2965. Chapter 2962 chaos source!

Chapter 2962 chaos source!

“It turned out to be him! This guy, even turned to the blood family, it seems that we are the soul of the soul, it is really embattled!”

“You know him?”

“He is the master of the Black Race of Human Race, and his strength is not under the control of Lu! Especially the road, it has reached its peak.”

“Oh, in fact, you don’t have to worry, waiting for you to enter the masterland, worthy of ten masters. You see, you are standing in front of him now, can’t he not see you?”


In the dream, Yun Ni and Ye Yuan are talking on the opposite side of the ink cloud, but the ink cloud dominates nothing.

This ink cloud dominated the strength, but Yun Yuan Ye Yuan joined forces, but the two masters of the pit died, he can not be anything.

Of course, they want to kill the ink cloud master, but they can’t do it.

Dreams are born from the heart. Yun Ni can sneak into Wujia and Lv, and they use their desire to kill themselves, letting the two die and kill each other.

Let them kill themselves, it is impossible.

If the master is so easy to kill, then it is worthless.

But because of this, even the masters feel incredible.

“Okay, let’s go. The annihilation master should have entered another Spatial, and the entrance is below this small lake.” Ye Yuan said.

Yun Ni nodded and sank to the bottom of the lake with Ye Yuan.

The small lake is not big, but it is very deep.

Soon after the two sank into the lake, a group of glare was very eye-catching.

Obviously, this is the entrance to another Spatial.

Entering the Spatial channel, the scene in front of the two suddenly changed.

The atmosphere of a snarl is coming.

Yun Ni and Ye Yuan are fascinated, and the Soul Body is almost torn by the wind here.

“Where terrifying is, here should be the ancient battlefield, and the dead expert of the origin, I am afraid it will be counted in millions!” Ye Yuan took a breath and said.

Here, it is a real source of Asura Arena!

On the battlefield, there are chaos and rumors everywhere. It seems to be raging everywhere.

If ordinary people come here, this is the source of this confusion, it is enough to make them fly away.

Fortunately, the Yuan’s Soul Body is different, and the Ability is maintained.

“Ye Yuan, I seem to… realize.” On the side, Yun Ni suddenly said.

Ye Yuan glimpsed and turned around and found that the Soul Body of Yunni was actually dissipating!

He can’t help his eyes condense and immediately understand what.

The Soul Body and the Soul Body have the same effect.

氤氲Soul Body was born from Primal Chaos and can be transformed into thousands.

The Yunmen Soul Body is attributed to nothingness, and it feels like a dream.

These two Soul Body have a natural advantage for the original insights.

There are countless sources of chaos here, and for them Soul Body, it is a paradise for enlightenment!

Yunni’s Realm has already reached the level of Great Perfection, and the source of insights has reached dozens.

Now, the opportunity for this breakthrough is coming!

However, Ye Yuan also understands that this is a chance and there is great danger.

There are dozens of millions of sources of chaos, the strength of the source is uneven, there are many of the same sources, the directions of insights are not the same, one is not good, it will be lost.

The current scene, some like it is not confused.

Only, here are all sources!

There are too many High-ranks here than not to be confused.

Moreover, it is actually within a rule range, but there is no rule here, it is completely a mess!

Yun Ni almost did not have to deliberately comprehend, and it has entered the state of epiphany.

Ye Yuan thought about it, but still didn’t wake up Yun Ni.

This is her chance, Life and Death is controlled by herself and she has no power to interfere.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Yuan stepped forward.

The more you go forward, the more difficult it is for Ye Yuan to extricate himself.

A source of truth, as if to drill into your own soul.

That temptation is simply unbeatable.

That is the temptation to become an expert!

Enlighten here, he can go to peak and become the strongest master in the world!

Do not destroy the master, maybe it is just that!

Ye Yuan’s eyes are getting more and more confused.

His Soul Body has also been completely transformed into a Soul Body.

氤氲Soul Body has not been under his control, and has evolved into a variety of sources!

In such an environment, the temptation to 氤氲Soul Body is simply fatal.

Ye Yuan found that her consciousness began to blur.

“It’s awful! My Soul Body is not strong enough. It’s a paradise for Soul Body, but it’s not my paradise! If I go on like this, my consciousness will be completely wiped out and become part of the myriad of chaos!”

Ye Yuan is in a hurry and he knows very well that he is now in the most dangerous moment.

Yes, he has no way to reverse this situation.

His Soul Body is simply out of control!

Ye Yuan did not expect that he would suddenly be in danger.

This kind of state is that the popular saying is not to be filled.

His power, his Soul Body, is simply not enough to withstand the power of such frightening.

However, his Soul Body is still can’t help autonomously absorbed!


In the depths of the ancient battlefield, the four powerful forces were entangled.

These four forces seem to have reached a delicate balance and appear to be very calm.

These four people are naturally the four to the highest!

“Hey, two youngsters who don’t even have a dominant position, even broke into the battlefield of the gods! That ink cloud brat, it’s a waste! And, it turns out to be the Soul Body and the real soulless Soul Body! Ghost, this time, you have someone else!” In nothing, there is a voice of evil spirits.

This voice is from the evil Dragon Lord of the Abyss.

“Humph!” The ancestors were cold and cold.

He knows that this evil dragon is deliberately sarcasm.

However, he was also extremely surprised in his heart. During this time of his absence, the Nervans had a second unseen Soul Body!

This is the real 氤氲Soul Body!

As the supreme master, he can naturally feel it.

“The little girl of Soum Body is okay, maybe there is still a chance to survive. But the brat of the Soul Body is a bit self-sufficient. hē hē, you see, his consciousness is about to dissipate. Here is one of the battlefields of the sacred gods in the past, the origin of the death expert reached a million! And he is, a little emperor Yuntian, actually dare to enter here!” .

“I don’t destroy the old ghosts, these two youngsters are obviously to save you. It seems that this Soul Body, still senses the origin of your stay. Just, the Nervous people actually sent these two little guys, estimated There are a few brats in Yutian, and it’s already dead. Are you still struggling?” The bloody song is dominated.

Do not destroy the master cold cold: “You three guys rack one’s brains in scheming, but can you help me? Big deal, let’s all die together! I really think that my immortal name is white?”

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