2834. Chapter 2832 is a great victory!

Chapter 2832 is a great victory!


Sharp and screaming, echoing in the Spatial channel.

Inside the Spatial channel, like a domino, a chain reaction occurred and it crashed!

The energy of the Spatial collapse, from the beginning of the “one” to the later split into a geometric level.

This level of collapse, energy fluctuation has been comparable to the full blow of the emperor’s peak expert!

Such power is the release of the ten days expert in May, and I dare not wait for it.


A fierce explosion, half of the lotus coat was directly blown up.

Li He is the whole person, and he has been blown up into a bloody fog.

However, they have a strong ability to regenerate and let them recover again.

Just, it is still in vain.

That frightening to the ultimate explosion, everywhere!

Rebirth once, explode once!

Rebirth once, explode once!

Later, Li He could not be born again, and was completely wiped out by the energy of the collapse of Spatial.

The supreme commander of the bloodline northern army was killed by Ye Yuan.

“Small beast, the old lady must kill you!”

Her current situation is also very miserable.

The violent Spatial collapsed and she was unable to fight back.

As for the opposite May, it is even more powerful.

who am I?

Where am I?

What am I doing?

He came in an imposing manner, only saw a Saint Sovereign day, and then was blown out.

His strength Overflowing the Heaven, the initial collapse can still withstand.

Later, the collapsed energy fluctuation became stronger and stronger, and even he did not blow it.

“Mom, who will tell me, what happened? Ah!”

The words were not finished in May, and the head was blown up.

But soon, he grew a head again.

However, it is equally futile.

The emperor’s release of the heavens and the hostages seems to be only a difference between Realm, but the difference is far from the sky.

Among the vast energy fuctuation, the emperor’s peak is just a leaf boat.

Time and time again, in May, I can no longer recover my body and be completely wiped out!

In May, one of the emperors released ten days, the death of Ye Yuan!


Earlier, Yan and Zuo Dian took Tiandan, and the injury soon improved.

If the two don’t care much, they have to enter the passage.

However, just as they came to the Spatial channel, there was a sudden explosion of frightening in the passage.

When the two of them changed their face and had no time to respond, they were directly smashed by a wave of air.

Moreover, the explosion in the channel is getting stronger and stronger!

The two looked at each other and their eyes were full of horror.

“This… is this what Ye Yuan did?” asked the left throat and swallowed.

“Should…should be?” I am not sure.

“How did he do that?”

“No… don’t know!”

“The energy flux that escapes can blow us up. The energy level within the channel may have reached the emperor’s day?”

“I’m afraid… not only! This Spatial channel collapsed from the inside! The energy level in the depth of the channel, I am afraid it will be easy to kill the emperor! Even if the person coming is May, I am afraid it will be dead!”

He said that he felt incredible.

According to the level of this energy fluctuation, the people who enter it… should have died!

This… is it really a little Saint Sovereign?

The two felt like they had experienced a dream.

This dream has not yet woke up until now.

Because everything that happened in front of me is really too dreamy.

Zuo Dian swallowed again and said: “Is that what… our mission, finished?”

“Complete? hē hē, more than finished! It is perfect! Li He is dead! The lotus is dead! May… is also dead! Our mission, the impeccable completion, perfect!”

Later, 儋翡 trembled excitedly.

This kind of thing was originally taken on an emperor’s expert.

Emperor expert, each one is very important.

Even in the blood family, the emperor expert does not say death to die.

The death of the three men in May is not only related to the current war, but also to the battle of the southern line, it will have a subtle influence!

This battle, the victory is impeccable!

Zuo Chen also understands, but he still can’t fully believe it.

When the lotus dress appeared, he was already desperate!

The strength of the lotus dress is too strong, and her appearance completely eliminates the hope of the emperor expert.

As for the Saint Sovereign army, they don’t really have any hope.

50,000 to 30,000, wanting to rush to thousands of people, this is almost an impossible thing.

However, in such a desperate situation, it was completed by a humble Saint Sovereign day, absolute kill!

Perhaps, Ye Yuan is not an ordinary Saint Sovereign day, but in the face of such a war, he is still humble.

However, this humble Saint Sovereign day has completed a shocking move!

This kind of ending is called a miracle, and it is not an exaggeration!

“That… Ye Yuan, he…” he whispered.

The face of the face changed, the ecstasy of just now, instantly turned into nothing.


Even died in May, Ye Yuan can still survive?

The energy fluctuation inside, but can kill the emperor expert, and it is endless.

Ye Yuan A little Saint Sovereign day, it is impossible to survive.

It stands to reason that a small Saint Sovereign day, in exchange for such a brilliant victory, is extremely cost-effective.

I don’t know why, but I am not happy.

He even felt that Ye Yuan was dead inside, and this battle was no different from failure.

Maybe… because he created too many miracles!

“Cough… cough…”

Just then, a cough of violent cries sounded behind them.

The two suddenly turned and saw only a riddled person standing there.

“Ye Yuan! You are not dead!”

The two looked at each other and their eyes were unstoppable.

This guy is actually alive!

In the trough, even the emperor’s expiratory expert can kill the energy fuctuation, he actually lived out?

“You… just think about me dying? Cough and cough…” Ye Yuan didn’t have a good air.

“Hahaha… don’t want it! Don’t want it! My good guy! My good guy!”

Zuo Chen was excited and incoherent, rushed up and hugged Ye Yuan, and kissed him on his bloody face.

Poor, Ye Yuan didn’t have the power to fight back, and he was disgusted.

“Hey, you guys, is there anything weird? You are far away from me!” Ye Yuan pushed away the left dust, disgusting.

This scene, it looks funny, but it is very warm.

The hustle and bustle on the side is also a look of excitement: “Good brat! Really have you! You have blown down the bulls, actually realized! This battle, we have a great victory! The blood family, I am afraid there are Many people have to vomit blood! Hahaha Ha…”

Later, I couldn’t help but laugh.

This hearty victory is really awesome!

(End of this chapter)

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