Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 3057

Next to a pile of rock formations, Ye Yuan’s figure appeared.

Everyone was shocked and looked at this scene with disbelief.

Is it true that Ye Yuan is saying?

These people, even in the “right” array of frightening, do not know?

“I don’t want to kill you, but it is between others’ thoughts. I want to kill, you are dead early. You don’t want to kill, naturally because you don’t want to kill you now.” Ye Yuan looked at Zhang Hexin and others, faint.

Zhang Hexin’s face was full of shock.

The eyes of all six of them looked at Musk.

“Musk, what is going on here?”

“This…this is very likely, really is the ‘day’ array!” Among the seven people, the most shocking nature is musk.

Zhang Hexin’s face sank and said: “What is it possible? Is it that you are a mastermind, not as good as an emperor?”

Musk face is black, Shen Sheng said: “It may be uncertain, are you an idiot?”

Zhang Hexin also found that he was somewhat ruined.

Which dominator does not want to face, he will not let the musk under the table.

“Cough, the fragrance of the girl is not excited, Zhang brother is also a little worried, will not speak.” At this time, another mastership came out and things.

The musk snorted and the atmosphere looked awkward.

“Big Array that I can’t even detect in this seat, except for the ‘day’ array, I can’t think of the second one! Brat, don’t you, you have mastered the ‘day’ array?” Muxiang looked at Ye Yuan, his face was not good.

In fact, Muxiang is extremely shocked.

Ye Yuan not only saw it, but also got the treasure.

And her Array Master, who is the master of the day, didn’t even notice it. It was a shame to be thrown home.

Ye Yuan smiled and said: “Which is the esoteric of the ‘days’, how can it be so easy to master? I just saw you in the squad, I felt some changes, and I have some understanding. So, I am now qualified to talk to you about the conditions. ?”

The seven masters were black and silent.

Obviously, it is the default.

But it is too difficult to say this from their dominance.

Ye Yuan said: “These treasures, I want three, Scarlet Flame Xiaotian qiāng, 浣龙根 and this magnetic mountain!”

Dragon root is the strain of Primal Chaos.

Ye Yuan is naturally useless.

But for Yunshan, this thing is invaluable!

The vitality of his passing can only be restored with Primal Chaos. Aifu Eldest daughter

But Primal Chaos, the three-day, is extremely rare.

Ye Yuan didn’t expect to see it here!

However, Yunshan’s injury is extremely serious, and a dragon root is not enough.

As for whether you can find other things, you can only take chances.

When the words were exported, Zhang Hexin was blown up.

The most precious of these treasures is the Scarlet Flame, the whistling qiāng and the dragon root, and Ye Yuan is going away.

Then they are the masters, is it a joke?

“Haha, brat, you dare to speak! Do you think we will promise?” Zhang He was very angry and laughed.

Ye Yuan smiled and said: “Senior, I heard that the flaming ancestors of the Fire Spirits fought against the seven ancestors, and they ended up with many lords. The seven ancestors knew that they were in danger. Then he used his own Essence Qi to evolve the ‘day’ array, and killed the ancestral ancestors of the fire spirits. The fire spirits also lost their enthusiasm. Presumably, the ‘chasing the sun’ of Yan’s ancestors should stay here. In the middle of the battle?”

When this is the case, the seven masters are all changed!

Yan Yan ancestors, that used to be the famous expert.

His treasure of life, “Chasing the Sun,” is even more famous in the days.

“Chasing the Sun” is a Top Grade Primal Chaos!

These treasures are not in the name of “chasing the sun”.

Therefore, hearing the “chasing the sun” may stay in the “day” array, the seven masters are not calm.

“brat, what do you mean?” Zhang Hexin said.

Ye Yuan smiled and said: “I mean, there are dozens of masters here, and there are so many treasures! There are still many treasures behind them. Instead of entangled here, it is better to take a long-term view and cooperate with us!”

Zhang Hexin disdains: “trifling Emperor, what do you cooperate with us?”

Ye Yuan said: “I can understand the ‘days’.”

Zhang Hexin couldn’t help but look at Muxiang. The latter sneered: “brat, you are too confident! Since you know that you are in this position, don’t you realize your own? You won’t think that I am the master Array. Master, is it to eat dry rice?”

Ye Yuan shrugged and didn’t take it for granted: “Yes, I will teach you all my experiences. Then come to the treasures, let us compete fairly, and see who will understand first. If I am better than you, not only a treasure, but These three treasures are also handed over. Look, how?”

“Is this true?” The seven masters are almost identical.

This brat, too crazy!

Ye Yuan nodded. “I really lost, but I can’t speak for me, isn’t it?”

The seven masters face each other and are deeply convinced. Early war god

As long as Muxiang masters the “Heaven” array, what else does Ye Yuan have?

What shocked them was that Ye Yuan was willing to share his experience with Muxiang!

This brat is too confident.

Musk can achieve the master level Array Master, Perception 岂 the same?

This brat, I thought it would crush a master?

Ye Yuan certainly doesn’t want to do this, but he needs to use the power of these people to attack the “sky” array.

Otherwise, it is difficult for him to realize the “day” array alone!

In the end, the two sides reached an agreement.

Everyone present was shocked.

“This brat is really confusing! He turned out to be even in the eyes of the master!”

“hē hē, this is to put the life into the hands of others, this brat really has an idea!”

“The Emperor’s day is a provocation, it’s really worth seeing!”


In the shock of everyone, Ye Yuan began to teach the experience of musk.

Of course, Ye Yuan’s comprehension is just some superficial knowledge of the “sky” array.

If the “day” array is likened to a 10,000-foot building, then Ye Yuan understands, at best, a small kitchen in the building.

In front of this building, it is insignificant.

Musk heard, and the wonderful expression on his face continued.

Ye Yuan’s comprehension opened a new door for her, letting her know that the original road can still be like this!

Even so, Musk is still struggling to understand this.

It took a few months for her to barely get through.

In fact, she still has a lot of local knowledge, but because of her identity, she did not ask Ye Yuan in detail.

Too shameful!

She is a mastermind, and she will not admit that it is not as good as an emperor.

Muxiang believes that as long as she is carefully enlightened in the back, she can quickly digest this content.

Four months later, everyone started again.

With three treasures, Ye Yuan is also satisfied.

Scarlet Flame Xiaotian qiāng is prepared for Yang Qing.

He got this qiāng, it is even more powerful.

The magnetic mountain is one of the Wanjie Mountains!