2833. Chapter 2831 is killing!

Chapter 2831 is killing!

“The situation is not very good.” Ye Yuan did not rush to destroy the passage, but instead looked at the side.

The battle over there was too vigorous and he felt distinct here.

It’s not just one person, the other’s situation is not so good.

Even Ye Yuan sensed that Tianyi has fallen into the emperor!

“Even if the channel is destroyed, the Tiandi’s emperor is still not the opponent of the blood race! Now in this situation, the southern line cannot transfer the expert. The destructive power of these bloody emperors is too strong, if they are in the northern line without restraint The consequences are unimaginable.” Ye Yuan frowned.

“You brat, what are you going to do?”

“Senior, you said that once the Spatial collapses, can you kill these bloody emperors?” Ye Yuan suddenly said.

Mi Tian covered his face with his hand and only felt a big head.

However, he still said: “The blood family is strong and they may not die. However, the serious injury is certain.”

For a moment, Ye Yuan nodded: “Okay, just do it!”

Heavenly Dao: “They may not die, but the hope of your survival is not big.”

Ye Yuan grinned: “Don’t tease me! How old are you, how can I die?”

After that, Ye Yuan directly turned into a flowing light and got into the Spatial channel.

After a while!


The Spatial channel made a violent tremor.

On the side of the blood family, the face of the lotus and other people suddenly changed!

“Not good! That Saint Sovereign day brat, actually really destroyed the Spatial channel! Li Wo, quick fix, don’t drag it down again!”

Li Wo has an enemy two, but it also has the upper hand.

Originally, he was not in a hurry to defeat the left and the dust, because it would pay no small price.

But at this time, he can’t care much.

“Got it!”

I saw him, bloody and powerful, directly gave up the defense, madly launched.

Zuo Chen, two people, was defeated by Li He, and the blood rushed.

On the other side, the lotus coat also suffered several heavy blows and directly smashed him.

Then, fly to the Spatial channel.

In his heart, he was helpless. He only had half a life left at this time. He couldn’t even do it with a single move. He couldn’t save Ye Yuan.

On the other side, the explosion was roaring.

Li He was beaten by the left dust and a fist, but it also gave Lu Feng a fatal blow!

Lu Fenglian’s screams did not come out and he died directly.

On the left side of the dust, he is also suffering from a serious injury.

Li He re-contained the fleshy body, regardless of the injured left dust, but also rushed to the Spatial channel.

The roar of the Spatial channel is getting more and more intense, and there are signs of instability.

Fortunately, the Spatial channel itself is nearing solidity, and the destruction of Ye Yuan seems to be difficult to succeed.

The two people in the lotus costume were in the shape of electricity and suddenly got into the Spatial channel.

I smiled bitterly: “We are too useless! This time, when Ye Yuan needs the most help, we can… can’t help him!”

Zuo Chen also sighed: “Don’t it be a failure?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, hurry to recover the injury! Even if you gamble on this life, we have to complete the task!”

The two each swallowed a eight-product Tiandan and recovered the injury.

Only their injuries are too heavy, and it will be difficult to recover at one and a half.


“Damn! Trifling a Saint Sovereign day, why can you destroy the Spatial channel of the dominance?” Looking at the riddled Spatial channel, Lieyi was angry.

Li He is also looking very dignified: “Even if you are proficient in the Spatial rules, it is impossible to do this! This brat, there is weird!”

Lieyi angered: “Do not talk nonsense, hurry to find this brat to kill! Otherwise let him destroy this way, the consequences are unimaginable! Well? There!”

Among the passages ahead, a figure is looming, not who is Ye Yuan?

Lie Yi met Ye Yuan and was overjoyed.

As long as I saw someone, she killed a Saint Sovereign day, isn’t it a hand?

“brat, where to run!”

The lotus robes are windy and catch up with Ye Yuan.

“Old devil, just rely on your three-legged cat kungfu, but also want to kill your home Grandpa Ye?” In front, came the sneer of Ye Yuan.


Why is Grandpa Ye?

It was taken by Yang Qing’s guy!

However, in this Spatial channel, it is not easy for Lotus to catch up with Ye Yuan.

The lotus coat snorted and slammed out.

A terrifying force instantly bursts around Ye Yuan.


The Spatial channel is shaking more and more unstable.

Li He Li said: “Lianyi, are you crazy? This brat did not ruin the Spatial channel. Do you want to ruin it?”

The face of the lotus dress is also very unsightly.

He didn’t expect Ye Yuan to be so slippery, just now, it was the real Emperor peak that was also directly Obliterate, but failed to kill Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan seems to be in the middle of this Spatial channel, killing him is really hard.

“Old demon, are you doing this? What shit is good, but it is!” Ye Yuan still sneered.

The lotus coat looks cold and sinks: “brat, don’t be proud! There is May Lord in front of you coming in, this room is going to have a look, you can escape when!”

Ye Yuan dismissed: “What shit May Lord! He is coming, Grandpa Ye has done all of you! You guys, one by one, are strong, and they are a group of weak chickens, and they don’t know what to do!”

Lianyi sneered: “brat, you are also licking your tongue!”

Li He is not looking good, Shen Sheng said: “He is really not a profit! Yuan Lan, three of them, even he can not get a shot!”

Lieyi heard the words, can’t help changed his face, and was suddenly not light.

This brat is so strong?

Suddenly, the lotus costume sensed that there was a strong Aura in front, and it was coming at a very fast speed.

Lotus clothing is overjoyed, Lang said: “May Lord, this is destroying the Spatial channel, please take action to stop this!”

“Reassured, handed to the seat!” In the depths of the dark passage, a rough voice came.

There are wolves in front and tigers in the back. Ye Yuan seems to have no way to escape!

Soon, a suffocating bloody sigh in front of him.

Ye Yuan was rushed by this blood, almost unable to stand.

too strong!

Suddenly, he was in shape and he simply did not run.

The two people in the lotus costume stopped at the place far away from Ye Yuan thousand zhang, and said: “brat, run again! Look at this seat, don’t tear your mouth!”

The powerful Aura in the depths of the passage, roaring.

Ye Yuan looked at the lotus dress and suddenly smiled.

This smile, let the heart of the lotus dress “ge-deng”.

“Old devil, you think too much! I want to destroy this Spatial channel, it’s easy! But, do you know why I don’t destroy it? Do you think that I am just joking with you? Actually, I just want to kill you all!”

Ye Yuan chuckled and slammed a fist to somewhere in the Spatial.


The entire Spatial channel swayed violently.

The entire Spatial, began to collapse!

(End of this chapter)

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