Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2837

2839. Chapter 2837 looks like your arrogant, very good in the style of the year!

Chapter 2837, the way you are arrogant, it is the style of this year!

In the face of the anger of the left dust, Ye Yuan did not blame, but the heart was warm.

After the last World War, Zuo Chen had really regarded himself as a pro-disciple, so he was so angry.

It is very common to change the teacher’s respects during the cultivation. This is not a big deal.

As long as you are not betraying the teacher, you will not be criticized.

People go up high and the water flows down. This is Heavenly Dao!

If you change your voice to your own words, you will not hesitate to agree.

Yes, Ye Yuan, this guy turned out to be!

“Left teacher, he really has nothing to teach me! Or, what can you teach me?” Ye Yuan asked with a smile.

Left dust is just out of gas, naturally it will not really hurt Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan looks miserable now, but it is actually a skin injury.

When the left dust heard it, it immediately exploded. He sneered: “Oh…hē hē, a good arrogant’s brat! Do you think that you have a blood of Yanjing, you are invincible? Not to mention the ancestors, for the teacher Heaven pharmacist, isn’t it enough to teach you?”

Ye Yuan looked at the left dust and said faintly: “I have already touched the threshold of Xuan Pin!”

Zuo Chen is suffering from anger. After listening to this, he can’t help, and immediately look at Ye Yuan with a look at the monster’s eyes.

The authenticity is not the end of Pill Dao.

Above the authenticity, it is a mystery!

When it comes to the emperor, the ordinary day of the Medical Pill has little effect.

Even the real thing Tiandan, for the emperor, the effect is greatly reduced.

Xuan Pin, is the exclusive Tiandan of the emperor expert!

The authentic Tiandan, which combines the power of Great Dao, has incredible effects.

However, this is only the initial use of Heavenly Dao.

Really want to enter the room, you must reach the mystery!

Xuan Pin, can dig out greater possibilities based on the efficacy of Tianji.

If you say that the real thing can play 120% of the effect of the heavenly medicine, then the mysterious product can double or even triple the effect!

The gap between the two cannot be measured.

Just, from the real thing to the mystery, the span between them is great!

These things, Ye Yuan did not understand before, but after meeting the heavens, they naturally understood.

Under the emperor, the fundamental impulse achieves the mystery!

Because you want to refine the mystery, you need to have a deep understanding of Pill Dao.

Do not reach the seven-day pharmacist Realm, want to refine the Xuan Pin Tiandan is simply an idiot dream!

Of course, there are also a handful of towering towers that can refine the mysterious products before the emperor, such as Zhou Songquan.

This incident has been a sensation!

However, even Zhou Songquan, at the time of the peak of the real emperor, reached this step.

At that time, he was not far from the emperor.

Yes Yuan Yuan, what is Realm now?

Median Saint Sovereign Day!

This brat, even the top Saint Sovereign days have no breakthrough!

Wupintian pharmacist, refining Xuan Pin Tiandan?

How to listen, it is like a fantasy!

Seeing the left-handed stunned look, Ye Yuan said faintly: “Go to the medicinal medicinal tract, but also to break through the mystery. Otherwise, before you accept me as a disciple, I really don’t necessarily agree.”

In the air, there was a slamming voice.

The two of them became mentoring, just meeting their meeting.

Although the friendship between the two has warmed up, the original intention cannot be changed.

Ye Yuan promised that the left dust, indeed just for the medicinal herbs to enrich themselves, breakthrough shackles.

The real thing is hard, and the black goods are more difficult.

Even Ye Yuan, it is not easy to break through this step.


Ye Yuan was again beaten by a slap, and Zuo Chen angered: “If you don’t tell the truth, you will die? You are a disobedient, mad at me! I killed you!”


The left dust was shot by a slap, and a figure appeared suddenly.

He glanced at the left dust, faintly said: “Bag brat, actually dare to hit your master, you are the disobedient, the fight! Laozi’s discipline, only Laozi to fight!”

