2904. Chapter 2902 creates a great deal!

Chapter 2902 creates a great deal!

“Li Qingyun? You have not died under the road robbery! hē hē, just rely on you, and want to kill me?” You look at the present, especially full of disdain.

Li Qingyun of course he knows, in fact, the two have played many times.

But in the end, especially today is still taking the lead and stepping into the dominance.

Li Qingyun has been stopped outside the gate of the main cause.

For Li Qingyun, I am disdainful.

Li Qingyun said faintly: “If you are in the peak period, I am naturally not your opponent. But… since you are seriously injured by the power of the barrier, this is a good opportunity for you!”

In particular, I disdain: “After heavy injury, this seat is also the master! You are a garbage that even the master can not reach, and want to kill me?”

Li Qingyun said faintly: “Try not to know!”

After all, Li Qingyun pointed out that the power of the source is coming!

The pressure of frightening makes everyone change color.

Among them, nature includes the present!

He looked overwhelmed with shock: “Nine roads! You… you actually realized nine sources!”

Li Qingyun ignored the horror of the present and the United States, with a finger of hegemony, point to the present.

Magical powers, nine absolutely killing means!

Especially today overwhelmed with shock, the blood of the body rises up, desperately want to block this finger.

Just now calm, nowhere.

Instead, it is a look of fear.


The blood mans of the present body was directly broken by Li Qingyun, and the whole person was penetrated.

This finger is powerful to the extreme.

Ye Yuan was also the first time to see Li Qingyun take action, it was really amazing to the extreme.

This is probably the first person under the control?

“Is this a supernatural power? It really is amazing! Now, I also have the power of the source, I don’t know if I can comprehend a magical power!”

Ye Yuan looked at Li Qingyun, who was almost a hole in the sky, couldn’t help but feel fascinated.

The magical power is the martial arts used by the mastering expert, and it is powerful to the extreme.

Although Li Qingyun is still not the mastermind, he has realized nine sources, and his strength can almost be compared to the weaker dominance.

Ye Yuan dares to kill the master, the biggest reliance is naturally Li Qingyun.

However, not all of the masters can understand the magical powers.

Supernatural powers, some similar to the natural talent of Clan.

It’s just that the source expert comprehends the magical power and needs a chance.

The mastery of the supernatural powers is naturally stronger than the power of the supernatural powers.

Li Qingyun mastered the magical power in the realm of Realm, and it really surprised everyone.

Looking at this scene, Feng Xiaotian muttered: “That is the real magical power! Qingyun brothers enter the mastery, I am afraid that you can immediately dominate the Insta-kill!! Great! Great!”

“Is that the magical power? It’s amazing!”

“It’s so powerful that one finger crushes the masterland!”

“Oh, today’s World War I, we are destined to shock the world!”



A bloody sky rises, especially today!

Li Qingyun smiled and caught up with a step.

I saw the sky, and the sound of fighting with extremely frightening was shocking.

And here, almost a one-sided slaughter!

Ye Yuan’s blood erupts, a person who has entered the army, such as entering the uninhabited.

He was thick and thin, and after breaking through the real emperor, he rushed to the next real peak.

Under the Great Perfection, there are few opponents.

When Ye Yuan was only on the top of Saint Sovereign, it was already invincible in Saint Sovereign.

Today, nature is even more powerful.

And he sucked up two blood pools in succession, and the power of Bloodline was already strong enough.

Under a fist, it is the real emperor, but also directly by Insta-kill.

There is a battle under him, and it seems to be a lot smoother.

In particular, this 100,000-strong army is the elite Martial Artist of the Tianyi Alliance!

When the army arrives, it will be destroyed.

It was the battle of the emperor, and it seemed to be anxious.

But at this time, Feng Xiaotian is also the Divine Might, and he vomited blood repeatedly.

As Ye Yuan expected, even the war, the blood of the emperor’s emperor also suffered heavy losses.

On the other side of the day, there is a lot of fresh blood.

On the emperor’s side, Tianyi still has an absolute advantage.

The ending seems to be doomed!

At this time, among the barriers of the sky, the masters are not calm!

Receiving the information from the Nanzhao giant city, Yunshan dominated almost crazy.

“This little bastard, is he crazy? The power of the blood of the blood, even the experience expert can’t hold it! He led the 100,000 army, isn’t it going to die? What’s more, the master is injured again, that is the masterland. Li Qingyun that mixed things, actually accompanied Ye Yuan together crazy! Qi… mad at the seat!” Yunshan dominated the breach.

These guys, even a greeting does not hit, directly out of the barriers!

The previous big win was to rely on the guardian Big Array.

These dog things, I really think that I am invincible in the world?

“Humph! Yunshan old ghost, you teach a good discipline! It doesn’t matter if they die, but if the 100,000 army is rushed in, your medicinal sin is the sinner of the ages!” The voice of Black Sun dominated and passed.

Yunshan dominated his face, but this time it was surprisingly not refuted.

The Lord is worried and said: “This battle is a victory, but also a terrible victory! The blood of the blood is so powerful that many people have not received it. With the bonus of the blood of the eye, the 200,000 army of the giant city will become Tiger Wolf Division! This time, Feng Xiaotian and Ye Yuan are really too!”

After a moment of hesitation, Songquan dominated the road: “Master, the Little Junior Brother was a bloody blood god, and you should know some about the blood family. Maybe he has a way to deal with the blood of the blood?”

“hē hē, the light of the blood, is that I am the master, and can only be forced to destroy, can not be suppressed! He is a little true emperor, can really turn the sky?” Black Yang dominated the sneer.

“Black Sun brother said it is good! Ye Yuan did create a lot of miracles, but this time, it is too impudent! I heard that this time, it is his insistence, it is really true!” Another dominating road .

“In my opinion, Ye Yuan is probably a big win, and he is fainting! He now, I don’t know what his name is! Blood god, hē hē, really big name!”


All of them are dominated, and they are all angry at this time.

The Nanzhao giant city did not even fight for a greeting, and arbitrarily attacked.

Simply, don’t put these masters in your eyes!

100,000 elite!

Once it is broken in the giant city, the consequences are simply unimaginable!

In the face of such a situation, Yunshan is also dominated by pressure.

In the past few days, he really was at the extreme.

Ye Yuan knew that in a blink of an eye, Ye Yuan sold him!

Moreover, Li Qingyun’s idiom thing, actually accompanied Ye Yuan, a little guy!

At this moment, a figure came from the horizon.

“Giant City is awesome! The giant city is awesome! Especially today dominates Fuxi! It’s amazing!”

(End of this chapter)

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