2835. Chapter 2833 shocks the sky!

Chapter 2833 shocks the sky!

In addition to the barriers of the sky, on the far-reaching Lei Ming continent, hundreds of thousands of bloody army leaders are waiting for you, and they are full of blood!

In the presence of the Empire, there are hundreds of them!

A figure stands proudly, and only covers the sky!

The Spatial channel is slowly forming in his hands.

This person is the master of the blood family expert, blood!

“Blood brother is a good means! The stability of this Spatial channel is half a month ahead of what was expected!” Next to the bloody air, a young green shirt smiled.

Bloody air proudly said: “That is nature! This seat is a Spant magical power, and the shuttle is empty. If it is not a continuation of the continuation of dozens of masters, this seat opens up this Spatial channel, only half a day!”

It is not easy to open up such a Spatial channel.

Not only must we avoid the barriers of the sky, but we must also be able to accommodate the dominating world and countless bloody army.

The Spatial rules are not quite rumored and are decidedly successful.

Blood and blood, the blood family dominated, has been swimming in the days, only recently came to Tai Ming Yu.

It can’t be attacked for a long time, and there is also an anxiety in the blood family.

Therefore, the arrival of the blood of the sky, immediately let him be like the stars to be sought after!

Of course, proficient in Spatial’s mastery of expert, can afford!

The heavens dominated a lot, but there are very few who can master the Spatial rules.

Blood is absolutely worthy of the generation!

“Blood brother, great!” Green shirt youth thumbs up.

Bloody mouth, said: “Small things! There are still up to three days, the passage can be completely stabilized, the army can drive straight into the Qing!, Qingyao, the family promised the blood of the seat, do not eat words!”

Qingyao quickly said: “The bloody brother is more worried! You are now the Spanity of my blood family, how can the family eat and say fat?”

The blood of the air snorted and said: “I don’t dare you!”

At this moment, the blood space suddenly changed.


The blood and blood seemed to have been hit hard, and the whole person slammed out, and the blood in his mouth was mad.


Qingyao had no time to think about it, and he heard the violent explosion of the Spatial channel.

He turned pale and shouted: “Retreat!”

I saw his big sleeves waved, a gust of wind hangs, hundreds of thousands of troops, directly fled out.


The Spatial channel bursts directly on the void, rolling up the frightening waves.

Of course, this gas wave can’t hurt him, but his face is extremely ugly.

Because the Spatial channel has completely collapsed!

In order to open up the Spatial channel, the blood family consumes Huge’s resources.

Now, actually, the bamboo basket is empty?

“Blood brother, what is going on?” Qingyao said.

The blood was countered, and he was also suffering from a minor injury. He said: “The Spatial channel has been destroyed from the inside! The other party, at least the master! This Spatial channel is completely abolished!”

Qingyao changed his face and said: “How is it possible? Tianyi’s dominance is now all in the barriers!”

Bloody Sky shook his head: “Absolutely the masterland! And, the other side has a deep knowledge of the Spatial rules! Otherwise, the Spatial channel I built is completely disintegrated!”

The collapse of the Spatial channel and the destruction of the Spatial channel are completely different!

This collapse of collapse is only a matter of understanding the Spatial rules, reaching an extremely frightening level, and Ability does it!

Not the mastermind, the blood is not killed!

For the blood, Qing Yao naturally does not doubt.

He is proud, but also impossible to lie on this kind of thing.

“Don’t you have a new masterland in the continuation of the continuation? No, this is unusual. I am going to report to the throne Lord!” Qingyao looked dignified and turned away.


The barriers of the sky are stretched and I don’t know tens of thousands of miles.

Here is the last barrier of Tianyi continent, and the last hope of Tianyi continent.

At this time, in the barriers of the sky, it seems a bit quiet.

“The Lord God is worried today, is it worried about the North Line war?” In the barrier of the sky, a voice suddenly came.

In the Tianyi Alliance, the Supreme Commander was honored as Lord, and he was honored as the Lord of God.

The god of the gods is the first person in the Tailing Jade, the master of the heavens, Xue Ziming.

For a long time, a full-fledged male voice rang and said: “The name of the bloody air, this seat has been heard, he is a Spatial magical Reaching Perfection, which has the meaning of catching up with the master of the year. This time, if not a little guy is dying Reporting, we are too bright, even if it is over! But even so, this last battle, this seat does not have any hope. Everyone, be prepared for it! Hey, this seat, I am sorry for the soldiers of the northern line. We!”

In the barriers of the sky, I was silent for a while.

The battlefields of the Northern Line, these masters understand.

Yes, they can’t change anything.

These days, the southern line has repeatedly fought, and the masters of the adventure have played against each other many times, and they have mutual damage.

As for ordinary sergeants, there are countless deaths and injuries.

They can’t go!

“God Lord does not have to blame himself. This matter is also counted in their hearts. I am a man, there is no one who is afraid of death!” One dominates the expert.

The Lord sighed and said: “This seat can sense that the battle on the Northern Line has subsided, I am afraid… it is over!”

In the latter case, he did not say anything, but everyone else understands that the Northern Line is probably completely lost!

The rulers of the barriers of the sky are silent again.

“Hey, the Northern Line is broken, Tai Ming Yu is in jeopardy! In the future, you can only take one step and see one step!” A mastery suddenly sighed.


Suddenly, a sound rang out and rang through the entire barrier.

In the heart of God, “ge-deng”, he knows that the result of the Northern Line is coming!

Even though he is the mastermind, Tai Mingyu is the first person in the world, and this time it is also a sorrow.

After all, the results of the Northern Line are too important!

Although he knew there was no hope, he still hoped to hear an Information that was not too bad.

“Feihong, oh… what?” God sighed.

Fei Feihong, the first person under the control!

Tianyi Alliance, the master of the situation sits in the sky barrier.

And the highest commander below is Fei Feihong!

When Fei Feihong heard the Northern Line war report, he first came to the barrier of the sky and told the masters through the barriers of the sky.

Listening to the Lord of God, Fei Feihong pressed down his heart and said: “Lord God, the Northern Line has won a big victory, the Spatial channel has completely collapsed, and the Northern Line has no worries! Kill one of the emperors’ ten days. In May, killing the emperor’s day expert lotus coat, the whole bloody clan north line army! From the Spatial channel into the Tianyi’s more than ten emperor expert, 30,000 army, the whole army is annihilated! Strong, I am a league!”

Fei Feihong, the first person to release the emperor, was excited to dance at this time, as if he was a child who was praised by Lord.

But the barriers of the sky, but in a dead silence.

No doubt, the masters are shocked by this Information!

This Information is too shocking and shocking to add!

“Feihong, this kind of thing can be opened without a joke!” The voice of the Lord God is almost shaking.

(End of this chapter)

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