Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2835

2837. Chapter 2835 is shocked!

Chapter 2835 is shocked!

“This seat is here today, it is a substitute for the teacher!”

The first sentence of Zhou Songquan’s opening made everyone in the room stunned.

Because of his gaze, I looked at Ye Yuan!

That means, self-evident!

It’s not Zhou Songquan’s apprenticeship, it’s Zhou Songquan’s master!

This…is amazing!

The presence of Tianyi is a high-level, naturally know who Zhou Songquan’s master is.

A mastery, actually a teacher!

In other words, is he commensurate with Ye Yuan Senior Brother?

In the presence of the Empire, there is almost an impulse to vomit blood.

This is too big to play?

Especially the left dust, just want to cry without tears.

This is my disciple. Is it good for you to collect the disciple and consider my feelings?

Just now or my disciple, this blink of an eye became my master!

The battle report clearly stated clearly that I have accepted him as a disciple, OK?

Is this really good?

If, before this battle, he did not teach Ye Yuan’s mind, but after that, he really moved the mind.

However, now he has, but there is no chance.

For the mastermind, everything is an ant.

Not in the dominance, there will never be qualifications that are comparable to them.

What’s more, Zuo Chen is just a trifling emperor.

Zhou Songquan looked at Ye Yuan and said faintly: “Ye Yuan, my master is the first person of Pill Dao, who is the master of Pill Dao! He knows you Pill Dao natural talent is amazing, you want to accept you as a disciple, you Can you be willing?”

In this regard, Ye Yuan is also very surprised.

This is the master of the game, too, will play too?

However, he immediately shook his head: “I don’t want to!”


This sudden big reversal made everyone not respond.

As a result, everyone made a variety of strange voices.

It was Zhou Songquan, and he looked at Ye Yuan very unexpectedly.

This brat seems to be really different!

Baiyun Mountain is the master of the division. It is the dream of many days of pharmacists, that is, the left dust present, do not dare to have this luxury.

Because Yunshan is the master, I have not received the discipline for a long time!

Unless, on this day, a continent really has something to do with the extreme, then he will not make an exception.

However, such an opportunity, Ye Yuan did not want to refuse.

This is indeed surprising!

He looked seriously: “Ye Yuan, you know, what is the existence of Yunshan Master? If you miss this opportunity, you may regret it forever!”

Ye Yuan is also a serious face, nodded: “I know! But, I refuse!”

He is not a fool, the master of the master, can he be a normal person?

Tai Ming Yu is the first person in the sky, it is to look at the heavens, it is definitely the existence of the giant level!

However, Ye Yuan has his own principles.

儋翡coldly shouted said: “Ye Yuan, are you crazy? You know, what did you refuse?”

It is left dust, but also Shen Sheng: “Ye Yuan, no fun! This is a chance to climb the sky, you are a retrospective, with the power of the ancestors, to protect you into the real release of Realm, absolutely no problem!”

He said, he also said to Zhou Songquan: “Master Song Quan, read this young child, you don’t want to know him!”

Other emperors expert, have also persuaded Ye Yuan, let him not be willful.

Such an opportunity, who are they not jealous?

Yes, Yuan Yuan, refused to refuse, too!

Zhou Songquan looked at Ye Yuan and suddenly smiled.

“Interesting! Very interesting! Can you tell me why you refused?”

Ye Yuan calmly said: “First, I have already worshipped the left-handed master as a teacher, and I have promised a lot of money! If I change the court at this time, it is tantamount to bullying the ancestors!”

After listening to this, Zuo Chen’s heart was very touched.

He is a good emperor expert, but in front of the master, he is nothing.

Dominant, will not care about his ideas.

Yes, Ye Yuan, but can think for him, even refused such a big temptation for this, how can he not be moved?

At that time, he only accepted Ye Yuan for the reputation of the medicinal medicinal herbs. He believed that Ye Yuan also knew.

But now, Ye Yuan can do this step, which has to be admired.

Left dust can’t help feeling, this discipline, no mistake!

The more so, the less he can delay Ye Yuan!


Zuo Chen was trying to speak, but Zhou Songquan stopped using gestures. He said to Ye Yuan: “Go on.”

Ye Yuan said: “Second, I know that the masters want to reward me with this, but this time the credit is not made by me alone! Without the brothers to fight with each other, with my own strength, I can’t break through! I understand that in the eyes of your master, what is the real emperor, Saint Sovereign, all are ants, even the emperor expert, also the ants! But without them, it will be finished in the morning! Just by your master, block I can’t live with the bloody army! So, thanks to this credit, Ye Yuan is guilty!”

In this remark, everyone who was present was very moved.

In particular, Ming also waited for several major leaders, and suddenly gave birth to a feeling of death for the confidant.

These words, when they say they are gone!

They have always been cannon fodder.

But cannon fodder, also has the role of cannon fodder!

Whether it is the masterland or Saint Sovereign, they are guarding the heavens!

After this war, everyone is celebrating victory.

In addition to those Saint Sovereign days, who else will remember the souls who died on the battlefield?

But Ye Yuan, keep in mind!

This child is worthy of entrustment!

This is the voice of someone at the place!

Ye Yuan did not stop, but continued: “Third, I went to the medicinal sect, for the Pill Dao classics of the medicinal medicinal herbs! Medical Pill, I have my own way! So, who is the teacher, There is no difference to me.”


In the hall, there was a burst of cold air.

This third point is too crazy!

It’s crazy!

The first two points are moving and moving.

But the third point, it’s too much to adjust!

Especially the left dust, almost crying out.

I just moved, and you blink my face in a blink of an eye?

Co-author, you simply did not intend to take me as a master!

But think about it, it’s all smart people. Ye Yuan is afraid that he has never expected him to be a cheap master.

“Ye Yuan, what is nonsense? Get out of the way!” Zuo Chen coldly shouted.

Ming is a swearing, in fact, is protecting Ye Yuan.

This is too big to say!

This is the front, but the master!

What are you special, don’t you die?

Ye Yuan looked at the left dust and his heart was slightly moved.


Zhou Songquan suddenly burst into laughter, and left the heart of the heart “ge-deng”, the dark passage is not good!

This time, the ruler is really angry.

If you refuse, you will refuse it, and you will still have such a reason for not being killed!

“well said!”

Zhou Songquan laughed and said: “Ye Yuan, this seat is really more and more like you! One way, the mysterious and mysterious, but only out of their own way, Ability reaches peak! Your Realm is low, but the heart is like a mirror! Unfortunately, unfortunately If you are not a retrograde, how wonderful!”

Ye Yuan said: “How about the retrogression? The way that others can’t get through, Ye Yuan may not be able to get through!”

(End of this chapter)

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