Come, is an old man with a sacred bone, who is not dominated by Yunshan?

Of course, this is also a avatar.

The left dust trembled and shocked: “You… are you the ancestors of Yunshan?”

Yunshan dominated the faint road: “Nature is this seat, are you left?”

Zuo Chen pūtōng snorted and trembled: “Brother… The disciple meets Yunshan ancestors!”

Yunshan dominates and is completely different from Zhou Songquan.

He is the legend of the Pharmacy, an unbeaten myth!

Even if Zhou Songquan is promoted to the dominance, it cannot be compared with Yunshan.

The mastermind has never seen the end of the dragon, but Zhou Songquan is a disciple of Sect. The rising star is no stranger to him, and naturally he feels less awe.

But for Yunshan to dominate, it is different.

He is an expert at the old monster level. Don’t look at the left dust is the expert of the Emperor Realm. You can see Yunshan, which is impossible.

But today, Yunshan dominated for Ye Yuan, personally arrived!

Yunshan dominated him without paying attention to him, but looked at Ye Yuan and said: “Gambling brat, can you still see you as a teacher?”

Ye Yuan’s mouth is slightly pumping, this old guy is so shameless!

I clearly refused, this guy is still a teacher!

Ye Yuan said faintly: “I said very clearly with Song Quan, I will not worship you as a teacher!”

“Oh, great tone! If you say no to worship, don’t you worship? You know, how many people are crying and crying, asking me to accept him as a disciple?”

Ye Yuan looked helplessly: “In the past two days, I have heard the ear give birth to the old man! But what does it have to do with me? I admit that you are very powerful, but in the future, I may not be able to catch up with you or even surpass you. !”

After listening to this, the left dust was erected.

I do not know him!

I do not know him!

He chanted in his heart.


Yunshan heard it, but it was a loud laugh: “Sure enough crazy! Looking at the world, dare to speak to this seat, there are really few! Brat, you are not the same as Songquan’s stuffy gourd, very much for this seat Appetite! Your arrogant looks very good in the style of the year! Hahaha… You disce, this seat is set!”

Ye Yuan was speechless for a while, and he really didn’t have any interest in apprenticeship.

Even at the Heavenly Connection World, Divine Ancestor High Priest, and other peaks existed, and he was also a brother.

And he did not expect to come out, and went out of a big Dao.

Today, in thirty three days, Ye Yuan is confident that he can do the same.

Especially after getting the classics of the fascinating palace, Ye Yuan opened his eyes and there was already a direction for the road to Pill Dao.

Ye Yuan settled for a long time before leaving the rain contingency, and he made great progress on Pill Dao.

“Sorry, I really haven’t changed my mind.” Ye Yuan still shook her head.

Yunshan pointed to the left dust, faintly said: “You don’t agree, this seat will send him to the forefront! You should know, fight against the blood family, nine deaths! Right, and those friends around you! The front line is very short People, since they are a part of Tianyi, they should work for the league. You said, isn’t it?”

Yunshan dominated the old fox-like smile.

Ye Yuan’s face is black, this old guy, so shameless, actually used this method to force himself to submit.

(End of this chapter)

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  1. Ok, so here it seems to confirm 7th Rank is called some kind of Emperor. 帝境 is used, and I only know a bit of Chinese and even with the help of google translate can only say this means “Emperor Realm”. The first character, Di, is classically emperor but looking at google translate could be God. However, God usually uses the “Shen” character so I think calling this a God realm would be a mistake. Lets not forget above this realm is Ruler and Heavenly Emperor.

    The 6th rank was called True Emperor, so am at a little loss what to name this. Just “Emperor” is a little misleading because True Emperor came before it but is a lower realm but by having “True” would make it sound as a higher realm. Lets see if Comrademao picks up a better translation otherwise we’ll have to wait til the proper translations and call it something like Supreme Emperor til then.

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