Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 3107

3110. Chapter 3107. Ye Yuan’s robbery!

    Chapter 3107. Ye Yuan’s robbery!

    Up on Void, a long spear like a dragon, blowing the roof.

    Yang Yingqing, with his sacred drums, has been killed hard with one of the blood communities.

    “Tiger, you call the First Talent of the Blood, more than the Blood Nope. It doesn’t look like that now! I’m in Human Race, but I can only call it the second Talent!” Yang Chiang shot, and he’s going to blow up the tiger directly, said with a big smile.

    On the other hand, Tiger Tiger is in his face.

    Three years of war, Yang Xiang, from an invisible universal master, has grown up as the best expert of Realm on the coast.

    Yang Yang is always so crazy that he has survived countless times over the three years and sparked his potential.

    Plus, too bright the heavens and earth Spiritual Qi are getting richer, and his Realm is shackles, breaking Ruler Realm’s shackles, becoming the ninth shore!

    Peter, Tiger can’t even look at Yang, because he’s the first Talent of the blood!

    This is the first Talent, not the blood type, not yet growing up, but the real Talent!

    Tiger, it’s the youngest, Realm expert of the blood community!

    But three short years ago, this arrogant guy at the polar point, hit his face.

    He had a hand with Yang, who had been crushed by the death of each other, and beaten it to be a depression.

    Of course he knows who Human Race First Talent of Yang’s youth is.

    Ye Yuan!

    That guy, since Seclusion three years ago, has no information.

    But the whole 30 days, his Legendary!

    He did his best to try to turn to the tides, and he turned the 30-day war off completely.

    Over the three years, too bright for the Great Scouts, they went all the way through thirty-three days and saved countless lives.

    And the brightest army, like rolling snowballs, the more it goes.

    While the Red Army has a lot of expert, far from the end of the day, it is too bright that the Lord is not in love with the battle, and they are aimed at saving people.

    And too bright to be the last barrier to thirty-three days, and countless experts get information and flow to this place.

    After the initial chaos, the bloody army abandoned the fighting, concentrated all the troops and attacked too bright.

    But in addition to the blood, it’s too bright to end up in the walls of the sky, strong to the extreme!

    There’s a shore expert guard, and they don’t attack, but they eat a lot of money.

    The blood is as master’s handsome, depressed.

    He didn’t think about breaking his head, and the lowest level was too bright to be so strong when.

    After paying an extremely heavy price, the blood community finally opened a gap on the border walls.

    As a result, the parties have engaged in protracted sawing fighting until now.

    But terrifying is, too bright to end up in the walls of the sky, there seems to be a stronger trend!

    All of this begins, naturally Primal Chaos!

    For a long time of war, Primal Chaos has become more and more powerful.

    There’s a special attribute on the brilliant end of the clock, which is extremely exclusive to the bloody people!

    In contrast, other ethnic groups are entering them without too much restrictions.

    So too bright to be the last fortress of all the people of the world.

    And those who left behind, they went into the sky.

    For three years, too bright to fight.

    In the face of arrogant Yang, the tiger burned in the fire, said with a sneer: “First Talent? A guy abandoned by Heavenly Dao, also called Talent? Hey, wait till he crosses the Lord’s robbery and talk again!”

    Yang Ying followed another gun and said, “A frog at the bottom of a well! God, I can’t keep Ye Yuan out of the way!”

    The tiger didn’t mean to, “Did he? This is the seat. Look at him, Crossing Tribulation! Hahaha! Besides, old ancestors can die anytime! And when the old ancestors are born, even if he is fortunate, he travels through the Lord’s robbery, and he is dead end!”

    Yang Xiang has not spoken yet, and has passed on the laugh of the blood: “Hahaha, it seems that you still have a fortune! Ye Yuan, it’s impossible Crossing Tribulation’s success! Oh, my God, are you right?”

    “If it were someone else, there would be no hope! But he’s Ye Yuan!”

    Iblood hearing this once again said with a big smile: “You’re cheating on yourself! Actually, you don’t even believe it yourself, do you? If I’m not mistaken, you shouldn’t have told Ye Yuan what he’s going to face.”

    It’s a bad face, but this time, it’s not a conversation.

    Yang Xiang and the others are so smart that they won’t feel right soon.

    He can’t help stop by, coldly watching the blood.

    “blood, what did you say, exactly?”

    Izuki looked for him, said with a smile: “Thirty-three days old, no idea how many things have been destroyed in dust. Of course, I don’t know how many Talent, once wailing rays of light!

    Tomorrow said coldy: “Enough, Ivy!”

    And the blood didn’t mean to, “What, you wouldn’t want to tell them about this bad information? But, really, when the thirtieth Layer died, they wouldn’t know? You, this is bullying yourself!”

    Yang Xiang, out of the ordinary and the others pupils shrank, can’t help look to the blood of Iowa.

    Thirty-three Layer, they never heard of it!

    Under the Lord, there is a strong man who can bring the most frightening plunder!

    A plunder is also known as the final hijacking.

    All the experts who can lead a road robbery are astonishing talents, and the hope of entering Ruler Realm is great, and the strength of the future will be stronger.

    Yang Ying, out of the ordinary ones, all crossed a road robbery.

    There is only one plunder, but it is extremely frightening, even if it is Yang, out of the ordinary.

    And the Thirty Third Layer Stolen, they smell nothing!

    “Thirty Third Layer’s Holocaust! What the hell is this? What the hell is going on, Senior?” Yang Xiaoqing said in his face.

    The day is silent and remains silent.

    IBC says with a smile: “Know that the reinforcement is strong and far better than the peers, but do you know why no one ever walks into the land of God?”

    Yang Qing and the others looking at each other in dismay are all blurred.

    This is a matter that everyone knows, but why, no one really knows.

    Iblelightly said with a smile: “Thirty-three days in position, how many people in cultivation! And in the end of the repair, nature is amazing! No one ever crossed, even if one of them was stronger, right? For Ye Yuan, even a dozen times stronger than you, Crossing Tribulation is very easy! Is there only one Ye Yuan in this world?”

    Yang Xiang and the others’ face are also becoming increasingly ugly.

    They found out that the blood was revealing a bloody truth.

    They don’t want to accept the truth!

    Yeah, how much the whole age is, how many invisible generations?

    Nor will it be.

    “Up to the First Avenue, there’s a more frightening robbery, that’s the thirtieth Layer. This robbery, don’t say it’s Divine, it’s a shore expert, it’s not going to work! This robbery, ruining the earth, not even a blade of grass grows! It’s formidable power, not even imaginable! In Legendary, there are thirty-three robberies, each against the first Layer day! Why is Legendary? That’s because no one ever saw the final face of this robbery! No one can make it to the thirtieth Third Layer! It was also because the robbery came, and it was with the angels. So people speculate that there are thirty-three of these robberies!”

    (This chapter is over)