2907. Chapter 2905 loses both!

Chapter 2905 loses both!

Ye Yuan feels that his Dantian is about to explode.

The power of a Huge, pulling the source of blood, wants to pull it out of its body.

Fortunately, dozens of masters take action at the same time.

These forces are enough to destroy the earth!

Ye Yuan is also the first to feel that the power of the original source is powerful!

That power comes from Heavenly Dao with Heavenly Might.

This feeling for Ye Yuan, no doubt has the benefit of Huge.

In the future, he has great reference to his entry into the realm of Realm and even the dominance.

But at this time, he can’t take care of it.

At this time, he was like a grinding disc, and was rubbed back and forth by two strong forces.

wanna die!

This is the only feeling of Ye Yuan at this time.

Too strong!

Although this collision is not a physical showdown, but the original matchup, there is another sinister!

The blood of his mouth was mad, and he was in a moment of sudden death.

At this moment, a powerful force of life poured into his fleshy body, frantically repairing his injury.

“Be careful with this heart, took out the sword, suppress the origin of the blood! This thing is very important to you, to us, and must not let him take it back!” Yunshan dominated, in Ye Yuan’s ear.

This life force is extremely powerful, and although his floshy body is constantly being destroyed, it is also repaired by madness.

The power of dominance, can not imagine!

Ye Yuan’s heart is moving, and he quickly converges on his mind. The sword hangs in Dantian and suppresses the origin of blood.

The source of this blood is not strong, and the strength of Ye Yuan is enough to suppress.

Primal Chaos blood stone is because of the sword of Aura, very optimistic about Ye Yuan, naturally will not harm him.

The source of this blood is just to help him insights the source.

However, under the call of Primal Chaos bloodstone, it became arrogant and tried to break free from Ye Yuan’s bondage.

Ye Yuan’s Daojian has issued a powerful pressure, and the force of this source has been suppressed in his own Dantian.

As for the storms of the outside world, it is not that he can intervene.

Want to come, dozens of masters teamed up, will not be able to deal with a Primal Chaos blood stone?

After all, this is not his main body in person.

Sure enough, the origin of the two sides, the Tianyi masters quickly took the upper hand.

Especially the gods, as well as Yunshan dominated, Black Yang dominated these, the strength is really strong to the extreme.

Ye Yuan is also the first to feel the power of God. His power is like a dazzling sun, which compares the power of all people.

This silent confrontation, but the sinister to the extreme.

If it wasn’t for Yunshan’s dominance to protect Ye Yuan, he would have been abused as a slag.

Although they have the upper hand, every face that is dominated is filled with dignity.

They, but dozens of masters take action at the same time!

These frightening lineups are enough to destroy the earth, but only suppress the Primal Chaos bloodstone!

The other party is too strong!

“This thing is too strong! If the main body is in person, we can’t resist it!” On the face of God, it showed an unprecedented dignified color.

The black-yang master is also Shen Sheng: “What is this damned thing, evil is skyrocketing! If this thing is born, I am afraid that one person can sweep the First Layer day!”

Yunshan dominates: “This thing is symbiotic with the blood family, the stronger the blood family, the stronger his strength! Now, his rise is probably unstoppable!”

In a word, everyone is silent.

This is a big crisis!

“This is not something that we are too savvy! We must break the boundaries, tell the heavens, and deal with the blood race together! If we continue this way, all three thirty days will fall, and it may not be possible!” Heiyang dominates the road. .

Shen Shen Shen said: “It’s useless! I have already contacted other Taoist friends of the past days, but now I can’t contact it! I am afraid that the crisis of the blood family has already swept the sky! And in our current situation, I can’t break the wall!”

“I am going!” Suddenly, a voice interjected.

A group of masters, can’t help look at Ye Yuan strangely.

You are a subordinate real emperor, you want to shuttle the heavens?

Make me funny!

Ye Yuan didn’t have this kind of consciousness. Shen Sheng said: “No matter what, we should all go to the heavens! This is a battle for each other. In the end, it can only be broken by the blood race! Even if we bring back some Information, we also have Huge. s help!”

His words made the masters silent.

When the fascinating palace swept the heavens and provoked the masters of the heavens to join forces, they suppressed it.

But now, the gods are fighting each other, and they can’t resist the blood race.

Don’t look at the Tianyi Alliance’s success in the past, it is just a miracle created by Ye Yuan by many means.

However, the impact of this miracle is actually only under the emperor.

There is no change in the battle situation above the emperor.

Even if he killed a master, Tianyi is still in an absolute weak position.

Moreover, the blood family is getting stronger and stronger, and the final result is still that the barriers of the sky are broken, and the Taiming jade is falling!

In this ending, in fact, everyone has had psychological expectations.

It’s just that the problem is coming sooner or later.

God Lord nodded: “Ye Yuan said it is good, we really should go to the heavens! Just…”

Ye Yuan said: “Let Yunshan Master take action to help me, I have my own way, cross the border!”

The masters listened and they were surprised.

Sending a real emperor out of bounds wall, this is simply a fantasy!

When everyone was talking, Ye Yuan suddenly changed his face.

The source of blood in his body has once again become arrogant!

“No, the guy wants to detonate the origin of the blood!” Yunshan dominated and exclaimed.

The outside world, Primal Chaos blood stone suffered a dark loss, but also became violent.

Detonating the source of blood is also very harmful to his main body.

He didn’t want to, but he didn’t want to.

But at this time, he felt that he was counted by Ye Yuan everywhere. This time he moved dozens of masters and expeditions to encircle him, which made him angry.

So, at all costs, he wants to kill Ye Yuan!

Detonating the origin of blood, this is a matter from the inside out, the strength of the masters is strong, and can not be stopped.

Feel the frightening fluctuation uploaded by Ye Yuan, Yunshan dominates the cracks.

He is too satisfied with this disciple!

Ye Yuan If he dies here, he will not want to be born!


Ye Yuan squirts a blood, the source of blood is frantically expanding, and his sword is almost unable to suppress.

His body, like a balloon filled with air, quickly expanded.

This fried, he will be broken!

The source is weaker, that is also the source!

This kind of thing should never exist on a real emperor.

The source detonated, the power is absolutely amazing!

Ye Yuan did not expect that Primal Chaos bloodstone would risk the loss of both sides, detonating the origin of blood!

On the occasion of Imminent Danger, Ye Yuan’s eyes flashed a glimpse of color!

He manipulated the sword and smashed it to the source of the blood!

(End of this chapter)

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