Versatile Mage Chapter 3029

3029. Chapter 3006. Who’s lying?

    Chapter 3006. Who’s lying?


    Black alchemist was wearing a headjacket, a black bag of death penalty criminals, breathing, but not seeing anyone outside.

    Knight, it seems that black Church’s son of a black alchemist has not even been qualified for Goddess.

    Black alchemist is a bit fat, and he’s forced to kneel under the starboard stage, and he doesn’t care about Knight’s crude behavior, or even makes a strange laugh.

    “You stay down.” Ye Xinxia’s voice came out.

    those Knight have all shown remarkable colours, and they have expressed the view that this extremely dangerous person cannot be left alone with Goddess.

    But Ye Xinxia still let them leave, and some things are not appropriate for anyone to hear, including the loyal woman Knight Wallace.

    Everybody’s gone.

    Only Ye Xinxia and Black alchemist are left in the starboard.

    Black alchemist can’t see anything, and he heard footsteps, and it’s kind of a flash sound similar to high-heels, and every step is small, but black alchemist is not nervous about autonomy.

    Black alchemist clearly remembers that in his deepest memory of fear, there is a sound of a shoe and a sound of soul destruction’s footsteps!

    “No, don’t take off my glove.” Black alchemist didn’t make that weird laugh again. He bowed himself and dared not to disrespect the people before him.

    “As an important figure in Black Church, you black alchemist can totally hide in the dark, why do you show up?” Ye Xinxia’s voice spreads.

    “I’ve done what I’m supposed to do, and this poppy flower is the perfect thing I left in this world, and my petty and low capsule is sacrificed, and I should return to Church’s kingdom.” Black alchemist congratulates on the respectful answer.

    “You know who I am?” Ye Xinxia asked again.

    “This…” Black alchemist is late.

    The old department around Sa Long knows that Ye Xinxia is the daughter of Sa Long.

    Sa Long Ben was born in Black Church, and after she joined Antaeus, she gradually withdrew from Black Church, but still a part of Black Church was followed by Sa Long, and Sa Long supported Antaeus, and they supported Antaeus, and Sa Long wanted to destroy Antaeus, and they destroyed Antaeus.

    They all met Ye Xinxia, either hiding in Antaeus’s arms, or eating with Sa Long’s hand.

    Black alchemist remembers that Sa Long does not like Ye Xinxia as weak as ever, even if she knows she can’t walk, she will be asked to go underground.

    Black alchemist dares not to respect the whole Parthenon Temple and can spit in front of Antaeus’s tombstone, but she dares to disrespect Ye Xinxia for half.

    In fact, the old Church, like Black alchemist, is not clear whether Sa Long abandoned his own daughter or was nurturing her daughter.

    Sa Long does what they can do, and no one can predict.

    Only so far, black alchemist started to admire Sa Long.

    If Ye Xinxia is their man, then Black Church has taken everything!

    Black Church of no time can reach their glory today!

    “I’ll kill you before you die, you do something for me.” Ye Xinxia says to Black alchemist.

    “Be willing to work.” Black alchemist does not seem to hear the first half.

    Ye Xinxia looks at black alchemist, even though he wears black death penalty gloves, Ye Xinxia can feel that this is a man who doesn’t care about his own life.

    Such a man, who killed him, would amount to removing him from his sinful life.

    “I want to see her.” Ye Xinxia said to Black alchemist.

    Black alchemist’s softly trembled, and he doesn’t know who “she” means.

    It’s Sa Long.

    Ye Xinxia wants to see Sa Long.

    Only black alchemist knows where Sa Long is and only black alchemist can make real Sa Long appear.

    It seems that Ye Xinxia has known the fact that the “fire” is not Sa Long himself.

    for all the mothers, even Palace Mother thought that the man who turned into a fire station on Golden Brilliance Charm Great Titan was Sa Long, but Ye Xinxia knew that that was just one of the hundreds of alternatives to Sa Long.

    So Palace Mother Pamishi sent out those “pearls”, and eventually they won’t survive tonight, and they’ve been caught in another trap in Sa Long.

    “I am willing to work for you, but Lord Sa Long has asked, if you really want to see her, to put on a ring, which you need to find yourself, and it’s on the hands of a man.”

    “She doesn’t believe me, I killed Ilithyia.” Ye Xinxia said no.

    “Ilithyia was a dead man. You also know that the most worrying thing is that you prefer your father more. Your majesty needs your first statement, or she will only continue to hide in darkness and continue to destroy everything you and your father guarded.” Black alchemist well said.

    Black alchemist congratulated Ye Xinxia, but he was unable to understand Ye Xinxia’s position.

    Indeed, several Red Clothes Bishop members of their Black Church intervened in the election and were pushing for Ye Xinxia’s place in Goddess.

    But Ye Xinxia is their real brilliant Lord of Black Church?

    Before she hadn’t put that ring on, all of them Black Church’s old and all Red Clothes Bishop would not support Ye Xinxia.

    “I’ll wear the ring…”

    “I need the loyalty of all of you Red Clothes Archbishop, churches, extradition chiefs, Blue Clothes Grand Deacon, Black Clothes Priest.” Ye Xinxia said to Black alchemist.

