2966. Chapter 2963 does not destroy the soul of the rule!

Chapter 2963 does not destroy the soul of the rule!

“Oh, don’t destroy the old ghost, you don’t have to cross us! Your strength is indeed beyond our imagination, but when you and I are Realm, you are also unwilling.” If you really have this Determined, will not be consumed with us here.”

For the threat of immortality, the evil Dragon Lord is just a disdain.

The current situation, although far beyond their expectations, but everyone’s mind, no one can beat anyone.

When it comes to these Realm, no one is a fool.

The immortal ruler is just a cold cry, apparently by default the evil dragon’s statement.

“But also, we are not trying to kill you. Just trapping you here is enough! When all your disciples are dead, we can let you go out.” Blood songs dominated the laughter, and they did not eat. Demonstrate the appearance of the master.

“Well? That brat is too weak, his consciousness is about to dissipate.”

Sure enough, at this time, Ye Yuan’s consciousness has been unclear by Primal Chaos.

When the consciousness is scattered, the Soul Body is the object of the Lord, and it is completely dead.

It’s just that Ye Yuan’s residual consciousness is still strongly unwilling.

“The purple umbrella is already in sight!”

“I can save Ling Xue immediately, how can I die like this?”

“No! I can’t die!”

“no way!”


This strong unwillingness, let his consciousness still remain there.

Even if there is only a trace of insignificance, it is like a faint star fire, stubbornly not dissipating.

Saving Mu Lingxue’s tone has already supported him to the present, and he is not willing to give up now!

One hour, two hours…

In the blink of an eye, the four masters thought that Ye Yuan was dead.

But he, actually, stubbornly supported it.

This time, the four masters were shocked.

The four of them are mutually restrained and they are flustered.

The arrival of Ye Yuan and Yun Ni brought them a little fun.

Therefore, their attention is naturally placed on these two people.

Compared to Yun Ni, Ye Yuan is more worthy of attention.

Because, he is going to die soon.

“This brat, a strong will, this is not dead!” evil Dragon Lord slaughtered.

“This is to see if this brat can last for a long time.” Blood sings.

Tianshen smiled and said: “hē hē, idle is also boring, it is better to gamble, how long can this brat last?”

The evil dragon smiled and said: “Haha, good idea! This brat will be very strong, and this seat will bet, he can support ten days!”

The blood song is also a smile, said: “I bet fifteen days!”

The soul of the sky is a smile: “There are millions of sources here. This brat is like a drop of water falling into the sea. How long can it last? In the end, it can only be assimilated! I Wager, he definitely can’t support three days! No Destroy the old ghost, you also do not destroy the Soul Body, what do you say?”

The best thing about the Soul Body is that it is not dominant.

Do not destroy the silence for a long while, said: “Three months!”

When the words came out, the three masters were all laughing.

Obviously, this is a joke.

Although you are not destroying the Soul Body, don’t take us as the supreme master.

Just like this, can you support for three months?

“Do not destroy the old ghost, do you think it is very boring now, do you have a few fun?” The soul is laughing.

“Don’t say this is brat, it is in this environment in this year, it can’t last for one month! You actually said that this brat can support for three months?” Blood song dominated and laughed.

“Here, there is no trace of change. His consciousness is almost annihilated. If it can last for three months, this seat will take off your head and let you kick!” The evil Dragon Lord slaughtered.

The unruly master looked at him and said faintly: “Then, you are ready to take your head off.”

When you are finished, you will not speak.

For Ye Yuan, the second truly unsuccessful Soul Body, it’s especially important to dominate the nature.

From Ye Yuan, he seems to have seen himself.

Not to destroy the Soul Body, but this person!

After that kind of unwillingness, that kind of unyielding, he saw it from Ye Yuan.

In order to lead the rise of the Nebula, he challenged the entire soul of the soul with one person.

That kind of difficulty is definitely hell level.

How many times have died and how many times have been bumpy, he has come up with a terrifying willpower.

However, as a Soul Body, he knows Ye Yuan too well.

No variables, he is impossible to come over!

Ye Yuan is in the wrong place!

If Ye Yuan comes in at the source Realm, it is definitely a paradise.

But now he is too weak!

Now this battlefield of fascination is the nightmare of Soul Body.

So he thinks that three months is the limit.

Soon, three days passed.

The first person to be beaten is the master of the sky.

The face of the soul is hard to see, Shen Sheng said: “This brat, it is really a stone in the pit, stinking and hard. This is quite, what is the meaning?”

Do not destroy the master sneer: “So, you stupid goods will be surpassed by this seat!”

The soul of the soul dominates the face and is angry. “I don’t die, you are looking for death!”

Do not kill the ruler does not care, faintly said: “Is it? You want to go to the end, come!”

The soul of the heavens dominated the cold and stopped talking.

When the name of the master is not seen, he is already the supreme master.

It can be countless years passed, and the strength that does not destroy the master has already surpassed him.

This kind of thing has to be said to be very face-lifting.

If it is not the spirit of the soul family and there is a reincarnation of the master, it is really to be completely suppressed by the Nirvana.

However, the reincarnation of the dominant position is detached, and the world is not visited.

If it weren’t for this existence, the Heavenly Soul Masters would have been unable to suppress the Nehemia.

After ten days, the evil Dragon Lord was beaten.

“This brat is too evildoer? Does he think that he can really go against the sky?”

Fifteen days later, the blood song master was also beaten.

This brat, actually really lasted for fifteen days!

How can this be?

“This kind of hard support doesn’t make sense at all! He is absolutely impossible to survive.” Blood song shook his head and sighed.

Time goes by, fifteen days, two ten days, one month!

Three months is coming!

This time, even the master is not destroyed, but also being beaten!

Because Ye Yuan, it took three months!

This time, the four to the highest dominance, really shocked.

“This brat, what is the last wish to complete? This breath is hanging, is it to be old enough? hē hē, not destroying the old ghost, it seems that you are also miscalculated!” Evil Dragon Lord slaughtered.

Undead master sighed, said: “Young people, give up. You are too Laborious to stay like this, meaningless!”

Do not destroy this sentence, with a calming effect, direct to Ye Yuan last glimpse of consciousness.

But he did not think that his own words, like the fire on the stars, throw a hay!

In an instant, the fire will start again!

(End of this chapter)

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