2967. Chapter 2964 to profit from a disaster !

Chapter 2964 to profit from a disaster!

These masters are all aware that they can hang a sigh of relief, and there must be something unfulfilled.

Just like a mortal, if there is any wish left in the dying, it is a life and death that will not close your eyes.

The eternal master knows that Ye Yuan is too Laborious at this time, too Laborious.

Therefore, this sound of peace is to help him free.

Yes, the sound is that he is not ruined!

The induction between the Soul Body is completely ignited at this moment.

The sound of immortality is a hope for Ye Yuan!

In fact, Ye Yuan at this time has no awareness.

But the sturdy Soul Body, which is not ruined, is like a thunder, and it blew in his last consciousness.

What is his obsession?

Isn’t it just to see the immortal master, borrow the purple umbrella?

Resonance between the Soul Body, Yo Yuan in Primal Chaos, instantly found the lighthouse and found the way home.

The four highest to the highest, all are forced.

“What is going on here? Don’t destroy the old ghost, what kind of demon did you make, this brat actually survived again?” The evil Dragon Lord slapped his face and shocked.

It’s also a slap in the face of immortality. “I haven’t done anything in this seat! I just watched him too Laborious, and let him escape with the sound of peace. This… I don’t know what’s going on.”

The soul of the soul is a strange face: “It is a hell, you help him to resound, he not only did not get rid of, but the consciousness is getting stronger and stronger! Well? He began to control the Soul Body!”

“His Soul Body is unconsciously in the source of so many sources. I am afraid that he has already planted the source seeds in his Soul Body. When Realm arrives, these source seeds will take root! This time for him Say, it’s just a big chance!” When he spoke, the evil Dragon Lord had some Jealousy.

Ye Yuan This situation, dead, naturally said nothing.

It’s not dead, it’s unimaginable for him.

氤氲Soul Body was born in Primal Chaos and is extremely sensitive to the source.

In a conscious state, the Soul Body is limited by the individual’s natural talent, and the insights are limited.

However, in the unconscious state, the Soul Body is completely instincted by the instinct.

Finally, Ye Yuan’s Soul Body was again Condensation, and he also felt the change of his Soul Body.

Among his 氤氲Soul Body, there seems to be a lot of plausible source power.

His Realm has not arrived, and this kind of induction is very vague.

But he knows that the power of every source is extremely precious.

The source, not you say insights, can be insights.

A Great Dao, only the ability to practice the rules to the Great Perfection, there is a chance to insights the source.

Ye Yuan’s Tao is not a Great Circle, and there is no clear understanding of these sources.

But 氤氲Soul Body recorded the “feelings” of these sources in his body.

Ye Yuan can follow these “feelings” to find the direction of Great Dao.

This is equivalent to saying that every Great Dao has a guiding light!

For Ye Yuan, cultivation is naturally more effective.

“I didn’t expect it to be profit from a disaster. I don’t want to kill the master to help me get rid of it. I didn’t expect it to catch the last straw. The world is really unpredictable.” Ye Yuan is embarrassed.

He knows how dangerous his previous state is.

Switching to anyone else here, also impossible reawakens his consciousness.

Converging, Ye Yuan no longer stays and continues to go deeper.

There are more and more sources around, but for Ye Yuan, it doesn’t matter.

His Realm is limited, and the Soul Body is saturated, and Impossible absorbs more of the source.

Ye Yuan chased the past in the direction of the dominating voice.

On the road, devastated!

Obviously, the four great masters experienced an extremely fierce battle.

“Oh, interesting, this brat, I really found it! He came in with the little girl, I am afraid it is for the sake of the old ghost? A human race brat, do not know what purpose?” evil Dragon Lord The singer laughed.

Ye Yuan This Realm, naturally, is not the master of these supremacy.

In fact, as soon as you enter the battlefield of the gods, the four masters will see it.

Therefore, it is not too much to pay attention to the life and death of Ye Yuan, including the immortal ruler.

“When he comes, don’t know.”

This road came over and did not encounter any danger.

What is dangerous, after the battle of the four highest to the highest, there is no more.

Ye Yuan looked up at the sky and saw a blue dragon hovering over the sky, a bloody lake in Huge, and a stalwart Heavenly Deity!

These three are in a state of shackles.

No doubt, this is the four to the highest.

However, Ye Yuan saw a purple umbrella in the hustle and bustle.

The big umbrella released a purple glow, and the dense qi reflected purple.

Ye Yuan See it, can’t help!

No doubt, that is the purple umbrella!

“Human Race’s brat, don’t tell this seat, you are here to save the old ghost.” The evil dragon smiled like a smile.

Being stunned, Ye Yuan was not surprised. He nodded: “Senior said it was good. I am here to save the rule.”

“Hahaha…, get out of it! Just because of your strength, it’s still far away!” The evil dragon laughed.

For the four highest masters, Ye Yuan is a small reptile.

Breathing, it’s gone.

Ye Yuan did not care, faintly said: “Three seniors, let go. Your plan has completely failed.”

As soon as this was said, the three were obviously deadlocked.

The blood song sneered: “trifling Emperor Yuntian, dare to put a big word in front of this seat! Believe it or not, this seat will kill you now!”

“Do not believe!”

Ye Yuan said faintly: “The blood song is dominant. If you have this ability, will you still be like me with a cock in the nonsense? So, you three, now you can only beat me.”

The name of the supreme ruler is indeed scary, but it must also be scared.

It seems that the three seem to be working together to deal with the doom.

In fact, Ye Yuan has already seen it, and the four have reached a delicate balance.

If anyone breaks this balance, the end will definitely be miserable.

The only way to do this is to have four people close their hands at the same time.

Sure enough, Ye Yuan said that the face of the three masters was ugly.

A small reptile, dare to dare in front of them!

“It’s really a small look at your brat, your eyesight is good! But do you think that with your strength, can it cause a little damage to us?” The evil dragon disdain.

Ye Yuan nodded: “Maybe, I can!”

Evil dragon heard a loud laugh: “Hahaha, then come and try it, see if you can scratch your family!”

“Well, you wait a little longer.”

Ye Yuan is a serious nod, but it is to hang the evil dragon on one side, and do not destroy the master: “I don’t want to kill the master, I want to borrow the purple umbrella!”

(End of this chapter)

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