2908. Chapter 2906 forcing Fusing! Heavy injury Primal Chaos Bloodstone!

Chapter 2906 forcing Fusing! Heavy injury Primal Chaos Bloodstone!

Ye Yuan has always been respectful of this source of blood.

After all, it’s too powerful.

He has been studying the origin of this blood, hoping to see the secrets of the blood family.

However, this thing is too esoteric, his Realm has not arrived, can not understand.

But this time, he can’t help it!

If he let himself blew himself, he will die!

So, he manipulated the sword and cut it to the source of the blood.

This is not to destroy the source of blood, but to force Fusing!

The Taoist sword was created by Ye Yuan’s lifelong Great Dao insights, a powerful weapon that he broke through the world.

How much potential does this thing have, even he does not know.

At least, he can do things that many people can’t do.

For example, suppress bloodline blood essence!

This shows that Ye Yuan’s Tao is above a lot of things.

The source of blood is stronger, and it is only a source of power from the birth of the heavens and the earth.

Even if he is all-encompassing, it is impossible to be bigger!

However, the sword of Ye Yuan is the object of nature.

It was born out of Heavenly Dao but different from Heavenly Dao.

Therefore, Ye Yuan has no choice, he can only force Fusing, forcibly refining, and turning this power into his own!

The origin of this blood is not Ye Yuan, but the Primal Chaos bloodstone is “borrowed” for use by Ye Yuan.

But at this time, Ye Yuan is to take advantage of it!

On top of the sword, it unleashes an all-encompassing Aura, which belongs to the Great Dao!

Under this force, the origin of blood seems to have been applied to the body.

Then, the sword became inextricably smothered and forcibly penetrated into the source of that blood.

Force Fusing!

This scene is not visible to the outside world.

Every master’s face showed an extremely worried expression.

On the other side of the Primal Chaos bloodstone, although he did not speak, from his Aura point of view, it is clearly smug.

The thrill of revenge is revealed to the masters through the power of the source.

“Damn! The power of the source has collapsed, and the real Emperor is absolutely unbearable! This time, Ye Yuan is really dead no doubt!” God Lord excited.

“This dog thing, in order to kill a subordinate real emperor, do not hesitate to lose strength!” Zhou Songquan is also a look of anger and anger.

Yunshan dominates the blood of both eyes, madly urging his own source of power, countering the Primal Chaos bloodstone!

“Dead! Dead! Dead! Give me a hand, I must let this guy, pay the price!” Yunshan growled.

This is his most cherished disciple, and now he is actually going to die in front of him.

He can’t bear it!

Although Ye Yuan has not been his disciple for a long time, Ye Yuan is indeed very appetizing.

The kind of imposing manner, the obsession and madness of Pill Dao, almost exactly the same as he was!

But now, Ye Yuan is actually dying!

Feeling the grief of Yunshan’s domination, God and others also madly urged the power of the source, trying to give Primal Chaos blood injury.

In doing so, he also hopes to prevent Primal Chaos from detonating the origin of blood in this way.

But this is futile.

Primal Chaos Bloodstone is the origin of blood, it is just a matter of thought.

This matter is irreversible!

However, the origin of the Primal Chaos bloodstone, it is difficult to break through dozens of dominant blockades.

You have to leave and leave, but it is not difficult!

The power of this guy’s origin is born in heaven and earth, extremely pure and powerful, above all the masters!

The source of the shocking blood gradually receded.

A group of lords are still unable to block them.

Moreover, his retreat is not too slow, it seems to express his ridicule for the masters.

Suddenly, this source of power suddenly slammed and instantly weakened.

Wherever the masters will let go of this opportunity, the power of the source has madly smashed the blood to Primal Chaos.

The original source of powerful blood, at this time by dozens of masters on the ground friction.

Even if it can’t be destroyed, it has caused great trauma to him!

The confrontation of the power of the source is extremely dangerous.

This time, enough Primal Chaos bloodstone to drink a pot.

It’s just that they are wondering what the Primal Chaos bloodstone is all about.


The source of blood can’t withstand such terrifying attacks, and the tide has returned.

When you come, you are powerful and unmatched, so that dozens of people dominate the enemy.

When you can go, it is like a dog at home!

This battle is over!

“This… what is going on here? His source of power seems to have suffered a serious injury!” God Lord frowned.

Yunshan, a spirit, exclaimed: “Ye Yuan! Must be Ye Yuan!”

The masters no longer chase the Primal Chaos bloodstone and return to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan, safe and sound!

However, the Aura of blood revealed in his body made everyone look slightly changed.

Forcing Fusing, success!

However, Ye Yuan is contaminated with the source of terrifying blood!

This made his Aura suddenly change.

At this time, Ye Yuan gave the feeling of being dominated, just like facing a blood family.

“Ye Yuan, you… are you okay?” Yunshan asked with concern.

Ye Yuan slowly opened his eyes and took a deep breath. He shook his head and said, “I am fine. Just now, I am forced to Fuse the source of blood! Now… it has become part of my sword!”

A group of masters took a breath of air.

This guy is crazy!

Fusing this kind of thing, and there is no difference between looking for death!

This guy, is this just Fusing?

The power of the source is the Great Dao that others have learned, and it cannot be copied at all.

Everyone, the way they go is different.

Forcing the way of others and coming to your own path is completely a search for death.

An inadvertent is the result of a collapse of the foundation.

This is also the reason why the dominance is so difficult to be born.

Your way, you can only go by yourself!

Ye Yuan, is this just Fusing?

And, is it still successful?

However, it was because of the madness of Ye Yuan that he gave Primal Chaos a bloody blow. They were Heavy Heavy Stress Primal Chaos.

Only at this time, Ye Yuan was so bloody, judging from Aura, it was completely a blood race.

“Hahaha, good brat! As the teacher knows, you won’t have anything!” Yunshan dominated and laughed.

Zhou Songquan rolled his eyes and said: “just now I don’t know who killed the red eyes and said that I want to avenge the Junior Brother!”

Yunshan dominated the anger: “You are a batter, you want to bully the ancestors?”

Zhou Songquan’s mouth was slightly pumped and he did not speak.

Ye Yuan looked at the mentor and the apprentice, and couldn’t help but smile.

Of course, the heart is a warm current.

This teacher respects, worships well!

“Ye Yuan, then you are… belong to the blood family, or Human Race?” Suddenly, Black Sun dominated Shen Shen.

When the words came out, everyone changed.

What does it mean?

Yunshan dominated his face and angered: “Black Yang, what do you mean? Ye Yuan, of course, Human Race!”

Heiyang dominated: “If he was assimilated by the blood family? If so, is he just perfunctory you?”

(End of this chapter)

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