2838. Chapter 2836 Lao Tzu killed you!

Chapter 2836 Lao Tzu killed you!

“What are you talking about? You mixed the brat and refused to be the discipline of the seat? It’s the day!”

“Oh, ah, mad at the seat! All the heavens, how many Talent want to worship this seat, the birds are not birds, today was actually rejected by a Saint Sovereign day?”

“This seat must kill him! Be sure to kill him!”

When I heard the reply from Song Quan, Yunshan dominated the air and thundered.

Of course, this scene is actually expected by Zhou Songquan.

His master is the best face, and the disciple must absolutely take Talent in Talent. It is difficult for ordinary people to enter his eyes.

Yunshan dominates the disciples, each of which is an expert of the name.

And himself, has always been his pride, but also the cost of his sorrow.

Telling the truth, the realm of the rule is not taught.

Therefore, Zhou Songquan agrees with Ye Yuan.

Of course, he can step into the dominance, on the one hand, because he is shocked, and on the other hand, he does have a relationship with Yunshan.

Therefore, even if he stepped into the dominance, Zhou Songquan still dominated Yunshan.

Yunshan dominates the disciples and the conditions are extremely harsh.

Especially after himself, his conditions are even more harsh and horrifying.

No way, Zhu Yu is in front, and Yunshan’s eyes are even higher.

Therefore, Yunshan has dominated for more than 100,000 years and has not received disciples.

This time, he took Ye Yuan as a disciple, and Ye Yuan refused. Where did he live?

“Hahaha, Yunshan old ghost, I don’t think you have it today, it’s really uncomfortable!” There was an old voice coming from the barrier.

Yunshan dominated his face and sneered: “Black and old ghosts, don’t say cool words here! Zhao He’s stupid bird is not good, you just laugh at me for 10,000 years, he just can’t! Humph!”

Heiyang dominated and screamed: “You have a blind eye to the old things, Zhao He natural talent is absolutely good, even if you do not accept him, he is now Ninth Rank day pharmacist! Do not know this for you.” What a ghost idea, Zhao He’s natural talent is worse, isn’t it comparable to a trifling five-day pharmacist?”

Yunshan dominated the smile and said: “Don’t tell me, it’s really not comparable! The square of the blood of Yan Jing I saw, it is definitely the pen of God! Others don’t say, it is now Zhao He, there is a bloody blood In the case of essence, it may not be possible to develop it! This brat has Spiritual Qi, otherwise you think that everyone in this seat really accepts as a disciple?”

“You! Fart!” The black-yang master was stunned and could not speak.

The black lord is dominated by Lei Ming continent and is honored by Martial Path.

Zhao He, a descendant of Heiyang, is not very interested in Martial Path, but is very interested in Pill Dao.

At that time, Zhao He spent a month in front of the Yunshan master’s door, and wanted to worship the Yunshan as a teacher, and Yunshan was also confiscated.

Later, the black lord dominated and personally, Yunshan dominated still did not agree.

This matter, the black lord has always been worried.

However, Zhao He later vie for enthusiasm, and he cultivated to the real release of Realm, becoming Ninth Rank Day Pharmacist!

Heiyang’s ruler felt very relieved, and he came to find Yunshan’s master.

However, Yunshan dominated but dismissed, bluntly saying that Zhao He Ninth Rank is already the ultimate, absolutely impossible to go further.

I really want to show off, wait for Zhao He to step into the dominance, and then show off!

Heiyang dominated and asked for a boring, gambled, and spent a great deal of energy to train Zhao He.

However, Yunshan’s dominance seems to be prescient. After Zhao’s entry into Ninth Rank, progress has become extremely slow and extremely slow.

The black-yang master took a great price, but the effect was very weak.

This face was beaten.

This time, watching Yunshan dominate the eating, he naturally could not help but come out to face.

As a result, I was beaten again!

In fact, Yunshan dominates behind Pill Dao, and the horizon is naturally not comparable to the average person.

Zhao He is not really able to afford Adou, otherwise it is impossible to step into the Ninth Rank day pharmacist, but that’s all.

Yunshan dominated but ignored the violent black-yang master, but calmed down and asked Zhou Songquan: “Songquan, you see this, how do you feel?”

Zhou Songquan was silent for a moment and commented: “It is absolutely extraordinary!”

Yunshan dominates the difference: “Oh? You are so optimistic about him?”

He knows that his disciple is also very high-spirited, and the ordinary Talent is not in the eye.

Because he is a stunning Talent!

Can he be so evaluated, it can be seen that Ye Yuan’s natural talent really has nothing to say.

Zhou Songquan nodded: “If he is your backwash, the disciple thinks that he should be able to step into the dominance!”

Not only is Yunshan dominated, but other masters are also shocked.

Dominant, not to talk casually.

Often, hundreds of thousands of years can not be a master!

There are many, many of them in the heavens and the world, but there are very few masters.

This step is too difficult and too difficult!

It is possible for Zhou Songquan to comment so much that Ye Yuan is absolutely inferior.

But only a pity, that is… reverse repair!

“Then he refused to the seat, is it from the heart, or deliberately?” Yunshan dominated suddenly asked.

This issue is somewhat subjective, but Yunshan does not care.

In the face of Zhou Songquan’s dominance, Ye Yuan’s emotional fluctuation is all impossible.

The reason given by Ye Yuan is very good, but in fact, it is not a reason.

Yunshan dominates, but it is not the general dominance expert.

On Pill Dao, he is the absolute authority!

Heiyang dominates and he is a super-expert of level, but he also agrees with Pill Dao dominated by Yunshan, otherwise he will not let Zhao He enter his door.

Being treated like this by the supreme, that is what countless people dream of!

You know, Sect Head of the Pharmacist is not qualified to worship under his door.

Some people like to take care of the machine and think that this will give him a high look.

Of course, this kind of behavior is just self-righteous. How can they get through the eyes of the host?

Zhou Songquan said: “This child is taller than the sky, I am afraid… It is really not to see the Master! He also said that all the way to today, almost all of them are enlightenment. Who is the teacher… There is no difference. “”


The barriers of the sky shook.

Yunshan dominates anger!

“Grandma, a bear! I have lived this age, I have never seen such a mad brat! I am already crazy enough, this brat is more mad than Laozi! I don’t agree, I will go to him personally! I will not agree, I will fight.” Die him!”

call out!

A flowing light flies out of the barrier, all the way to the north!



Zuo Chen slaps Ye Yuan into the ground and screams: “Are you a pig? You don’t want such a good chance? Do you know who Yunshan is? Do you know how many people cry in the world? Shouting to worship him as a teacher? I am mad at Laozi! I am mad at myself! I will kill you this uncontested thing today!”

(End of this chapter)

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