Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 3080

The big migration has begun!

This great migration has sensationalized the entire thirty three days.

“Hey old ghost, he is crazy? For a retrofit, he actually gave up the whole illusion?”

“The four great spiritual families, that is the top three forces of thirty three days! At the time of the year, the four Fang family all had their own experts. I didn’t expect it to fall to such a degree.”

“Those who are innate Primal Chaos are born in the illusion of heaven. The Bloodline of the four true spirit families is also the most suitable for the imaginary. They even gave up the roots and ran to the low level of Tai Ming Yu. The equal faces. Their clansman wants to breakthrough, and it is definitely difficult.”

“Hey, wait and see jokes! Dragon Race has migrated all over the country. Their clansman must have more grievances. When the Taiming Jade is over, this team has no fighting power!”

“Right, there are the Nie spirits and Zhou Heavenly Emperor Palace. The endless ancestor is planted this time, the Nei soul family has completely broken with the spirit soul family this time, relying on Taiming jade is over! ghost,”


The masters of the various forces of the heavens are talking about this great migration.

Ye Yuan’s evildoer, people already know.

But whether he can support the future, everyone is not optimistic.

After all, this is the world of expert, not the world of Talent.

The three great supremes are too strong!

They are thirty three days, the closest to the other side!

Talent, just hope to become an expert, not a real expert.

Even if it doesn’t grow up in a day, it’s still just Rookie that’s all.

Although the three great supremes are suffering from serious injuries, they have powerful forces behind them.

Especially the blood ancestor, he created an extremely powerful race.

How strong this race is, no one knows.

Because everyone understands that what they see is just the tip of the iceberg that’s all.


However, the facts are different from what you think.

The true incense law, embodied in the body of the four real spirits expert, vividly and thoroughly.

Extreme medicine, Aurora Court Spatial.

At this time, Bai Yuzheng eagerly followed Ye Yuan, a very eager look.

In front of it is a huge Array, and Ye Yuan is going back and forth and thinking.

“Brother Ye, is this really okay? Bring the Primal Chaos to the Great World, this is unheard of!”

Ye Yuan said with a smile : “This Array, in fact, was already conceived when I realized Primal Chaos. It was only then that the circuit was not yet Great Circle, and it didn’t work. Now, I am in the way. The source, Realm also entered the emperor’s release day, and Cheng Zhi still has some grasp.”

The day was relieved and said: “That’s good! That’s good! Brother Ye, you have to be quick, time is waiting for people! Who knows, when does the blood family come to attack Tai Mingyu?”

“Senior rest assured, I am more anxious than you. But the more urgent, the slower to do, isn’t it? Otherwise, it is everyone’s cultivation time.” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Like the rattle, Bai Hao’s head sighed with a sigh: “Yes, it’s true! Brother Ye, it’s really awesome!”

The meaning of the drunkard is not in the wine, and Ye Yuan naturally understands that the white eagle is eager to cultivate the “day” scroll.

When the imaginary hall was shining, the sky threw a heavy weight zhà dàn.

That is, Ye Yuan will arrange Array, providing a steady stream of Primal Chaos Divine Yuan, so that everyone can insights the twelve Heavenly Dao charts.

Originally, Bai Hao and others are still worried about how to convince clansman.

With this, everything is no longer a problem.

No one can reject the temptation of the twelve Heavenly Dao map!

Ye Yuan learned Primal Chaos in the Ganges, rebuilt the Cultural Manual, and no longer needed to enter the Ganges Insights.

However, he needs a steady stream of Primal Chaos to practice.

It was just too much trouble to go to the Ganges every time, so he thought of this method.

This time I entered the Mizuno Palace, Ye Yuan led the Comprehending Array to the source, and saw the formidable power of the first Big Array of the heavens, which inspired him greatly.

He is now building this Big Array with the most basic nine-array elements.

Ye Yuan called this Big Array as a “mixed element array.”

He will set up a squadron in the tributary of the Ganges River in Taimingyu.

Then, like the diversion canal, bring the Prima Chaos to the Ganges.

In the main array of the Aurora Pavilion, Ye Yuan also incorporated his Cultural Manual into the Primal Chaos, which was introduced into the Primal Chaos Divine Yuan.

Then take Primal Chaos Divine Yuan and enter the twelve Heavenly Dao map for everyone to practice.

This is the idea of ​​Ye Yuan.

It sounds incredible, but for Ye Yuan, it is not a difficult Array.

To put it bluntly, this is a High-rank Transmission Array.

Just this Transmission Array, it’s too hard.

The Grand Master is not able to arrange such an Array at all.

This Array, only under the heavens, Ye Yuan can do it!

Because, his insights are Primal Chaos Divine Yuan!

And this Ganges Primal Chaos, only with the nine elements, Ability completed.

The usual way of martial arts can’t bear the weight of the Ganges.

The more array elements, the looser the Array.

The Array with the basic nine-array element is the most stable!

After half a year, I only heard a loud noise.

The Aurora Pavilion Spatial opened a gap directly, and the Primal Chaos of the Ganges River seemed to be flooding and flooding in.

After the arrival of the Ganges Primal Chaos, it was directly gathered by the mixed elements and returned to calm.

This feeling is like a diversion canal.

Mi Zhen, Long Jian, Bai Yu, Zhuo Out of the ordinary and others, seeing the situation are all shocked.

Out of the ordinary exclaimed: “The introduction of the Ganges Primal Chaos into the world, these scenes are really spectacular! Ye Yuan this brat, really strong enough to say nothing!”

Mi Zhen is very excited, excitedly said: “I can finally restore strength! Hahaha …, this is too bright in the future, is my home!”

Long Jian and others are equally excited.

Because of them, there is hope to step into the other side Realm!

Seeing Ye Yuan coming out, Mi is the first to meet up, excitedly said: “Ye Yuan, how? Can you… can you?”

Ye Yuan nodded: “The mixed element array is very successful! These Ganges Primal Chaos are constantly being converted into Primal Chaos Divine Yuan. I have hundreds of miniature Arrays in the Aurora Pavilion. You can enter the room and you can insights Heavenly Dao figured it out. The Talents selected by your families are all ready?”

Dragon Sword Dao: “I have already finished, I am waiting for you! Those little nephews have been waiting impatiently! Haha, Ye Yuan brat, if Old Long, I can step into the other side of Realm this time, then you said Going east, I will never go west!”

“It’s all from family, you don’t have to be polite. But it’s true, let you restore strength, I still have some concerns.” while speaking, Ye Yuan looked towards Mi.

The latter only felt a cool behind, and quickly said: “Don’t, Ye Yuan, I have already changed my mind! I will now send Heavenly Dao vows, as long as I restore my strength, I am willing to be a lucky thousand year for you. Beater! What do you want me to do, I am willing!”

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