2832. Chapter 2830 is not good!

Chapter 2830 is not very good!


Lotus clothes sighed, and the jade fingers flashed on the red mans.

A huge force of frightening, bursting directly in the air, the opposite of the cockroach, directly bombed out.

There is no blood in the mouth, and there is no one in the body.

In the face of the expert such as the lotus, he tried his best and could not get the upper hand.

“This seat knows your intentions, you work hard, but only by your strength, you can’t get rid of this seat!” Li Yi looked at you, with a hint of sarcasm in his words.

Of course, she knows what she wants, but since she is here, there is no hope in the Tianyi Alliance.

You have already used the last tricks, but you are still not the opponent of the lotus.

Li Wo was vacated, and Zuo Chen and Lu Feng joined forces to resist.

As for other people, not to mention.

The expedition of the Tianyi Alliance was in full swing.

Without a moment, when you die, the lotus clothes take action, and others have no hope.

I was stunned and faint: “The only death!”

After all, he ignored the injury and broke into the direction of the Spatial channel again.

His goal is not to kill the lotus, but to destroy the Spatial channel.

Unfortunately, he can’t break through the lotus.

Suddenly, his body shape, the lotus coat is also a brow, said: “Well? There is a fish that slips through the net? Bloody guy, this is a waste!”

In the heart of the move, I know that Ye Yuan has rushed over!

The Empire is aware of the world, and Divine Sense covers a wide range.

Ye Yuan came over and they found out.

The spirit of a sigh, no doubt From hope, I saw hope.

Seeing the look of the cockroach, the lotus dress dismissed: “Do you want more? A little Saint Sovereign day, even if he went to the Spatial channel, what can he do? Moreover, this seat has already perceived that five Month Lord is not far from the passage!”

It’s not a good information!

Once May arrives, Ye Yuan has the power of the sky, and only one death!

Seeing the change of his face, Lieyi chuckled and said: “It looks like you have sent a little hope to this little guy. Or, this seat will result in him, completely breaking your hopes!”

The face is crazy, but it is already late!

Lieyi said that the take action took action, she just played the finger, and the power of a monk stroked Splitting The Skies and went straight to Ye Yuan.

Emperor’s day expert, even if it’s just a blow, destroying a little Saint Sovereign day, it doesn’t take much effort.

He did not hesitate to slap it out, and the same terrifying power flew out, trying to cut off the power of the lotus.

The lotus coat did not stop, smirked: “It’s useless, a little Saint Sovereign day, no different from a mosquito. Even if you cut off, the aftermath is enough to kill him back and forth!”


The voice did not fall, and there was a loud noise from the sky.

Frightening’s energy fluctuation, as if it were fireworks, the spiraling of the Spiritual Qi is turbulent.

“Lianyi, you!”

The anger is at its best, and the hope he just saw is killed like this!

He understands that the days of Saint Sovereign, which is again against the sky, are also impossible to survive in such a aftermath.

“Giggle, some meaning, you are very angry, it seems that you really care about the little guy in Saint Sovereign. Now, is it very desperate?” Lieyi rarely smiled.

Seeing the desperation of the opponent makes her feel very fulfilled.

Not only is it awkward, but the faces of other Tianyidi are all desperate.

It seems that this little guy is really different.

However, it has no meaning.

Suddenly, the lotus coat changed color and was surprised: “Well? Not dead? How is this possible?”

Ye Yuan Just disappeared Aura, even after disappearing, appeared again!

Moreover, Ye Yuan’s Aura is very close to the Spatial channel.

Fast Speed!

On the face, there is a ecstasy of color.

“Good brat, have yours!”

When I arrived at the emperor’s territory, I had no happiness or sadness.

But at this time, he really wants to clap his hands and say fast!

He looked at the surprised expression on the face of the lotus shirt, very cool!

Before, for Ye Yuan’s remarks, he was simply not going to take it seriously.

But now, Ye Yuan is already him, the last hope of the Tianyi Alliance!

The lotus clothes snorted and the body shape changed, so they had to rush to Ye Yuan.

His figure was moving, but he stopped the lotus.

Between the electric and the flint, the two killed together again!


In the distance, Ye Yuan looks out of the air and is also worried.

Just now that wave of energy fluctuation is too frightening, but fortunately he used the Spatial rule to remove the shell before he escaped the robbery.

Ye Yuan dares to pat her chest and say that she can destroy the Spatial channel, naturally it is not bragging.

In fact, among the thirty three days, it can be comparable to the heavenly rumors, but not much!

Born in Primal Chaos, he was born to be the master!

During his peak period, he once cultivated the Spatial rules into the realm of Great Perfection, flying all over the world, omnipotent!

Destroying the Spatial channel is hard for others, but it is easy for him.

He taught Ye Yuan several Spatial tricks to destroy the Spatial channel.

These Spatial secrets are extremely esoteric, which is equivalent to deep parsing of the Spatial rules.

Ordinary people have learned, not hundreds of years of hard work, difficult to achieve results.

However, Ye Yuan is also a natural talent in the Spatial, so learning is also a multiplier.

Just now This trick, called shifting, can directly open a Spatial channel within a certain range to achieve teleportation.

Ye Yuan lived and used, and lightly avoided the blow of the lotus.

In front of you, it is a Huge’s Spatial Gate, standing on the sea.

Ye Yuan had long felt its existence, but he was still shocked when he came to the front.

Obviously, the person who opened up the Spatial channel is extremely frightening!

Ye Yuan’s shifting effect is only to open the Spatial channel within a short distance, but this person has opened up a large Spatial channel from the barrier of the sky.

The ratio of the two is simply a small witch!

However, although the other side is strong, the use of the Spatial rules is the same.

Just like the computer operation Law is extremely complicated, but in the end, it is zero and one or two numbers.

As long as you know his rules of operation, you can always resolve it.

Of course, it is simple to say, and it is still too difficult for Ye Yuan.

But it doesn’t matter, Ye Yuan doesn’t understand, the master of the sky knows!

“Senior, how?” Ye Yuan said.

“not very good!”

Silently dismissive: “The patriarchal nature of this blood family, the understanding of the Spatial rules, is the degree of ignorance. If it is me, you have no chance to turn over!”

This sounds arrogant, but Ye Yuan knows that the sky is not blowing.

The Spatial rules he explained to Ye Yuan, it was really rushing into it, and even Ye Yuan couldn’t sigh!

Since he said it is not good, it is really not very good!

(End of this chapter)

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