and those of the bloody Saint Sovereign are also clear that Ye Yuan is useless even if it is past.

Then let him go!

As long as others, however, Ye Yuan alone is also impossible to destroy the Spatial channel.

Ye Yuan is another fis, which directly wipes out the three unspeakable bloody Saint Sovereign days!

In front, no one is there!

The bloody army, was killed a thorough!

Finally, it’s coming out!

Ming also discovered this scene, and refused to take care of his injuries. He said with ecstasy: “Ye Yuan, let’s go! Here, give it to us!”

“Ye Yuan, please, please! Even if you shed the last drop of blood, Song will not let them go further!” Song Dao Blood Dao.

Ye Yuan Zheng focused, Shen Sheng: “You rest assured, this Ye, will not let the blood of the brothers!”

After all, his body flashed and disappeared in front of everyone.

(End of this chapter)

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