Ye Yuan took out the sheepskin roll and gave it to everyone.

Everyone looks at each other and can’t believe the color.

“This is the real twelve Heavenly Dao map? It doesn’t look like it!”

“Is this stuff too common? If you give it to me, I might throw it directly.”

“The ridiculous empty space, I thought I got twelve Heavenly Dao maps, it turned out to be fake!”


This sheepskin roll is too ordinary.

Even if they saw it with their own eyes, they didn’t believe it. This is the twelve Heavenly Dao diagram in Legendary.

Selling, really not very good looking.

If they were not admitted by the ancestors, they must have thought that Ye Yuan was joking.

So everyone began to look for the “U” scroll.

Ye Yuan’s Spatial rules are not far from the source Realm.

In fact, it is not difficult to leave alone with his current strength.

The ancestors of the ancestors were Primal Chaos, which means that the fascinating world is integrated with the Primal Chaos.

Ye Yuan only needs to launch Primal Chaos Divine Yuan, simulate the state of Primal Chaos, and use Spatial Power to blend in with the Fascination.

Then, get rid of the fascinating world.

But his current Spatial power, want to take everyone away, but can’t do it.

Looking for the word “宇”, Ye Yuan does not dare to slack off.

Over time, the True Fire’s formidable power is getting stronger and stronger.

Even if it is a hot frog, it is not something that ordinary people can bear.

More and more people are being refining.

Above the void, the roar of the sound is endless.

The fierce battle between the celestial ancestors and the expeditions of the gods is still deadlocked.

Part of the dominance is getting weaker and weaker.

Under the refining of the True Fire, they have been unable to do anything.

The reincarnation and the Primal Chaos bloodstone have also been injured.

In this world, most of the polar roads, True Fire, are issued to them.

There have been many burns in the two.

However, the attack continues!

That Spatial node, although still being fixed, is not as fast as it used to be.

This also lets everyone see the hope!

Originally, a few breaths of effort can be restored.

Now, it takes hundreds of breaths.

Moreover, it continues to weaken.

For this hope, those who dominate the world are also spared no effort.

After all, everyone wants to live, not to be converted into Tiandan! Only you are so different

This kind of ending is too bad.

In one of the halls, Ye Yuan looked up and down and was looking for the Heavenly Dao map.

Suddenly, a silhouette appeared.

It is the heavenly ancestor!

“Ye Yuan, give up! ‘Yu’ scroll, you can’t find it! Twelve Heavenly Dao map, although you have four, but even if you can find one, how do you know that it is a ‘yu’ volume? “The eternal ancestors stood up and took it lightly.

His phantom is very illusory, obviously not strong.

It can be seen that he did not have much energy at this time to deal with Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan didn’t look at him, indifferently said: “You come to me, does it mean that I am close to the ‘Yu’ volume?”

The heartless ancestor’s heart startled, but his face is not a little bit bleak.

These old foxes will naturally not reveal a little flaw.

However, for Ye Yuan, it doesn’t matter.

He believes in his destiny!

“hē hē, what do you think about it! This ancestors came here, just telling you that those guys are not far from being refining! Once they are refining, it is your death! You are leaving now, you still have time!” No gods with a smile.

“You can see my cultivation base, you can see my Primal Chaos Divine Yuan, but there are some things that you can’t see. For example, my destiny!” Ye Yuan smiled and said.

He does not shy away from anything.

Destiny’s saying is illusory.

If it is said to be one, but no one has ever proved this!

Other Great Dao, there are practice methods.

This destiny alone is elusive.

The power of blessings of the medicinal medicinal herbs is the willingness of countless sages to form such a miraculous power.

This thing, the medicinal medicinal herbs have been studied, but the same is nothing.

Ye Yuan is one of them.

All the sages have recognized Ye Yuan!

Heaven does not believe, he said while laughing loudly: “brat, you will not tell my ancestors, the previous Heavenly Dao map, are all lucky to find it? This ancestor is also a big destiny, but to say casual luck , can all get to the Heavenly Dao map, it is too frivolous!”

Ye Yuan said with a smile : “I know you don’t believe it, but when I came here, I gave up looking for some treasure, just wandering around. Then I found the ‘day’ scroll.”

It’s a surprise in heaven!

He is such a presence, is it a good fool?

Heaven is feeling that Ye Yuan is not lying.

While speaking, Ye Yuan has left the great hall.

Heaven is not dying, continue to follow Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan guessed it well, it is very close to the “Yu” scroll.

After the great hall, there are rows of houses, which are the residences of some low-level figures. Ghost difference

Ye Yuan came to this film and walked away, like a tour.

A heartless heart is also nervous.

This guy, is it really such a god?

Is there anyone else’s destiny that is even stronger than Lao Tzu?

I don’t believe this!

“Don’t go to C3! Don’t go to C3! Don’t go to C3!” The eternal screaming in his heart.

He naturally knows where the “Yu” volume is placed.

He did not deliberately hide, but just left it in some inconspicuous places.

The word “宇” is in the room of the third room of this house.

But what’s special, Ye Yuan’s direction is getting closer and closer to the C-room!

Now, the ancestors have no energy to transfer these Heavenly Dao maps.

Refining so many experts, it is his ability, and it is by no means a leisurely thing.

Suddenly, Ye Yuan was in the heart of the general, and turned into the room of the third room.

The eternal ancestors feel that a heart is going to be bào zhà!

There are at least hundreds of houses here. Why did this guy pick this one?

I… I am depressed!

This brat is simply God!

“It is also a coincidence that this ‘Yu’ word is very secretive, and the ancestors did not believe that he could find the dark space!”

Even if his heart is already surging, he has not revealed anything.

Just pretending to be inadvertent, followed by Ye Yuan, also entered the room of the third room.

Everything is so natural.

Ye Yuan knows that the word “宇” is here?

Of course he doesn’t know!

He really just walked away and suddenly turned around.

Sometimes luck is so magical.

You are desperate to seek, but you can’t get it.

When you inadvertently, you like to descend from heaven.

Ye Yuan turned two laps in Room C and found a study and walked in.

“Old ancestors, you said ‘yu’ volume, will it be here?” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

The skyless ancestors were shocked, but his face was very indifferent: “The lower order of the fascinating palace, the tens of thousands of houses, you have chosen this one. If you can find it, then the ancestors did not become Joke? Or, do you want to talk from your ancestors?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said: “If you think too much, I just feel bored. I want to chat with you that’s all. I know old monsters like you, even if I really find them, you won’t show half of them.”

While speaking, Ye Yuan came to the shelf and picked up a book and turned it up.

The eternal ancestors once again “ge-deng” in the heart!

This is special, too god!


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