    “Lord Sa Long has only one request, you wear the ring, you wear the ring, everything you want!”

    Black alchemist buried his head completely.


    Black alchemist has been brought down.

    Ye Xinxia himself walked back to Temple of Goddess, and just walked to the great hall door, and saw a few waitresses on the door staring at her.

    Ye Xinxia has some confusion.

    Even if you were Goddess, that was just a call, and the intolerant shape would change dramatically.

    “Your Majesty, you can walk.” Or Fani excited.

    Ye Xinxia is on the ground.

    I’ve been walking myself since I got back to Goddess Summit, and I haven’t noticed it for so long.

    Walk so normally and walk so smoothly, as if it had never been dependent on wheelchairs for the past decade and never on anyone.

    Ye Xinxia showed a little bit of a smile.

    Fani was still walking around her, hugging her, fearing that the passage would make her tired.

    Just walked through the front hall and heard a scream like a woman’s anger, and was always in the front hall, and other waitresses and women were blind, but Ye Xinxia could hear it very well.

    “Who’s next?” Ye Xinxia refers to the underground confinement chamber under the front hall.

    “Merle, she’s still yelling at you to let Knight cut her tongue.” A woman who replaced Perina said Ye Xinxia was a little stranger to her.

    “I went to see her.” Ye Xinxia said.

    The woman who replaced Perina’s position was going to follow, and Ye Xinxia set up his hand, who immediately stopped at the place of origin and then left silent.

    Looking down the dark ladder, the basement, although dry, still has a cold mind.

    This basement, which is used to detain the mistaken waitress and woman, is not particularly modest, but it is not possible to be rebuilt by anyone who knows that once entered this place, it would be a part of Parthenon Temple who was shot into the cell.

    In the basement closet, Merle’s pain is getting loud, and it keeps going back inside, the light shines on her, and she’s picked off the woman’s shirt, and it looks like there’s nothing different from an ordinary woman.

    She’s got some confusion in her hair, some dumb voice, and she’s yelling at Ye Xinxia snake scorpion’s heart sausage, and Ye Xinxia’s hypocrisy, saying she’s the dirtiest woman in the world.

    Ye Xinxia heard, she walked to the door.

    Merle finally saw her, and then she came in, but when she touched the skin cage, she was burned, and that face became somewhat terrifying because of pain and anger.

    “You malicious woman, in order to take Goddess’ place, have no choice but to collude Black Church to take this position for you!” Merle continues to grieve.

    “Didn’t you say I was a Pope, and if I was a Pope, there was no collusion with Black Church, they were just serving me.” Ye Xinxia said, “

    “You will go to hell, you will!” Merle yells.

    Ye Xinxia was not talking, she stood at the door, and Merle started her endless insult, and she scratched all the curses she could use.

    And Ye Xinxia was there listening, and I heard Merle screaming fast.

    The night was deep, Merle found that Ye Xinxia had no emotional fluctuations in her words, just like Ilithyia, which, however much sacrifice and effort had been made for this Parthenon Temple, had finally failed to Sa Long, and in that light, Merle’s emotions had begun to collapse, starting to turn from humiliation to crying and from crying to powerlessness and cannabis.

    The whole process, Ye Xinxia, was next to her, watching her.

    Merle doesn’t understand why she’s staying in this place like a cell.

    She’s already Goddess.

    She should go outside and enjoy the world’s commitment!

    “I didn’t finish with Ilithyia, but I thought I told you the same.” Ye Xinxia finally opened again.

    Merle looked at her and didn’t understand what Ye Xinxia was going to do, what it was going to say.

    Ye Xinxia put the wood chair at the door, sitting on the side of that filthy chair, not looking at Merle again, but looking at the closed grey wall.

    “Ilithyia was smart, and she looked at Sa Long’s plan.”

    “She is also very strong, and she has always believed in me as a Pope.”

    “But she ignored one thing.”

    Ye Xinxia slowly said to Merle.

    Merle turned around, apparently attracted by the words Ye Xinxia.

    Ilithyia ignored one thing?

    “Golden Brilliance Charm Great Titan is actually resurrected.” Ye Xinxia said it loudly.

    “Oh, you don’t have to keep pretending to be here, you’ve won, there’s no one else here, admit, there’s only one in the world you have Resurrection Divine Technique.” Merle immediately showed a disgusting color, and thought Ye Xinxia would say something about making yourself change.

    “I didn’t revive Golden Brilliance Charm Great Titan.” Ye Xinxia said.

    “You’re still lying, you’re lying about how many people you lied about.” Merle said.

    “There’s no one else here, and you said,” I’ve won, there’s no need to lie. “Ye Xinxia goes on.

    Merle, that’s why you put your eyes on Ye Xinxia’s face again.

    Ye Xinxia is really lying now?

    I don’t think so.

    But if Ye Xinxia is not resurrected, Golden Brilliance Charm Great Titan, and who brings the Emperor Level Giant back to Athens City, Black Church will not have such Divine Technique!

    Ilithyia doesn’t have that capacity.

    Ye Xinxia didn’t revive Golden Brilliance Charm Great Titan

    Then the other guy is lying!

    (This chapter is over)

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